I'm running down the trail, trying to loosen my tail

It's a nice autumn day out here

Like lightning I run, off my leash

As my master's back there drinking beer

There are so many varmints to hunt in this field

I got seven rabbits on my mind

They'll do anything to avoid my nose

They're so foolish; I'm hasty, not blind!

Four of those rabbits really know how to dodge my nose

Poor fools; they think they can control me!

Ah, I bet they wish they weren't such cowards

If they weren't, they'd take a stand like poilus, and stone me!

Like a Thanksgiving turkey that begs not to be shot

They think they can seduce me with those cute eyes

Well I got news for them: I invented cuteness!

If anyone's cute, they'd make a rival of mine!

Take it wheezy!

Take it wheezy!

Don't let the smell of your game's trail go cold

Wag your tail while you still run

Salvage everything from the hunt

Just corner that rabbit in a rut

And take it wheezy!