My favorite older person is my grandpa. Grandpa and I did many things together. Grandpa and I had many things in common. Grandpa was more special than all my other relatives were, because he is much more special deep down inside my heart. On May 11, 1998, my grandpa was in the hospital at LRMC, he stayed in the hospital for a long time. Then he got out of the hospital. I was so happy; my troubles were gone.

Oct. 8, 1998, it was my birthday, and my grandpa died when he was 64 years old. Every time Grandma and I go to his grave. His grave made me remember all the good times we had together. Grandpa told me things from right to wrong about doing things wrong or stealing things or even doing drugs. Grandpa even took me to his Elkwood club a very long time.

That is when we went to his Elk club barbecue cookout one Saturday. Elkwood club was a wonderful success. The Elkwood club was making a lot of money. Grandpa's club was a big community that gathers; we ate ribs, barbecue chicken, and drunken soda. That was before he died and never even let me know he was going to die. I cried ever since.

He had much more talent; he was an experienced truck driver who lived 64 years. Moreover, sometimes I believe his spirit is always in my spirit. Good old days make me happy, and my troubles are over forever. He was more respectful to others and me; he always kept his promises. And when I think about him full of tears roll out of my eyes. I always wonder if he really thinks about me.

Leamon Davis was born Dec. 14, 1933, and died Oct. 8, 1998. He taught me how to make paper airplanes. Even though he told me stories about his childhood and about his adulthood. He taught me more things about how he and Grandma first met that made me learn more about Grandpa and Grandma. He was a good man. He helped people and he showed much courage.