High school.

Oh my god, I'm screwed.

No, no, come on, I'm an honors student, I have awesome grades, I'll be at the top of the class.

...But then I'll stand out and the other kids'll-

Dammit, keep it together, Myra! It can't be that different from middle school, right?

"Hey, Myra, we're almost to your sister's place, get your things ready." Dad speaks gently, "Could you text her for me?"

"'Kay-kay." I love to use texting abbreviations in my sentences. I usually stick to 'Kk,' 'Lol,' and 'Jk,' but I use others occasionally.

I take out my phone and text my sister, Emma.


were almost here :3

luv u

She responds just a second later,

hai (^ω^)

kk cant wait to c u!


Emma is nineteen, five years older than me, and living in an apartment for college. Her school is pretty close to mine, so, rather than Dad driving me every day, the three of us decided that I would stay with Emma for at least my first year.

"Done." I say, "She says she can't wait to see us."

My excitement must be pretty obvious.

Dad chuckles, "I can't wait to see her, either."

I put my phone, book, and charger in my bag.

"I'm going to miss you, Myra." Dad says, "Starting tomorrow, I'll be the only one home. It'll be so lonely... Make sure to keep in touch. Call every night, FaceTime once a week, okay?"

"Okay, Dad." I respond, "I love you."

I see him smile, "I love you too."

Mom has been in the hospital for a month. She has cancer, and...she has another month at most.

I used to visit her multiple times a week, but now, I won't be able to see her at all. I want to stay with her, but I know there are things to be done.

"We're here!" Dad snaps me back into reality.

I quickly get out of the car and grab two of my bags from the trunk, slipping my small messenger bag over my shoulder. I could use my magic, but I prefer doing most things without it.

I mean, light magic is great to have, I can heal myself, nullify pain, and fight shadows, but that's really all I need it for.

Oh, and so I'm treated fairly. I feel bad for dark magic users, like, ninety-eight percent of people hate them because they were marked. Like, why, though?

'To be marked, you have to get a near-fatal injury from a black magic anomaly.'

Read that somewhere, can't remember where, though.

Basically, black magic could take over a fire and turn it into a blackened fire. The blackened fire would then search for the nearest victims, trapping them, and trying to kill them. The victim could die, escape, or get seriously hurt and get black magic.

Once someone is marked, the anomaly stops.

The only people who are immune to these dark magic events are the few people who were born without magic. It's like, super rare you'll ever meet someone like that, though. One in ten million people is born without magic, so there are like, seven hundred total people on the planet born without magic.

Too much thinking. Back to the present.

Dad grabs my other two bags, and we head up the stairs of the apartment complex and find Emma's. I barely manage to knock on the door.

"Coming!" Emma's muffled voice calls. She opens the door a minute later.

She immediately helps us get my bags in, setting them aside for the moment before giving us each a tight hug.

"I missed you guys so much!" she exclaims, setting her chin on top of my head.

Emma has always been tall and skinny while I'm short and a little chubby. She loves to joke around about it.

"We missed you too!" I smile, returning the hug.

"Alright, Myra. You can start unpacking; your room is the second door on the left, mine is at the end of the hall. Bathroom is across from your room. Here's the spare key, by the way." She smiles at me and gives me the key before turning to Dad.

I can hear the two talking in low voices as I drag my bags to my room. It's small, but it's homey.

Emma set up a desk, dresser, and bed in the room, but other than that, it's empty.

I begin to unpack my clothes, soaps, and girl stuff. Clothes in the dresser; soaps and whatnot in the bathroom, which is pretty much empty. Looks like I get my own bathroom too. I guess Emma's is in her room.

Now that I have the necessities, I start to unpack my electronics and school supplies. Might as well be ready for school tomorrow.

Oh, shoot!

I completely forgot!

I have to go explore the school and get my schedule and-

Wait, it's only one thirteen. I have plenty of time.

I'm about halfway done unpacking when I hear Emma call my name from the living room.

"Hey, we should head over to the school for your schedule. Don't you want to explore?" She asks, noticing my discomfort with the idea.

"I'm just a little worried." I admit with a nervous laugh, "I'll be fine, though, let's get going."

The school isn't far, so we walk, talking about various things, and catching up.

As we head into the school, I notice a short boy with long, ginger hair. He has forest green eyes and fair skin, and he's wearing a black jacket with jeans. The boy meets my eyes, glaring at me before walking off.

I'd be ticked if someone was staring at me too, but it really didn't help my anxiousness.

"Come on, Myra! Let's find your classes!" Emma whines, tugging on my arm. I laugh, starting to feel a little better, but follow her anyway. I can't help but feel a bit relieved.

The first class we find is Chorus. I've always loved singing, and Emma always says I'm good at it, so I signed up for choir this year.

"Oooo, you joined choir?" Emma sounds happy.

"Only because you kept harassing me!" I jokingly protest. She laughs.

We step into the room, and there's a warm, calming vibe. It's a pretty big ceiling, and the place has a soft echo.

A small group of other kids, parents, and siblings are listening to a man who seems to be in his twenties.

Why are they-


That's the teacher.

Well, I'm an idiot.

I half-listen to what he's saying, but I'm busy looking around the room. Eh, Emma'll tell me the gist of it anyway-

"Hey, Myra," Emma whispers a minute later, "I have to make a call, I'll be outside of the school. Sorry..."

"It's okay," I respond. Emma quickly leaves the room with a tiny wave, pulling out her phone. Now I have to focus.

I listen to the rest of the greeting, absorbing all of the information pretty quickly. It was just, 'We meet here on whatever day you have Chorus, here are some expectations.'

As I turn to leave, someone runs right into me. I barely keep my balance as I look up. Who the hell-?



It's another girl about five inches taller than me.

She has black hair with white streaks that reaches her neck and bangs that cover her right eye. Her left eye has a lot of dramatic eyeliner and a light grey iris with a star-shaped pupil.

Maybe it's a contact lens..?

She has pale skin, and she's slim, but with some muscle and a pretty big chest. I mean, she's gotta be like, a D-

Holy hell, I need to shut up.

The girl is also wearing a long sleeve shirt with a skull just below the neckline. The shirt looks like a short sleeve, black shirt with a black and white striped, long sleeve shirt underneath, but it's all one piece. The girl is also wearing black bell-bottom jeans and black, two-inch platforms.

She is freaking cute.

Shoot, my lesbian is showing.

"Sorry! I should've been paying more attention." The girl apologizes, biting her lip, which has a bit of black lipstick.

On closer inspection, it looks like something tinted her lips black, like how a slushie dyes your mouth.

"Oh, don't worry about it." Dammit, she's adorable.

She smiles, "I'm Genji, and I'm a third-year, what about you?"

Aw. I'll probably only see her in this class. Maybe lunch too.

"I'm Myra! I'm a first-year." I smile back.

"Oooo, I like that name!" Genji says, "So, which days do you have Chorus, A or B?"

I glance at my phone, where I've written down my schedule, "B, how 'bout you?"

"Same! I can't wait to see you in class!"

She's excited to see me again!?

What if she's les-?

Let's slow down. She may be cute, but she could easily be like, a crazy axe murderer or something.

"Y-yeah, same here!"

Another smile, "Well, I'll see you soon!"

Genji leaves with a quick wave. It takes me a second to unfreeze. How the hell is she so fricking cute!? I can feel heat on my cheeks as I leave the room.

I check out the rest of my classes and leave the school. That took about an hour and a half, so it's nearly three now.

Emma calls as I get outside. There's a huge group of students outside of the school chatting and whatnot, so I have to weave through them first, then I can talk to Emma.

I accept the call as I slip through the crowd, "Hey, what's up?"

"Hey, Myra. I'm still running some errands, so, if you're done with school, for now, feel free to get to know the area a little better, grab some lunch, or hang out at home. I'm making dinner tonight, by the way," she says.

"Okay, see ya later then!"

"Love you. Bye."


Emma hangs up. I could explore a little and grab some food, then hang out at home. Three birds with one stone, let's do it.

I spend the next hour walking around town to get a feel for it and grabbing some glorious Chick-fil-A.

I head back to the apartment and quickly head inside. I collapse on the couch, turning on the TV to watch YouTube.

I watch Persona meme compilations, a few video game tips, and, of course, GreyStillPlays.

Yep, normal afternoon. Even though I know there are things to be done; I'm watching stupid YouTube videos.

Eh, everyone needs some stupidity once in a while.

...I clearly don't need this much, but my point remains!

Around five-thirty, Emma gets back. She immediately walks into the kitchen and starts grabbing things.

"What's up?" I ask, pausing the video I'd been watching before following her.

"Friend needed help with something; now I'm late. Is dinner at six okay?"

"Yeah, don't worry about it." I smile at her, "What are we having?"

"I completely forgot to buy more food, so I'm just going to do pasta. I'll make something a little more special tomorrow." Emma turns on the stove as she fills a large pot with water.

"'Kay-kay! Can I help with anything?" I ask, bouncing around a little.

"Hm... Can you cut up some of this chicken? Add it to the sauce when you're done." She instructs, pouring sauce into a pan and setting it on the stove. While she does that, I move the pot of water onto the stove as well.

I love cooking with Emma; we used to do it all the time with Mom.

We make spaghetti with meat sauce, and it isn't half bad, to my surprise.

Emma and I have never been amazing cooks, Emma is decent, but I'm awful. I mean, my food is edible, just not good.

We watch a ghost show together until nine.

I spend the rest of the night unpacking my decorations, games, and various things I'd brought; I leave half of my last bag full because Emma reminded me that I should get some sleep around eleven.

I throw on some brightly colored pajamas, realizing I'd completely forgotten to change when I got home.

First night in a new apartment...

I turn off the light, then stumble through the darkness to my bed.

Damn, it's dark...

I lay down and quickly fall asleep; I have a weird dream, though.

It's a long hallway with a door at the end. The walls and floor are black and white, swirling like those weird hypnotic things...

I try to sprint to the door, but it's like I'm on a treadmill; I'm running, but I'm not moving forward. I scan the hallway for any less obvious way to get to the door but see nothing.

All I can see is a locked, black door in this strange hall.