When Rose opened her eyes, she was immediately met by the sight of Lilly staring at her face smiling. Being a baby, she didn't have much of a sense of personal space.

"G-good morning..." She said in a tired voice, rubbing her eyes.

Rose sat up and stretched her body. Day 3 of naked life in the jungle. She noticed that the couple they were staying with weren't there with them. They must have gone out for food. She also remembered that today was Monday, meaning she should be in school today. It didn't look like that was going to happen anytime soon. She thought back to her school life. She was always bored in school, always counting down the minutes and seconds until she could go home again and just hang out with her friends. She wondered what everyone was going to think when they come to class and she's not there. Would they mark her absent? How many days would she be marked absent until they just give up on her? Have they been told about what happened? All this not knowing what was going back at her home with her family and friends was really bothering her.

Lilly crawled up to her lap and gave her a morning hug, one which Rose gladly returned. She picked her up in her arms, got up onto her feet, and walked over to the base of the tree. Here, she faced a dilemma, how were they supposed to get down? It looked like a short distance enough for her to jump, but what about Lilly? She wasn't sure when their adoptive ape parents were going to be back, so she didn't think she could just wait for them. She figured that she would have to jump don first and then catch Lilly. So, she sat on the edge of the branch, looked down toward the grassy ground, took a deep breath, counted to three, then slid off. She fell for what at least she felt was less than a second, and as soon as her feet hit the ground, they slipped from under her and she fell on her butt. She simply groaned, got back up, and rubbed her sore bottom. Once she got herself together, she looked up to where Lilly was looking down at her from, and reached out her arms for her.

"Come on, Lilly. I'm right here."

Lilly looked down at her sister from the branch above, looking pretty reluctant to jump down.

"I'm right here, You jump and I'll catch you."

Lilly began to lean over the branch, taking the first few steps toward jumping.

"I've gotcha."

Lilly then hung down the side of the branch feet first. With her feet dangling in the air, she let go and sell down right into Roses safe arms.

"GOTCHA!" Rose shouted happily, joyfully spinning around with her baby sister in her arms while Lilly just giggled.

With her and her baby sister safely on the ground, she took in the morning sun. At this point, she was starting to get used to being naked. She always pictured the idea of being caught naked outdoors would feel so uncomfortable, but to be honest, by this point, it was actually starting to feel kind of nice. Much of what she learned about modesty came from her parents, who told her it was embarrassing to be seen by people outside the family in the nude. It's funny how she basically had to learn shame.

She looked around to see several members of the gorilla herd going about their business. Some were eating, some were drinking from the lake, and others were playing. She also noticed a group of baby gorillas approach the two of them. Soon, the group surrounded the hairless apes, looking at them curiously.

"Oh, um... Hello." She said somewhat nervously.

The young apes looked very fascinated by the two sisters, sometimes even reaching out and touching her skin. Some of them even ended up touching her crotch and bum, causing her to blush red as a tomato.

"H-hey now... Th-those are private."

She wouldn't really have much luck explaining concepts of appropriate behavior when it come to bodies to a bunch of monkeys. As they all observed her, she decided to sit down, setting Lilly beside her. Some of them went over to Rose to really get a good look at what a strange creature she was, while others went over to Lilly. Rose felt pretty shy about being around these little monkeys naked. The same couldn't be said for Lilly, who also approached them with happy curiosity. Soon, she and the baby apes started playing with each other, following each other around, playfully tackling each other, even trying to imitate each other's sounds. Rose couldn't help but smile as the adorable display. Even though they were hairy apes and she was not, Lilly has immediately came to view them as her peers. Meanwhile with Rose, one of them had crawled up onto her lap and even began to snuggle her. She wasn't quite sure what to do. She has had Alexia's dog on her lap to snuggle when she was at her house, but that was a domesticated pet, this was a wild animal. So Rose simply blushed with her hands planted on the ground beside her letting the monkey do whatever.

As the two of them interacted with the "neighbors kids", Rose noticed that Lilly needed a bath. She looked over to the lake where several of the apes were drinking, bathing, and socializing and thought, 'eh, may as well'. So she picked up Lilly wand walked over to the part of the lake with the waterfall. She made her way toward the waterfall at the beginning of the river, and stepped into the shallow water. She noticed some of the gorillas were washing their babies under the waterfall on their laps, so she took her sister under the waterfall, and did the same with her. As she thoroughly scrubbed her hair, she noticed that Lilly seemed annoyed to be bathed.

"Sorry Lilly. Don't you want to stay clean?"

Lilly just continued to pout as Rose washed the rest of her body.

After a few minutes, Rose finished up washing her sister, and she was finally free to play in the water. Rose got up and followed her.

"Hey careful now," she said, "don't wander too far."

As Rose followed her sister, she was suddenly caught off guard as she stepped out of the shallow end, and into the deep end, falling in. Rose was completely submerged in the deep end of the river with her eyes shut, and her breath held. When she opened her eyes, she found herself looking down at the vast underwater ecosystem. It looked almost like something from an alien world. There was sea weed, different rock formations, freshwater sea life, and strange looking organisms. The little naked girl simply floated in the water looking around her in complete awe. As she did, some fish swam up to her. They swam across and around her, some of them even tickling against her skin, causing her to let out some bubbles of air. One fish swam up to her face and just seemed to stare at her. This was amazing. She had never been this close to a fish while sharing the same source of water with it. When it swam away, part of her felt like she just wanted to spend as much time as she could exploring this breathtaking place, but she couldn't hold her breath for much longer, so she swam back up to the surface. As she broke through back to the air, she took a big gasp for air, and swam to the edge of the lake, where Lilly was watching her, giggling at her accident.

"Very funny Lilly... It's a good thing I can swim."

The little skinny dipper crawled out of the lake, dripping wet, and just looked down at the baby. She too was dripping wet from head to toe, though she seemed completely unfazed by it, just looking up at her big sister wearing nothing but a smile on her face. How were they supposed to dry off? She couldn't see a leaf big enough for them to use within several miles from them. What were they supposed to do, roll around in the grass? The only good that would possibly do is get the blades of grass stuck to their bodies, then they would need to take yet another shower.

Just then, she saw their adoptive ape parents approaching them with bananas. They must have searched all over the place to look for these. They sure were dedicating themselves to her and her sister. It reminded her of their real parents. The way they cared for and looked after them. These apes were proving themselves to be just as dedicated as they were. She supposed that if she had to be part of someone's family during her indefinite stay on this island, she was glad it was them.

Then she looked at their thick fur, and got an idea. When they approached her with food, she picked up Lilly and went over to them, then she rubbed her and her sisters bodies against their fur. As she did, she thought about how silly she must look right now, rubbing her naked body against a gorilla. Well, nobody was really out here, no one who would find it objectionable at least, and just kind of laughed at the absurdity of the moment. She made sure every part of their naked bodies were nice and dry, before finishing up and looking her and her sister were nice, clean and dry. Lilly just giggled while cradled in her arms.

"There you are, nice, and dry." she said, giving Lilly's little belly a rub causing her to laugh.

With that out of the way, She set Lilly back onto the ground. She took a look back to the water and noticed her reflection looking back at her. It occurred to her that she hadn't looked at her reflection since leaving their cabin in the boat so she took this opportunity to take a good look at her naked self. The face she saw was the same as she usually expected to see, that of a young girl with smooth blonde hair and blue eyes. Since she had just showered, her hair looked pretty smooth and her skin was nice and clean. Her smile looked a bit rippled through the water. She looked down at her body. It was about what you would expect from a nine year old girl. She looked over her flat chest and her little girly bits. It was pretty crazy to think that she has been exposed like this all this time. She also still had a bit of baby fat. Being as young as she was, she was sometimes curious about the way her body worked, or why it was the way it was. She would sometimes compare her body to her mothers. Back when she was younger, she would take baths with her, and was somewhat fascinated how different it was from hers. Besides her mom just being taller than her, she sported a pair of round bumps on her chest which she believes she referred to as "boobs". Ash Rose looked in the water, she looked at her own chest, feeling her hand against to feel how flat it was. Another thing that Rose had noticed what that her mom had hair on her crotch, while hers was completely smooth. She would sometimes ask about these differences to her, and her mom would tell her that as her body would grow, she would begin to have these things as well. Rose looked at her reflection and pictured herself taller with "boobs" and "hair". Would she have any of that by the time she was rescued, and not ever have anything to cover them with? She had also been told that boys crotches looked different than girls, but that was a different story. Once she was done looking at her front, she turned around and looked over her shoulder to get a view of her back., particularly her butt, which she thought looked smooth and felt pretty soft. She always kind of thought her mom's bottom was bigger and much more firm and "filled out". She thought to herself for a moment. Girls don't really show off their butts out in public, what was more of a boys thing. Wasn't it? Still, she couldn't help but giggle. She finished looking at herself and considered the visual image of her naked. This is how she has been presented to the outside world for two days now, and possibly many more days to come. She looked over at Lilly. She was completely buck naked like her, and she never had any concern for it at all, just crawling around exploring her surroundings with everything out in the open, not remotely ashamed of her body. Rose still felt kind of self-conscious about her own, but found herself thinking, 'why though?'. It was her body, this was just her and nothing else added on. She looked the way she did, just like other girls looked the way they did underneath their layers. It's not like it was really doing her or anyone else any real harm. And to be honest, a part of her deep down though she looked kind of pretty like this.

And so, makeshift family sat down on the grass and ate their bananas. As with before, Rose peeled Lilly's banana for her, and handed it to her. This was probably the first time since getting stranded here that she has had a good old breakfast with the family, even though instead of her own birth parents, it was a gorilla couple. Still, it felt peaceful and genuine, a nice break from some of the more intense moments of their experience here in the jungle. As she thought about some of the more dangerous moments from the past two days, particularly getting chased by the cheetah, she thought about her own skills out here. As it stood now, she was just a kid with no survival skills. Cut her some slack, she never pictured herself in this situation, but so far her ability to provide for herself and her sister have been abysmal at best. The situation with the snake was a total fluke. She thought about what her mom said to her the night before they left the house, about how they wouldn't always be around and that a time would come where Lilly would depend on her. Needless to say that scenario applied in a very extreme sense here. Even with this gorilla couple, she couldn't afford to just suspect that they would be able to provide for both of them forever. They could be stuck on this island for a very long time, and their survival may very well depend on her.

If they were going to survive, she needed to adapt to her new environment, learn to live the way they lived, even if it meant potentially losing her humanity, not just for her own sake, but for Lilly's, especially Lilly. It was probably far too much for a nine year old girl far away from her family for the first time, but she didn't really have a choice. She needed to toughen up, and if she was going to do that, she needed to start as soon as possible.

So she finished her breakfast, and looked toward the ape couple, intending for them to teach her everything they know about surviving in the jungle.

The next day, Rose, Lilly, and their ape family were back in the jungle, looking at a tall tree. Rose and the apes were standing at the base of the trunk while Lilly just sat on a rock observing, eating a banana. Today, Rose was going to begin her climbing lessons. This jungle was at least 70% trees, and most of the produce grew up there, so it was essential she learn how to scale trees. First, the gorilla couple demonstrated their own climbing abilities. Rose simply watched from the ground with fascination. It looked as though every limb was their own organism, and they worked in unison to get their bodies up the tree. Even their legs and feet just looked like two addition arms for grip, considering their feet looked so much like human hands, they even looked like they had thumbs. Rose looked down at her own feet, raising one of her legs and wiggling her normal evolved human toes. Kind of a disadvantage. She had often been told in school that humans evolved from monkeys. Were they sure it wasn't the other way around.

They climbed about a few feet before stopping to look down at their hairless adopted daughter, waiting for her to try Rose just looked over to her baby sister who watched in fascination. She took a deep breath and flexed herself a bit to prepare for her first climbing attempt.

'I can do this, I can do this!' She repeated to herself in her head.

She walked up to the trunk of the tree and grabbed hold of the bark. As soon as she felt she had a good grip, she took one last breath and hopped her legs up to mount the trunk, trying to find a nice firm place to secure her feet. Unfortunately, she just felt the bark slid up her bare body as she hugged herself close to the tree, and slid down to the ground on her rump.

She looked over to see Lilly laughing a bit from the comical sight. Rose looked back up the trunk with a look of determination.

'Don't think you've won, Tree!'

So she got back onto her feet and leapt onto the trunk once again, holding on as tightly as she could. For a minute, she thought she was sticking on very well this time, but a second later, just fell off again. Laying on the floor, she looked up the trunk toward the apes looking down at her. She sat up and felt her feet, feeling that she has gained some splinters. This would probably be a lot easier if she had shoes.

She got up once more and thought it over. She had to think about this. Really plan out how she was going to navigate up this tree. She thought about the time when she went to Danielle's 8th birthday, when they went to a rock climbing wall place. She remembered that during the whole day, she never really got that far up the wall, at least not without a helpful boost from her dad, she wasn't really motivated by survival then. Out here, she was no safety rope or harness, but it was still climbing, so it had to be a similar principal. So she got up and looked over the tree thoroughly, for anything, no matter how small, she could find a foundation for her hands and feet. She reached one hand out into a crevice which she thought was just deep enough to support her. She used her other hand and located small bump on the surface. It wasn't much, but the rock climbing way had pretty small "rocks" as well. She then raised one of her legs and dug her bare foot firmly into a subtle wedge. Over at the corner, she discovered another crevice, at a higher altitude than her leg was currently raised. She pictures her human parents cheering her on. They would want her to succeed, and they would want her to survive. So she closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and quickly raise her last limb and plant it into the crevice. She didn't slide down. She had succeeded in scaling the wall. She couldn't really give herself much satisfaction at the moment, she still had ways to go and she was already starting to stain and sweat from the pressure in her body. Opening her eyes alone to look back up to see where to reach next took a toll on her. She needed to get as high as she could as soon as possible. She did the same thing she did before, and reached for another spot on the trunk with her hand, then with the other, and then did the same thing with her feet.

'This might just work,' She thought to herself.

Unfortunately, by this time, sweat was dripping down her bare body. Even her hands were starting to feel a bit moist, and she could feel herself starting to slip, just like at the rock climbing wall. She had gotten too far to fail now, and looked around for something to give her more support. To her luck, right above her was a branch. She didn't waste any time thinking about whether or not it could support her, and she quickly reached for and grabbed it. Once she did, she pulled herself up to continue her ascent. But just as she reached her other hand for another branch, the one she was holding onto snapped right off, making her heart leap and causing her to fall over head first, screaming. Just before she hit the ground, the female reached for her and grabbed one of her legs, saving her life. As she hung there upside down, her hands hanging down her sides, as well as her hair, she could feel the blood in her body flow down to her head. She could see Lilly crawling up to her (upside down from her current perspective). She came face to face with her big sister smiled, and innocently touched her face, which was starting to look a bit discolored from the irregular blood flow. Rose simply rolled her eyes and sighed.

The ape turned her back over right-side up and sat her down onto the ground. They had made some progress today, but not much. Rose just sat of the ground frustrated. She looked at the branch that was still in her hand. She noticed that the broken off end looked pretty sharp. If the encounter with the cheetah taught her anything, it was that there were a lot of dangerous animals out here which could easily cause her or Lilly some harm. Maybe with this, she might have a way to defend herself and Lilly should their lives be in danger. It could also come in hand for possibly spearing some fish to eat.

The apes climbed back down and looked at her.

"Oh, come on. You try doing that without thumbs on your feet."

About a week into Rose's training, she was still turning out to be a pretty slow learner. In her defense, she and most of her third grade classmates were. The unusual mixed family was back in the savanna to teach her how to run. She was lucky when the herd saved her from that cheetah , but next time, her ability to outrun a predator could very well be the difference between life and death.

That day, it was starting to feel like a long time ago. In fact, she felt like she was starting to get really accustomed to life nude on the island. All that time away from her parents. She thought about them, and everyone else she knew back in civilization. What must they all be doing by now? Are they looking for her, assuming they ever were? Have they given up?

She didn't want to think about that right now. Right now, she was standing side by side with the male gorilla, while Lilly was in the arms of the female, both spectating. Rose made sure her naked body was all limbered up before their run, and she took a few good breaths to make sure she was good and energized.

"Okay... I'm ready..."

She got down on one knee and her fingertips. She stared down the ground to where it met the trees and mountains. She licked her lips and charged up for her run. Then, on her mark, she sprang from all the energy she could muster, and took off. The little girl sprinted nude across the grass, quite the image to behold, she could imagine. This was probably the first time she had run across the grounds of her new home without her life being in any current immediate danger, or thinking she was in danger. Her little round butt bounced behind her as she ran.

'Is this what it's like to be a jungle cat?' she thought to herself 'sprinting across the savanna nude?'

During her sprint, she could feel her body temperature rise, her heart pound, and her body marinate sweat. She remembered to breath in through her mouth and out through her nose. Or was it the other way around? Her brain was too exerted to think about it. For a moment, she thought she was doing pretty good. That was, until she looked beside her and saw her running companion zoom on all fours right by her. She was left speechless. She was running as fast as she had ever run, and yet she wasn't even close to matching his speed. She didn't think she could go any faster, but she worked to dig up any extra energy and sprinted faster, pushing her body past its limits. She was really starting to burn up now, but the male was still gaining distance between him and her. Being the competitive girl she was (playing video games with your friends a lot can do that to you), she exerted even more energy until she felt that she had reached an internal boiling point. Despite all her best efforts, she was still lagging far behind. Soon, she simply couldn't go any longer, and she slowed down to a clumsy walk until here tired and throbbing legs gave out underneath her and she fell into the grass. She just laid there, sweating and breathing heavily, feeling absolutely pathetic.

As her sister and adoptive gorilla family looked at her, she was starting to lose her confidence in herself.

'What if I can't do this?' She thought to herself.