I'm pushing the button. Why isn't everything exploding with nuclear fire? Where is my literal Earth-shattering ka-boom?


Yes, I know it's unlikely pushing the button a bunch of times will suddenly bring it to life, to make the connection to obliterate all of human creation... but I'm frustrated, dammit!


Oh, for fuck's sake. Where's the access panel to this control console? What weird-ass allen screw was used here– Holy shit, did IT use metric screws? I demanded Imperial! Ugh, if it weren't such a waste of time and energy, I'd revivicate them just so I can destroy them, yet again!

Shut up, San Angelo, "Strongest Hero Ever," I'm trying to fix this, and you're as smart as a bag of hammers. Let me just... here we go.

What the– Why isn't this switch connected to anything?! Why didn't they follow my schematics! I paid union rates, I expect to receive commensurate quality of service!

According to the designs I gave them, THIS wire should do i–