"Mom, please! I am coming." Zorine shouted to her mom from inside the bathroom "Tell my brother there is no need for him to start crying."

She may have not finished her morning face care routine, but she didn't care. She was being needed to the kitchen to make breakfast for her siblings and was what came first. She would have the chance to finish later. She also might be a little late for school but it was okay too.

She went downstairs and had a look inside the kitchen. Upon seeing her, her younger brother climbed up her leg.

'Good morning to you too Alfie.' She said and he giggled.

Little Heavenly stars! Her broken, beautiful little brother.

She knew very well he wouldn't let go till breakfast was ready. She could not get mad at him. So, for one more time she would get breakfast ready with him helping. It wasn't as dramatic as many may think. Compared to his twin sister, Alfie was her favorite one. He was most of the times in a better mood than Ruby was and even at the age of five he was the one really helping around when something needed to be done. Saying they had a special bond, did not do their relationship enough justice.

'So, what do we have today for breakfast?' Bonus content; he knew the Daily Breakfast Program –DB for short –by heart. She scooped him up in her arms and placed him on the counter.

'It's oatmeal day!' Alfie exclaimed.

She gave him the biggest smile she had. He was always a delight being around and she loved him for it. She gathered what they needed to make breakfast and got down to work. She started heating the milk, while her brother dedicated himself to choosing the best raisins for their oatmeal.

'Zuvu,' he started and paused.

'What?' she asked lightly but he did not go on. She gave him time, but still nothing. She reached for his hand and stroked it. 'You know you can talk to me for whatever thing you want.' she told him to reassure him and that worked its magic. A few moments later he was talking to her.

'You know how mama and fafa keep taking me to that place where no one of you come?' She refocused her eyes from the boiling milk to her brother.

'I know sweetie.' Alfie didn't react to her calling him by using a pet name; meaning he was clearly upset. But why? What could have gone that wrong and his spirits were that low?

'The other day that lady did something to me and went to talk with mama and fafa. I then went and stick my ear to the door, which I know I should have done, but Zuvu I heard them cry.'

She stopped dead. Turned the stove off and looked at him as if trying to see through him. He was expressionless. 'Are you sure?' she didn't want to doubt him, but that seemed to be the only case so that nothing changed. She also really wanted to know that he was completely sure before doing and thinking anything.

'I know you think I am small and can't know what crying is like.'

'Alfie, no. I don't mean it like that.' she hurried to reassure him. 'All I am saying is that sometimes crying is so much like laughter and it's confusing.'

But by his expression she knew he was not confused.

Something is wrong ,she started thinking. The thing all of them was dreading. She had really hoped that such a thing would not happen till she was in her middle twenties. The end was coming; whether for all of them or only for Alfie they would have to wait and see. Her parents knew about it well and none of them could deny it. But the question kept popping in her head. Why now? Did her father really hated her that much? That bastard! Maybe he hated her as much as she loathed him. At this occasion they were even at least.

Her hand curled dangerously hard on the counter. She heard Alfie calling her name but she was far away. Why couldn't her father just come and get her? Why couldn't someone simply kill her so everyone else was spared? Why? Simply why? She had been posing these whys to herself for years in no avail. But then again all she wanted was one simple because to even one of her whys.

She screamed and punched the wall in front of her; screamed and punched; screamed and punched.

Victoria –her mother –was taking care of Zorine's hands. The two of them were silent as the mother was bandaging her daughter's hands. It was a good thing she had screamed. That way someone was there to protect Alfie and talk Zorine out of what she was doing. It was not enough for her knuckles though, they had already been cracked open.

The two women were in the bathroom now cleaning the wounds. Once done, Victoria left her alone.

'Is he too upset?' she asked her when she came back.

'He believes he hurt you.' was the reply.

'What? No, that's ridiculous.'

'Is it?' asked Victoria in a thoughtful way, like she was guiding her to think of what she had said and how true that could be.

The answer was no. It was completely normal for her brother to believe such a thing with everything that had happened.

'I am sorry.' She said in a small voice. She raised her head from her hands and looked at her mom.

'Honey,' her mom came closer to her. 'There is no need for you to apologize and you know it. I am the one who is sorry. I regret not telling you sooner what was going on.'

'Still, I shouldn't have reacted that way in front of Alfie.'

'There is no reason to be that hard on yourself. I can understand why you reacted the way you did and I am sure Alfie will understand too.'

A knock on the door was heard. Albert ducked his head inside. 'Someone out here would like to say something to you, Zorine. Is it a good time?'

Zorine nodded. 'But I would like to talk to him in my bedroom. And can Ruby be with him as well.'

Albert gave her a positive face and closed the door. She could hear him talking to Alfie and him complaining a little as to why his twin would be with them as well. For twins they were not close. Each of them had told her once –after they had watched a movie with a magic jinn –that if they found the jinn their only wish would be for them to be separated and never talk to each other again. At the time they had said that Avery was with them and his only reaction was a silent 'That can easily be arranged.' She had immediately hushed him. She could not blame him though for saying such a thing. Taking care of the twins was not an easy task and became even more tiresome when they had been fighting throughout the day and it was late in the evening. However, truth to be told, that was one of her fondest memory she had with her siblings.

'Do I have to assume that you are going to tell them goodbye?' Victoria asked, bringing her back to the present.

'Yes.' she said, her voice neutral.

'Off to collage then?' she nodded and went to her bedroom where two of her siblings were waiting for her.