After she was past the point of shock and had convinced herself that it was just a coincidence, they agreed to go have something to eat. They had though to go back from where they had started, because as it turned out her mother had given her a back pack full of useful things that none of them had bothered to take with them. So, they had gone back and for once she was grateful to her mother. As it turned out one of the things on the back pack was a map of the whole world, in which where marked places for them to eat and stay, run by non-humans. They chose the one closest to them and they were on their way in the blink of an eye.

The coffee shop wasn't that far away, but as they did not know how to use and read a map, the task and as a result the time they needed to reach their destination was increased. They did not talk while they were walking, unless it was necessary to help them reach their destination. Upon arriving and entering the shop, they chose an empty table and sat down. It was next to an almost doll-like window. A waiter came and took their order, he was clearly a vampire. Reese thought it was a good choice to have a cup of blood and Zuvu ordered a chamomile; it didn't even cross her mind that they could find such things there. But then again it was a place owned by a fairy. She then took out her phone and asked for the internet password.

'Are you serious?' Zuvu asked her anxiously.

'Excuse me?'

'Why would you take out your phone right now? Don't you think we have to talk?'

'Yes, I do think we have to talk. Where's the problem with me taking my phone out?' Zorine did not answer. 'You think someone's going to spot us through its signal, don't you?' she said to her mockingly. That too got her no answer.

They stared intently into each other's eyes. It was clear that Zorine did not know what she wanted to do. It was also clear that Rylee would be a better functioning person after she had her blood, it would help clear her mind. So, she took matters into her own hands.

'Hear me out. I know we have to talk so that we set rules and you can tell me how best I can help you. But; there's a huge but. If you are planning on being a huge pain in the ass all along then I have better get going. And rule No1 –to be discussed later- as every single vampire I am better with drops of blood inside me. Get it?' Zorine still didn't respond. She seemed somehow sorry that her behavior had led to this. Rylee did not know if she should be sorry too and apologize or keep going up the road that made her even madder to her. Anyway, the solution to this did not come too long after it.

'You are right. I am sorry for being distant and obnoxious. You are here on your own will to help me and I treated you not at all as I should have. Please accept my apology. I will try not to repeat such a behavior.'

'Apology accepted.'

At that moment the waiter came with their order. A few moments later with empty mugs, a Zorine who was watching out the of the window –at pretty much nothing- and a Rylee who was forced to put up with the uncomfortable silence, nothing had change. Five minutes later, still nothing. Ten minutes, nothing. Twenty minutes later, Rylee let out a long sigh 'What are you thinking?' Zorine turned and looked at her with big eyes. She looked not sad, but melancholic. For how long has she been wondering away from everything?

'Do you have any friends?' she whispered.

'I do.'

'What are they like?'

'I don't really know. I know that they are good people and are willing to help whenever anyone of our group needs help. Nothing else.' Rylee smiled to herself. Their beautiful little group. 'You even share your nickname with one of my friends.' At that Zuvu smiled. 'What about you?'

'Nothing much. Nothing serious.'


'Because I've always known that things will come to this, I didn't want to bond with many people knowing that it won't be easy when the time comes. So, I only have my foster family for whom I care about and three internet friends. It was easier that way.'



'My friends and I are only acquainted from social media. We have a group chat.' Reese could see Zuvu's expression darkening for some reason.

'Are you ok?'

'Yes. Why?'

'I don't know. Suddenly your face looked a little bit horrified.'

'Yeah—I know. It happens sometimes. Since I left home memories and possibilities keep popping up at me and I can't help it.'

'It's okay.'

'Emm, before we start getting serious about what is happening, would you mind introducing me to your friends?' she was baffled.

'Don't you think this is a little weird? I mean we don't even know each other for half a day and you want to meet my friends?'

'Yes. You are right. I am sorry again.' At that moment Rylee was seriously thinking about getting out of there. The girl, no matter how special was, was definitely weird, if not crazy. She excused herself to go to the bathroom. It wasn't like she wanted to use the facilities, it was more like she was in need to make up her mind between another cup of blood or fleeing. That girl was driving her crazy. Maybe meeting her father was a better option than trying to accompany and help that lunatic.

The door opened, closed and someone was kissing her. Full on the lips. It was a familiar kiss, one she had felt not long ago. The boy from the other day! Am I dreaming? There was no possible way he was there. Except—Except, if he was one of them.

'Hello again!' he murmured against her mouth. She pushed him back.

'What are you doing here?'

'Um, kissing you? Isn't it obvious?' and he made to kiss her again. She stopped him.

'No! I mean what you are doing here, as in here the coffee shop.'

'That's my usual place to hang out. I have to tell you sin—' She stopped him again.

'What's your problem, all you lunatics today?'

'Aren't you happy to see me again?'

'Shut up! I am warning you! I don't know what is wrong with you, but if you are planning on going around and playing dumb I will shred you to pieces.'

'What?' he was clearly confused, terrified and most importantly he was not playing dumb. She noticed only the fear in him. She could practically smell it. He was human then. But what if he was not? She could not play with the possibilities.

'What do you not understand?' She stressed every single one of her words . She was furious. Why can't all of them just tell what I am asking them, so we can go on?, she asked herself. She took a deep breath and thought that even if he was one of them, he probably wouldn't like to tell it without knowing for sure if she was one of them too. She smiled to him. A smile all teeth. Her fangs out so he can see them.

'So, stranger boy. What are you?' she purred; all innocence. That ridiculous smirk vanished from his face. Finally!

'You are a vampire!'

'No!' she mocked him. 'You kidding!'

'Stop that!'

'Stop what?'

'I didn't know you are a vampire.'

'I know it. Otherwise you wouldn't be here now.'

'But how?'

'How what? How we slept together and you didn't even notice what am I?' she paused for a dramatic effect. 'Do I need to remind you that you where that drunk I am surprised you remember we even had sex last night.' She did enjoy saying all these things in a hurtful way. It was kind of a release.

A knock was heard on the door. 'Kevin,' the waiter. 'Is everything okay?'

'So, Kevin would you like to answer to your friend?'

'Shut up!'

'Wow! Watch your mouth little boy.'


'We are okay Vam.'

'Okay, pal. But just to let your lady friend know, her companion left and told me to tell her not to look for her.'

Reese lost it. She started cursing herself. Why had she done such a thing? She shouldn't have let her alone. She stormed out and went straight to their table. It did was empty. Zorine was nowhere to be found. Nor was her backpack. She slammed her hand down on the table, hard. She sat down and shook her head trying to think. What would be her next move? Would she stay there doing nothing? Would she go after Zuvu? Would she go back to her mother and demand that she give her the information she wanted to find her father? What would she do? What? Woould? She? Do?

And then she just knew. She would stay where she was at that very moment and do nothing at all about everything that was going on. She simply took in her hands her phone and started scrolling on social media.

'What are you doing?' the boy came to her table.

'I am minding my own business. So, why don't you take this example and do the same?'

'Since you are asking, the answer is no.'

She laughed. It was the laugh of a mad man who considered himself above everyone and everything. 'My poor child. You are so stupid. Haven't they taught you a single thing? When a vampire tells you something you do it.'

'Um, hello? You did not tell me to do something. You asked me and I simply answered it.'

Rylee was a step away from having smoke popping out of her ears.

'Guys!' it was the waiter talking. 'You are clearly upset about something I do not understand, but I would really appreciate if you could just calm down so that Jasmine can find her place intact when she comes back.'

She supposed Jasmine was the name of the owner of the shop. She could not care less about what she would find when she returned. 'Tell this to your friend!' she snapped and went back to her phone. She could hear them murmuring but she didn't care. She opened the messages of the group chat. She really wanted to share as much of the story as she could without exposing the magic related part. She wanted out of her had a quick glance over what was being discussed when she was gone. Group-chat Zuvu was nowhere to be found, just like the one she was trying to help. She bet though, the "group chat" one had a very good and serious reason for not being active. Kopi as it seemed was all over some girl. She only hoped that his special stranger didn't have to put up with a crazy person like she did. She did wish he would treat her well and keep her by his side. It would be such a help for him. Kash however seemed to be having the most amazing news of them all. His father had finally made a change to his everyday routine. It was a great progress for both of them she hoped. She started typing about her day but someone else was one step ahead of her and was sharing his own catastrophic day.

Kopi Paste: Guess what! The girl I was telling you about isn't who I thought she was.

Kopi Paste: She may be beautiful, but other than that she is nothing. She thinks she can just order people around so that she can have her way. She is awful.

(Strange. How was it possible that at the very same time both she and Kopi had the worst "ending of a relationship before it even began"? She could feel his anger and frustration through the text. It was so disturbing.)

Kopi Paste: She is a sucker for blood. And I do mean it literary.

'WHAT?' That can't be possible. There was no way he was talking about her. May be the timing was the same, but it could not be possible. There surly were other vampire girls to be upset about. There was no way that Kevin and Kopi Paste were one and the same. She could not get it out of her head.

She pushed her chair back and went over to where he was sitting. She was no way in the mood to catfish him so she can learn if such a thing was true. So she applied the most sufficient and straight forward way to find out. She showed him her phone screen, which was showing the texts he had just sent. His reaction was the same as hers when he had finally put all the pieces together.

' WHAT?'