Chapter 01 - Beginning Stages

Candy Mizuki was wondering why she was glaring at the people who had suggested a job for her and now, she had found herself glaring at the building she was now occupying. Who the fuck thought it was appropriate for an person who hates people to work as a Harem Director? She thought to herself. She didn't want this! She just wanted to sleep at her house and not have to bother with people for a long ass time. I just want a normal life for a change, but no, I ended up scoring a lot on the Helping People section of that fucking exam. Fuck! Candy cursed at herself as she couldn't believe that people thought that she was a nice person to talk to about harems. Where the fuck did that shit come from? Candy thought as she shook her head in disbelief. She couldn't believe it as she entered the building. It wasn't old but it also wasn't new either. "Damn it. Guess I really have to start from the bottom up, huh." Candy didn't want to deal with anyone at the moment now that she had to fix up her building for her business. I didn't ask for any of this shit! She thought as she groaned in aggravation.

"Ms. Mizuki?" A kind voice gotten the young woman's attention as she looked at who was speaking to her. She noticed a young person who was looking at her with a kind smile.

"Who the fuck are you?" Candy spoke to her first words to Misaka Washimoto, her gender fluid secretary and the young woman giggled at Candy's words. They were right, after all. She is a vulgar woman. She thought, glad that her new boss was very open with her own personal feelings. "For that matter, what's your pronouns?" Candy added as she wanted to know everything about the person in front of her as she read the job application very carefully.

"I'm Misaka Washimoto. My pronouns today are she/her." Misaka answered the woman and Candy nodded her head, keeping the person's pronouns in her mind. Ah, that's right, Misaka is gender fluid. It said so on her application. Candy thought as she smiled at her new secretary.

"That's cool, Washimoto." Candy tells Misaka and the girl smiled at her new boss. She knew that Candy Mizuku was a vulgar woman due to her interview with the woman but the woman was also respectful in her own way but she showed it in her own ways. "Is there a coffee maker in this fucking building?" Candy asked the girl standing in front of her and Misaka smiled at her.

"Yes, ma'am. You want sugar and creamer in it?" The girl asked and Candy smirked at Misaka's words and the girl knew that Candy wanted both sugar and creamers in her coffee and she nodded her head. "I will be back with your coffee, Ms. Mizuki." Misaka tells Candy as she left the woman's office to grab her coffee. It had took her exactly five minutes to grab Candy coffee and when she had came back into the woman's office, Candy had set up her secretary's desk. When Misaka noticed the desk, she turned to look at Candy in shock and the woman merely grabbed her coffee from her, offering her a soft smile as thanks.

"You have anything to show which pronouns you're going to go by day by day?" Candy asked when both she and Misaka got comfortable in their respective desks. Misaka looked up at Candy and she had a look of thought on her face before she shook her head.

"Not yet. I'm thinking about getting colored bracelets." Misaka tells Candy, who nodded her head at the thought of Misaka having colored bracelets.

"Yeah, colored bracelets sounds like a fucking good idea." Candy answered.

It had been a few hours later and Candy was filling out paperwork while Misaka filed them in a folder. Candy growled in anger as tick marks started to form on her forehead. I really fucking hate paperwork! She thought as she nearly exploded in rage but Misaka's hand on her wrist calmed her down as she glanced the girl's soft eyes. "Maybe I should take over the paperwork for now, hmm?" Misaka asked Candy and the woman let the girl do whatever she wanted as she sighed, letting the girl grab the paperwork from her.

"Thanks, Misaka. You're a lifesaver." Candy tells the girl who willingly did the paperwork for her. She seems like a lazy woman but she really did nearly all of the paperwork herself before frustration had finally kicked in. Misaka thought as she smiled down at the paperwork as she thought about her boss's first impression. Misaka knew that her boss wasn't mean nor unintentionally rude but she was self-protective and it showed. She was closed off but she was nice in her own way, even if her own way was vulgar.

When it had hit six o'clock PM, Candy was shocked that she and Misaka was able to finish all of the paperwork that was due on Friday. Today was Monday and yet, they managed to do all the required paperwork before Wednesday. "We're done for today, Ms. Mizuki." Misaka tells Candy, who smiled at Misaka and the girl was shocked to see the soft smile on Candy's face. When Candy noticed the look of shock on Misaka's face, Candy blushed as she turned away from the girl. Shit! She thought. I'm really not good with people but I know my smile can really attract people to me. Candy thought as she covered her face.

"Your smile is really cute but you yourself is really cute, Ms. Mizuki." Misaka tells Candy and the woman didn't know what to do with herself.

"Don't say stuff like that." She said but Misaka could practically hear the unsaid thank you as she smiled back at Candy.


Candy had tore up the paperwork that wasn't needed but she was sure that Misaka would say something to her about tearing up the paperwork but at the moment, she didn't care. "Ms. Mizuki, did you tear up the extra paperwork again?" Misaka asked her and Candy sighed.

"I'm sorry. I'm bored and we can't officially open up until Wednesday." Candy whined like a child and Misaka smiled at her childish boss, who was normally so stoic and extra vulgar.

"It's almost the day, Ms. Misaka, I promise." Misaka tells Candy, who smiled at her.