Chapter Six: Pisa:

Diamond climbs into the cab. "Good morning. Did you sleep well last night? I know I did. We're going to get some breakfast really quick. Then we're going to our next destination. Where are we going, you ask? Why none other than Pisa." She grins.

"Yes, that Pisa. We'll get to see the tower. But before we get there, there are other places to look at. What are those, you ask?" Diamond winked.

"You will have to come along and see. You know, I don't get the appeal of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. It's just science that making it do that. It's the ground to be honest. I know how tourists love to pose in from of the tower to look like they are pushing it up for pictures. It was cute the first few times. But now it's kind of lame to me." She looked around for a bit before leaning in.

"I heard that it's slowly standing back up again. Can you believe it? What will the tourists do then? They can't pretend to be pushing it up then. Kind of dumb if you ask me." She pushes hair out of her eyes.

"Anyway, I won't ruin it for you. We will do more shopping and sight-seeing. We have to do that, you know?" She pats the guest on the back.

"You know you like it!" Diamond giggles.

"Come inside. We can't keep the driver waiting now, can we? Your food will be on me. Don't worry about the money. I have you covered." She pats the guest on their shoulder.

"Let's get going. The driver wants to go. Are you ready to go? Good. Let's get going."