Chapter 1: Mutated Fae

"Would you live in a bunker for all of your life, or will you want to travel with me?" A blonde woman who appeared to be 16 asked her twin brother, who was laying on the ground bloodied and beaten. Her brother then glanced at the people who were currently setting the bunker aflame, all of which were wearing torn hazmat suits that hid all of their identities. The boy then glanced back at his sister.

"No, I refuse!" The boy responded. His sister sighed before she grabbed the katana sheathed next to her waist before she quickly pulled it out and slashed her brother's face.

The boy jolted up before he quickly placed his hand to his right eye, feeling the scar.

'It was just a dream.' the boy thought to himself before he stood up and began to examine his surroundings. The most the boy saw was sand, some destroyed buildings, and more sand. The boy let out a sigh.

"Nothing, just desolate earth, but then again, this is a wasteland." The boy said to himself before he set out.

The desolate wasteland, simply known as The Wasteland, is a supercontinent that is split up in three separate districts.

One of the districts is what one usually imagines a wasteland, being a desert with a few buildings scattered about. The wildlife there is mainly scorpions.

The next district is the forest district, where all the ruins have become a fine soil where huge trees grow in their place. The wildlife here is fish.

The final district is the winter district, a land ravaged by an eternal winter, the temperatures are so cold, you would need to bundle up with a multitude of layers in order to survive. The wildlife here is arctic hares.

The boy sighed to himself before he put on his coat and bag before he began walking.

"I should try to find some food, I'm running a bit low." He said to himself as he continued walking. He soon stopped when he saw a wooden baseball bat on the ground. The boy bent down to pick it up, only to jump back upon seeing a scorpion crawl on the bat. He quickly kicked the scorpion off before he grabbed the bat. He then quickly walked off before the scorpion does anything else.

-1 hour later-

The boy soon came to a halt before he took a look at his surroundings.

'I should be close to a building by now, right?' He thought in question before he cast his gaze at what looked like an abandoned military base. Not seeing any other options, he began to make his way to the base.

As he neared the entrance, the boy pulled out the baseball bat before he slowly poked his head through the entrance. He began to wait for 10 seconds.

'Seems like no one's here.' He thought as he entered the building. He then came to a halt as he saw a metal door that had "SUPPLIES" painted at the top.

'Finally.' He thought with relief as he began to open the door before entering. He began to look around the room, seeing shelves of food and medicinal kits. The boy then lifted one of the kits before examining it.

"You never know when you might need one of these." The boy said to himself as he began to fill up his bag with the equipment. As he was going through the shelves he came across a handgun with a silencer. He picked it up, checking the magazine.

'I'm glad father taught me how to shoot before the incident.' He thought as he grabbed a nearby holster before strapping it around his waist. He then put the gun on safety before he holstered it.

He continued scavenging until he heard scurried footsteps going down the hall. Thinking quickly, he ran behind the open door before he crouched. He began to watch before a raven-haired, fair-skinned girl that appears to be seventeen run in and hide behind a shelf. The boy could only hear the girl's heavy breathing as he continued to watch.

'What is she running from?' He wondered before he saw a group of four men in familiar hazmat suits.

'Futurideans!' The boy thought with disgust as he glared at their hazmat suits. He then shifted his attention to the girl's hiding place.

'They're gonna kill her if I don't do something.' The boy thought as he watched.

One of them, what the boy assumed was the leader, took out a kukri knife before he started creeping around the room.

"I know you're here, so HURRY UP AND SHOW YOURSELF YOU FREAK!" The leader demanded in a voice so terrifying that it sounds like something from a nightmare. The boy could no longer watch this before he quickly got out of his hiding spot with his baseball bat in hand before he bashes the man's head. The man dropped his dagger as he held his head in pain. By now, the others noticed this new arrival. One of them quickly bolted to their leader as another rushed the boy.

'This will be tough.' The boy thought as he quickly got ready.

The girl began to hear grunts as she poked her head out of her hiding spot, just in time to see a blonde-haired boy block a blade with his baseball bat as it then got stuck in the wood. The boy then twisted his bat so that the blade got out of the goon's grip before he smacked the thug on the head with the bat, knocking him out. Pulling the knife out the boy shifted his gaze upon the rest of the ruffians.

"Well, get him!" The recently recovered leader said as the other two grunts rushed him. The boy then quickly crouched before he swept his bat under their feet, causing them to fall and hit their heads upon impact, knocking them out. He then quickly ran to the leader, who drawn his jagged katana and intercepted the boy's attack, placing them in a weapon lock.

"Tell me, where is Rachel Clubb?" The boy demanded. The thug laughed

"She told us about you, Thomas, saying how weak and stupid you are. I'm gonna have a lot of fun killing you." The leader exclaimed with glee. The girl then glanced away from the battle, seeing a medkit to her left. Quickly grabbing it, she tossed it, which hit the thug at the back of the head, stunning him. Thomas then shoved the man away before swiftly smacking the man at the side of his head with his bat, knocking him out. Thomas was breathing heavily before he let out one final breath. After he was calm, he cast his gaze to the direction of the girl.

"You can come out now!" He said, to which the girl responded by slowly leaving her hiding place. Thomas now had a better look at the girl and could see two pointed ears leave her hair.

'She's an elf, a girl whose ears got infected by radiation before birth, causing them to become pointed.' Thomas analyzed as he began walking towards the girl, who quickly hid back into her hiding place. Thomas furrowed his brows.

'What did they do to her?' Thomas thought before he offered his hand.

"There is no need to be scared," Thomas began, trying to make himself sound approachable, "my name is Thomas Clubb." Thomas said with a gentle smile. The girl poked out her head,

"My name is Tiena, Tiena Melgrandia." She exclaimed. She then slowly left her hiding place once more before she asked a new question. "What is your occupation, if you don't mind me asking?"

"I am a scavenger, nothing more." Thomas said with a calm smile. Tiena suddenly felt a sense of ease before she grabbed Thomas's hand.

"I am a Priestess of The Origin." Tiena replied.