It had been a long day, and I just wanted to go home, order some Chinese delivery, and zone out in front of the tube. Standing at the stop, waiting for my bus, I was just sort of staring off into nothingness. It took several moments for me to realise things had gotten very quiet, but only because I noticed that there were no cars passing by, on my side of the street.

I turned my head, wondering if there was a car accident or a funeral procession or something, when I saw it. The Hate was glaring angrily at the bus stop sign, perhaps trying to figure out which bus was supposed to go where. I could see the wreckage down the road, the torn vehicles, the shattered bodies, the blood and oil and coolant flowing into the gutter.

I could hear the heaving rage-driven breaths of The Hate, beside me. It was within touching distance, and I felt the fearful perspiration on my face, my back, my armpits. I took small breaths, trying not to draw attention to myself, as The Hate started grumbling something.

My lizard-brain took over for a moment, and I stepped away from the towering embodiment of carnage. I groped in my purse for something, anything, that might give me a few more moments of life, anything that could distract The Hate from casually tearing me in half.

I found something, the wrapping rustling under my fingers. I grabbed it and offered it to The Hate.

"Uhm. Want a Snickers bar?"