He did it. The demon finally had the Sacred Scepter in his possession. The city lay in ruins, the countryside blighted, and me, broken and bleeding on the floor in the throne room. All of my songs failed to slow the demon down, some even managed to make him more powerful, to renew his strength, even though the lyrics would reduce most people to tears.

"And now, Songstress, witness the final victory over your land, over your people!" gloated the demon, raising the grey scepter over his head. "You have lost, bard, and you and your people shall be my slaves, for all eternity!" He laughed, that grating sound like rocks sliding down glass. It was strange how such a high-pitched, annoying sound could come from such a huge creature, but there he was.

I wracked my tired memory for any other song, any other verse or poem, that might put an end to this, even as I felt my life's blood ooze from my wounds, hear the wheezing of my breath in my lungs. And then, I had it.

"Never," I gasped, too weary to lift my head from the cracked marble floor. It was almost a whisper.

"Never? Never what?" he mocked. "You will never win!"

Painfully, I grabbed at the wound in my chest, to hold myself together. "Never," I said, a little louder, "Gonna..."

The demon's black eyes widened, as he heard the intonation, the pitch... "No!" he screamed, shaking dust from the rafters in his fearful fury.

"...give... you... up..." I finished, closing my eyes to the debris falling onto my face.