Chapter 8

Ngh…man, what kind of messed up dream was all…wow!

"Ah ha, he's finally up! Hi there little guy, what's up? Watch'a doing? How you feeling? What's with that look you're giving me?"

Who the heck is this? Where'd she come from?! Where the heck am I? Once I get over my initial shock at waking up in a completely unknown room with some random hyperactive chick looming over me I freak out, shoving off the personal space invader currently kneeling next to me on the bed I'm on. She makes a kind of funny yelp at the action, losing her balance and falling off onto the floor. Quickly taking a look around, I find myself in some baby blue coloured room with a whole lot of strange looking equipment around me. What the heck happened? Where is…oh god.

"Hey there kid, told you I'd see you later didn't I?"

Oh, oh god, oooh god! It wasn't a dream, all that stuff actually happened, and he's here! I can't see his eyes, he wearing a pair of concealing sunglasses, but I know it's him. He has the same grin across his face, the same hair and the same suit, and is casually leaning back in a cushioned chair not three feet away from me. I'm left starring at him as he continues to smile at me, too petrified to move. W-what happened? I…I thought I was sent over the edge. How'd I end up with this guy again…?! Where is this!? After a few more seconds of my blankly starring at him he laughs; not the same frightening cackle from before, but a much more…human laugh.

"I'd say you have a lot of questions don't you my friend? Everyone does when the first wake up here; you're no different from the hundreds of others I've met. I have to say I didn't expect your automatic violent reaction towards Trix… Although I did tell you not to get so close to him didn't I?"

Trix? That must be the woman I just shoved onto the floor… That fact is ascertained as she whines in annoyance, picking herself up off the floor and fixing her short blue skirt. She doesn't look all too upset though, sticking her tongue out at the demon man childishly. She looks relatively normal at least, save for her steely grey eyes, just a regular twenty something year old girl with long brown hair and somewhat sparse feminine clothing, the skirt and a low cut short white tee.

"I didn't expect him to come around with a snap like that, thought it would take him awhile to work up enough strength to do that… Anyways! You gonna answer me this time mister pushy?"

Nodding uncertainly, she claps her hands and smiles excitedly. Wow…she's kind of odd isn't she?

"Perfect! So, how are you?"

"I'm um…I'm fine I guess…well, considering…"

I just kind of vaguely motion towards everything in general, which earns a confused look from Trix and an exasperated sigh from four eyes.

"Oh hey now, considering what? Like I said before, I saved you're life! You should be the happiest boy alive right now, not complaining like this."

"Yeah well…I don't exactly…trust demons…"

With that he gaufs at me, then glares at Trix when she lets out a snicker.

"Seems like I'm not the one making him uncomfortable here after all hey Havs?"

"Oh shush grease monkey… I'm not a demon thank you very much, I'm just as human as you, I just have a few…adaptations, that's all."

Continuing to stare at him, when I glance over to the human looking Trix she nods enthusiastically. Okay then…I'm completely lost now.

"So what…you're like a…super human or something?"

"Oh god don't call him that…he has enough of an ego."

"Oh no, I like that one! Sure, you can call me that as much as you like!"

She gives him an eye roll as I continue to take in my surroundings, trying to figure out what these machines around me are but ultimately failing. Wait, didn't she call him Havs? Maybe that's his name…better then calling him a super human.

"So you're name's Havs?"

"Oh god no, that's just my nickname." He stands up, towering over me and Trix before stooping down in a very formal bow. "My name is Havoc, pleased to meet your acquaintance mister…"


He raises an eyebrow at me for that, but says nothing about it before straitening up again and reaching out to shake my hand. I'm glad he didn't actually say anything about my name, I've always found it strange… His name is Havoc though, so he's probably used to odd names. I'm kind of uncertain about actually touching him, but I'm kind of in some completely unknown area so I think it would be in my best interest to have some friends… Going to reach out towards him with my left arm, I'm left momentarily confused when nothing moves, until I look to see why. W-wait…where's my…

"Oh wow he really hadn't noticed until now."

"Where the heck is my arm!? What the heck happened!?"

I proceed to royally flip out, flailing around stub left in it's place and reaching around for the arm that's supposed to be there with the one I still have. Oh my god, when did this happen?! How did it happen?! Eventually Havoc grabs me firmly by the shoulders and hold me still until I calm down, his iron grip not letting me move a muscle until my initial wave of shock subsides. Holy crud he's strong, but then again apparently he's some kind of super human.

"That's enough now Gyro, I know it's a bit of a shock but at least you're alive right? A limb for a life seems like a small price to pay to me am I right?"

Yeah…yeah he's right…I should be dead so I should consider myself lucky… Wait that's right, how did I survive that?

"What happened? I thought I was going to be sacrificed…"

"Yeah, you were, but we caught you so it's all right."

"Caught me?"

"Yeah, we just-"

"Now Trix, I think he has enough to try and process for now, let's leave it at that. Well, now that you're up, you can pick your new arm. Trix, if you please."

At first she seemed miffed at being cut off, and I'm left more then a bit curious, but at the mention of getting a new arm her face lights right up and she dashes out of the room. New arm? He's joking right?

"You can't be serious?"

"Of course I'm serious, I never tell lies! This place is worlds away from Sky City in terms of technology…amongst other things but that'll come eventually."

My god how am I going to make it out here like this… I have no idea about anything for god's sake! He must notice my somewhat overwhelmed expression because his turns understanding all of a sudden. Wow, I didn't know he was capable of such a sincere look.

"I know it's a lot to take in so suddenly, trust me we've all been through it. Most have it worse off then you even, seeing as you've already seen the incinerator and all that. Don't worry about it though; I'm not going to leave you drifting in the wind. I'll be sure to take care of you for the first while until you find your footing."

Taken aback by his gentle tone and soft smile, I'm not given a chance to say anything to him before Trix comes rushing back into the room, arms full of a seemingly random pile of metal. What the heck was that about? And what the heck it this?! She runs over to the desk on the left side of my bed and drops her load onto it, not letting me look at what she's doing until she apparently finishes and hops out of the way. She looks thoroughly proud of herself, and I'm just kind of left starring at what I see in amazement. They look like…mechanical arms, like…human arms made out of metal. Does this mean that…they're going to give me one of these to replace the arm I lost? Is that even possible?!

"So, which one do you want Gy?"

"I um…I don't…I don't know…"

"Well then can I pick?! You should totally get the VC Slicer, she's a beauty, got a nuclear core that needs minimal maintenance and a beautifully sculpted titanium shell, not to mention the added bonus of a gun bar-"

"Trix stop, can't you see he has no idea what you're talking about? He's just starting off too, you should no better then to go on with you're techno babble like that."

She quiets down at the scolding, letting Havoc take her place by the table as he gazes over the options laid out in front of him. After about a minute he turns his attention back to me.

"Now, the one she mentioned may be aesthetically pleasing, but it's far too large for you're current body so…I'll ask you this; which do you prefer, painlessness, usefulness, or aesthetics? Chose wisely, because you'll have it for at least the next few years."

Aw man this is a hard choice to make so suddenly…but I guess, if I had to pick one out of the three, it would have to be…


He smirks at my answer, which could be good or bad, I can't really tell.

"Nice choice; it might cause you a fair bit of discomfort now but later on you'll be glade you made that decision."

Wait what?

"You heard him Trix, he wants the biograted arm."

"Yup yup, I got it. She's pretty nice looking too I guess, the NS Javelin, nice and sleek, not to mention has wonderful manoeuvrability and can even adapt to his physique! Try not to faint would you? I need you awake to tell me if something goes wrong."

Why would I faint?! Wait, where's Havoc going!?

"Where are you going?!"

"Out. I don't particularly enjoy hearing a…semi grown man scream. Don't worry, the pain is only temporary and Trix is the best there is."

Oh no, oh crud, this is going to hurt really bad isn't it!? He leaves me just like that, striding out of the room and closing the door behind him. Shoot, no, I thought you said you were going to help me! Havoc!