Ashley Vincent belonged to the mafia family, her mother and five year old brother died in a car accident, his father believed that they were murdered when she was just two years old. Her father always misses his son because he was his heir and believes that daughters are weak. Her relationship with his father becomes strained day by day and for the last five years she starts dressing up like a boy and even act like it to prove him wrong that she is not weak. She starts hanging out with a street boy and become their leader. Her father, Mike Vincent didn't approve it, he tried everything to stop her but he gave up because he thinks that it will be easier to protect her from other rival families, if she disguise as a boy, and when the time is right he will introduce to other families as his daughter. The mafia world knew that Mike Vincent Elder son died in the car accident, but they don't know the gender of his second child.

At sixteen she was given choice whether she wants to attend Sky reach or Acedemy, both academies are for elites to train them foe practical life especially for the families like her. Although she liked her current school, but her father wants her to attend those schools, he only tolerated it because it was near to her mansion. She liked the name Sky reach so she chooses it. Her father warns her not to create problems for him and remain low profile.

She was excited to start her life in Sky Reach "You will see Jay I will also become the leader of sky reach" she says excitedly to one of his schoolfellow who became friends when she was fighting with some boys on the street.

The blonde boy chuckled "I know Ash you maybe look cute but you are strong fighter"

"But I heard that this school got a lot of dangerous students Ash" said geek looking boy Kenny timidly

"Oh, you don't worry my friends I will be alright" Her friends laughed and become serious "We will miss you Ash it's too bad we cannot go to that academy"

Ashley knew her friends were not rich like her, but they never take advantage of her money they are her genuine friends who always treat her nicely. She sometimes feels guilty that she hides her true gender from them If she have money she could help them afford that school fee. But she made herself a promise when she will get her half inheritance at age of nineteen she will surely help them. "Hey guys don't be sad it's not like I am dying, I will come on holidays and then I will hang out and fight with goons"

"I know Ash well best of luck for tomorrow and if you ever need us just come to us"

Next day in the evening Ashley driver dropped her in the Sky reach dormitory her bodyguards help her with the luggage, then leave because it is a school policy does not allow any bodyguards and weapons. The school is responsible of providing security. The students could do whatever they want, but they cannot fight and harm each other. The school dormitory consist of two buildings In her official documents her father didn't hide her gender but he convince the chairman .that she will live like a boy at first chairman objected but due to his relationship with the Vincent family he agrees. The best thing about this school is that every student was given his or her separate room with own personal bathroom like an apartment Her room was on the eighth floor. The dormitory is for both boys and girls, the room was not very big or nor very small the furniture is simple but expensive.

She placed her laptop on the table and hang her clothes in the cupboard. Due to her long journey she was feeling tired she was informed that each floor has their own small kitchen and if she wants to eat with other they can join the big dining hall on the ground floor, but she was not feeling hungry so she decided to sleep "tomorrow she will start a new life you will see father that I am capable of handling your empire she smile and drift into sleep"

Next day she woke up take a bath take out an apple and milk from the fridge, she decided to eat breakfast from the school cafeteria. She wears long sleeve red shirt and black baggy jacket it good that her school is in a cold region she wears jackets to hide her identity. She ties her medium silky caramel brown hair in a ponytail and wear a baseball cap. She was ready to start her first day. She came out of the dormitory the school building is in the walking distance so she didn't need any vehicle even though some students are using their cars on her way she saw a small bakery she wants to stop but couldn't afford to get late on her first day.

Finally, after ten minutes she reached the Sky Reach gate the gate was not crowded much. The students wearing stylish clothing compared to them, she dressed simply. She takes a deep breath and enter from the gate nobody paid much attention to her. She reached inside the building she knows her class section, but didn't know the location. On her right corner she saw two bulky man wearing the green colored uniform the word Helper was written on their white badges.

"Hello mister, can you help me find my class she handed over her school id to them" One guard looked at her badge "Your class is on the fourth floor"

She uses the elevator, two girls also joined her they give her the weird looks but she ignored them. This is not the first time she faced this situation in her previous schools boys and girls used to make fun of her feminine features and a weak body, but at the end of the year she earned their respect and become their leader.

Finally, she reached the fourth floor and looked for her class on the left, she read first year C this must be her class. To her surprise there was only one chubby black girl and two boys are in the class they were busy on their phones she looked at her watch, " maybe she came early" She enters and sit on the chair in the first row

"These seats are fixed you cannot sit here" spoke a chubby girl

Ashley does not want to get up for those who come late, but she also don't want to indulge in fight on her first day "Then where the hell should I sit" she spoke in her rough voice. The two boys also become alert and looked at her "You can sit at the back newcomer" Frustrated, she gets up and sit where the girl is pointing her to sit " Take no offense newcomer, but every seat is fixed and nobody sit on that seat which you are using right now"

"So now that's become my seat"

Hey pretty boy what's your name? One of the boys asked, she didn't his tone, but she replied "it's Ash"

"Hey Ash let me tell you buddy this is high school not a primary school"

"Of course it is not why you are saying this"

"Too bad Ash you look like a little child, but do not worry me and jack will protect you" Then they start laughing

Ashley rolled her eyes because she is again facing the same problem "thanks, but no thanks, I don't need any protection, but yes the one who will mess with me sure need a protection"

The boy gets up from the chair "the one who is small sure talks big why don't you come out and show your power"

"Enough Rick, " said one blonde hair girl who just entered with her other friends she is wearing short mini blue skirt with high heel boats on her left wrist she is wearing the expensive watch. "That is very rude of you is that how you treat new comers" She then come in front of Ashley " Hey, my name is Julia Sanders welcome to first year C" Ashley also shakes her hand with her "My name is Ash Vincent" Julia felt Ash hand is too soft and little for the boy but she pays more attention to her surname

"Did you say Vincent did you belong from the Vincent family"

"Yes I am" Hearing this Rick and Jack face become pale they know even their families are rich but they could not compete against the power of Vincent family. They came forward "we apologize for our rude behavior, it is an honor to have you in our class"

"Oh, do not worry, I am looking forward to have a great time together"

"So, it's mean we are friends"

Ashley nodded smilingly. Julia grabs Ashley hand, "why don't we all go to the cafeteria after class" "yeah, that is a great idea" Ashley was happy that how easily she makes friends and contacts"

The chubby girl Becky didn't like this at all she knows her class fellows very well, especially that girl Julia. They all are opportunist and selfish they only accept people on their circle with strong background and reputation.

In the cafeteria Ashley came to know a lot of things about SkyReach academy culture. She was disappointed to hear that half of the students is still on the holiday and the proper classes will start after one week. Rick and Jack tell her the names of hot girls, but why would she care about girls, but she cannot say no to them so she only smiled.

"Oh please Rick I don't know why both of you are so interested in those ugly bitches, but leave Ash out of this"

"Julia is right Ash only need to hang out with the hottest girls which are us" Julia friend Vicky speak

Hey Ash can you fight? Asked Jack

Now that's the hot topic thought Ashley "I am a pretty good fighter the world best martial artist trained me"

"Good, because in this academy, we sure need your power and now our group will become popular and no one will ever look down upon us ever again"

"Just tell me the name of those who teased you and I will teach them a lesson not to mess with my friends again" Said Ashley excitedly

It's too hot Julia takes off her coat

Ashley frowned She is not feeling hot even if she can't take off her hood and

Julia came closer to Ashley intentionally to give her the view of her cleavage she puts her hand on Ashley "Do you have a girlfriend?"

Ashley who was unaware of her seductive ways nodded her head in denial "Will you like to make one"

"Well, I would love" to reply Ashley nervously "but right now I want to focus on other things"

"Hey Jack and Rick, can you give me the tour of school" She wants to get out of this situation and she is more interested in these two boys at the moment.

When they leave Julia friends laughed at her "Oh come on, you think I am interested in this feminine boy I only want to show that bitch Christy that even I can get the boyfriend from the powerful family"

"Jeez, that's savage Julia you will use him, but make sure to grab as many expensive gifts before dumping him" chuckled Vicky

Julia smiled slyly "You know I need to make Ian jealous, but before that we need to see how good this boy Ash is"

What is your plan? Asked Vicky

"Well, I have already discussed the plan with Rick and Jack"

Within one week Ashley becomes friend with whole class even boys and girls from other sections wants to hang out with her. Julia makes sure that no girl get too attached with Ashley. Ashley also didn't mind because these girls may be hot stylish and beautiful but she is not interested in them like they want.

She even became popular when she beat one of the boys group who taunts her about her size and features. "You will just wait and see loser when Ian will come back, he will teach you the lesson to respect your seniors"

Julia and her group feel as if they are in heaven and they start bragging their powers to other students. It was Julia plan to make the Ashley fight because only the best fighters can get respect and power in this academy.

On Friday at of time Ashley was alone in the class she was gathering her things to leave the class Becky Came inside the class and stood in front of her "Listen boy I am just giving you the warning for your own good"

Ashley looked at her annoyed, she still remembers the rude confrontation with that chubby girl on her first day since that day whole class is friendly towards her except hers. "What do you want Becky?"

"Listen Ash its better if you stop showing your power you are only able to beat those boys because they were weak"

Oh really you think I am a loser who could only beat weak"

"You are lucky that you joined our school at a time when half of the pupils is still on holiday, the administration only calls students from first year"

What's your point?

"On Monday the proper classes will be started and the most popular boys and girls will not like the idea that one of Vincent family is getting high and mighty. It's better if you…"

"Just shut up I do not need your advices if anyone mess with me they will regret" Ashley angrily grabs her bag and leave, she was getting angry at Becky, her word is reminded of her father who used to say the same thing. "I am not weak, I am the future heir of Vincent Family" she said to herself.

In a club Ian Salvatore was sitting with his friends. They were enjoying the last day of their holidays

"Oh man I hate school, but my old man keep on insisting me to attend it" complain one of his friends Rex

"Well, you have a habit to complain everything"Chuckled Ronald

"When will you became a geek Ronald don't tell me you love school"

"Well, I don't know about my love for school, but I do enjoy the power we hold on others"

"Or you love that second year girl Carol" teased Christy

Ronald almost choked on her drink, "What hell no, not anymore after we separated"

"Hey Ian we heard the rumor about that Vincent boy he takes admission in our school" spoke a curly hair short heighted boy Harvey

Ian grins "I do not know about you guys, but I can't wait for Monday"

"You should have told me about this news also Harvey, now I am also excited to see the son of Salvatore rival Vincent" complained Rex

"That's the way I said Rex I misses our Gang power" smiled Ronald

I will see how good is that Vincent boy is? Thought Ian