After dropping Julia to dormitory Ian goes towards the club to meet his friends.

"Hey Ian, how was your date?" asked Bella Rex girlfriend when he sits beside them in the club

"It was one of the wonderful things I experienced in my life, such an amazing girl"

Ronald gave him the questioning look,

"Oh, I see, " spoke Bella " Will you excuse me guys" she then leave

Why did you lie? Asked Ronald

Ian grabbed the snacks from the table, "So that Bella gave this news to Christy"

"Jeez Ian you are cruel"

"And I hope you will keep your mouth shut Rex" Ian glared at him

"Of course buddy, I am more loyal to my friends, so how was it like to spend a time with Ash Vincent girlfriend"

"That was a big torture of my life and I was seriously thinking to kill...

"Who Julia you just can't kill a person for that reason Ian" said Harvey shockingly

"Not Julia but myself"

After a few seconds of silence everyone start laughing " Believe me guys if I only say once to sleep with me she could have done it. She is so irritating I wished that panzy come and challenge me for his girl, even he didn't show up "

"What you would have done beat him" asked Harvey

"No, I would accept my defeat just to get rid of this torture" All his friends start laughing"

"By the way have you guys investigated where that wimp is living"

"Ronald grins you wouldn't guess, " he then handed over a note to Ian

"Really" laugh Ian " too bad we are neighbors and didn't say hi"

"Hey Ian why don't we send some cookies to our neighbors tonight" grinned Ronald

"Not a bad idea" chuckled Ian

It's 10:30 and Ashley was still not sleeping, she was wearing a sleeveless tank and pajamas. She decided to turn off the TV and go to bed. Someone gently knocked at her door "Who could have come at this hour, maybe its Becky, she said that today if she gets time she will come" She wears her hood and opens the door her face turn pale.

Ian and Ronald were standing with the same sinister smiles on their face "Hmm have you seen the ghost We are not that ugly are we Ronald" snickered Ian

They both came inside "But yeah, our face is not pretty like you ...femboy" says Ronald

Ashley comes out of her shocked state when Ronald closed the door. She reacted quickly and takes out the small gun from the dresser and pointed toward the Ian. Within the blink of an eye, he disarms Ashley, takes a gun from her hand twist her arm. She winced in pain Ian throw the weapon on the corner of the room "Well, that's not a very warm welcome for someone who visited for the first time" He then leaves her arm.

She takes a few step back and looked at the direction of her bed a knife is under the pillow "Don't bother to think of other weapons wimp we don't come here for a fight" Said Ian reading her mind.

He wonders how many weapons that boy has hidden in his room. He himself have hide a five guns in his room after all it' not a bed of roses to belong from the mafia family. One never knows when the enemy will attack.

Ronald picks up the gun "Hey Ian isn't against the rules to keep weapons here"

"You are right Ronald we should inform the authority after all it is about the safety of students" Ian said in a mocking tone

Ashley spat "What do you think Ian only I am having those weapons if authority start ransacking all the building, then they would find the enough weapons to open the shop"

Ian grinned that boy, maybe weak, but he is not stupid "you are right Ash but others are not bad at hiding like you ,why don't you come in my room in the first floor so that I can teach you how to properly hide them"

"That asshole live in the same building world is a peaceful place, " she thought

"If you will leave in one minute, then I am going to press the emergency button"Ian and Ronald laughed "Not only you look, but you also threat like a girl do you really have some balls"

Ashley face reddened " here, fighting is against the rules, but do not worry, you maybe defeated me once but not again"

"Oh really Ash I bet even our weakest member Harvey can tear you apart" spoke Ronald"

" Hey Ash I just came to give you the reminder if you disrespect any of us again, then I will give permission to whole school to do whatever they want to do with you."

Oh yeah..."

"Shut up and listen said Ian annoyingly tomorrow you will apologize for me and accept me as your leader" Ashley was controlling herself, she knows that right now she is alone " and if you will not do as I say... then believe me within a month you will be begging your daddy to change your school"

After Ian and Ronald leave Ashley locked the door and sits on the bed " Should she do what he says no she is the Vincent but he will do anything to make her life miserable"

Next day at school, she even gets a more cold behavior from the other students not a single student even look at her they completely ignored her and some of them even shouted her the name " hey loser, femboy, sissy" behind her back.

She avoids going cafeteria "she should have bought something from the bakery" she thought. Her cell phone, beep she looked it's a message from Becky "come to class"She goes there and find Becky was alone all the students have gone to cafeteria

" Come Ash sit share a lunch with me""You didn't go to café"

"No sometimes I preferred homemade lunch come eat"

Ashley doesn't like the idea to eat her lunch "no thanks, I am not hungry"

"Oh come on don't be shy it is enough for both of us you will regret to miss my mom's cooking"" Mom" Ashley wonders what it feels like to have a mom, she felt like crying, but controlled

"So Becky why are you so nice to me"

"You know Ash that girl Julia and her friends do the same thing with me, but unlike you she only hangs out with me for one day"

"Then what happened" Well Ash unlike others I do not belong to some rich family, my father was a part of security in this school but he died due to heart attack.

"Oh, I am sorry""He was a very good employ so the chairman gives reward by giving his only daughter a admission in this academy

"He also could have given the job to your mother Becky"

No Ash my mother is a doctor and she runs a small clinic"

"That's why you are alone because you are not rich did that bastard also bully you"

"I told you not to call him a bastard Ash. That Ian is not a bully type he only challenge those who are a threat to his power. Believe me Ash if your last name is not Vincent he would not even look at you"

"He is a bastard and a bully and believe me, I will kick his ass" said Ashley furiously

Becky nodded her head in denial, she spoke softly " Ash, Ash you may be quick but you lack strength and you cannot beat him because he is a boy and you are just a girl"

Ashley was stunned " Wait, what what did you say""I know Ash or is it Ashley I doubted when I first saw you, but I was confirmed when I saw your id in the bag and I am not surprised"

Ashley cursed herself, she shouldn't have brought her Id in school "If you tell anyone then..."

"Do not worry, I have no intention of exposing you if you want to live like this then suits yourself"

Ashley looked down "You don't know in our world gender matters a lot if you are a male then they will follow you that's the way I need to defeat that Salvatore to prove myself"

"I am glad that I didn't born in your word"Ashley smiled weakly, After taking classes Ashley use the secret door and leave.

Ian was angry " How dare he defy me again, but my boys told me he was not in the school. Let's see how long he can take this torture"

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