And now I'm here in Lisbon

In the port of the Portuguese

The ship that brings me over here

Can't wait to get rid of me

We were barely into the bay

When they just tossed me overboard

O Gentle Annie, if I could swim

I'd be gone with some of the cork!

I'm down here at a warehouse

That stores a lot of cork

Here, I foolishly join a bunch of strays

And try to pull a Mickey Rourke

I think I just joined the mafia

Around here, it's hard to tell

I'd move on to something better

If they didn't promise to pay me well

In port, there's a cruise ship

Lots of valuables aboard

A lot of us storm the weather deck

And wreak a lot of discord

To prove my worth, I go below

Deep down into the cargo hold

I pick a safe, and what do you know

I found some bars of gold!

I went and stole three bars

For that's all I could carry

I took them back to the warehouses,

Over them, we all did parry

The alpha wanted all of them

He would've killed us all

That's fine with me; I now set sail

To meet my destiny's call

Fare thee well, Unfair Portugal

Fare thee well, ye winter storms crash

Next time I join a mafia

I'm gonna steal me some big real cash

And buy a heap of hash!