Dear [censored name] (unless you decide to change your name in the near future, which I highly doubt),

It's an interesting time right now, with the coronavirus and all of that. We have to wear masks that pull at our ears and fog up our glasses, and we have to go to school over Zoom. I'm not sure if the virus is still around by your time; but by my misplaced optimism, I sincerely hope not. (Though, I usually don't sound too sincere in text, so you'll have to forgive me.)

Life hasn't been too bad for me, though. I feel lucky that my (Our?) parents are still employed, and we don't have to deal with the full force of a hurricane like Hurricane Laura in the south. Honestly, the worst thing that I've worried about during this time is how school is going to be. I really miss actually going to school, seeing and talking with my friends, and just having a great time being a kid while it lasts. I know it's not safe, but I really wish we could go back. However, this time has also taught me to appreciate the life that I have and not wish to be others. There are people in worse situations.

In the meantime, though, music is very important to me. During quarantine, I've discovered new artists and new Broadway shows. I've listened to music A LOT, and hopefully I don't destroy my eardrums in the long run. Enjoying this music also helps distract me from the fact that I took choir in the wrong year. Woohoo! (Sarcasm intended.)

So far, I'm proud of getting to sophomore year. Before, I thought it was going to be the fun year, but we'll see, I guess. My parents have been a huge part of my schooling, and I hope that you appreciate them more in the future. I also hope that you're actually doing things in high school other than study and learn, because school is so much more than that. Lastly, please don't forget any of your promises. I'd hate for that to happen, and I've learned that it shouldn't happen.

But, other than that, keep doing what you've been doing. I trust that the future will be great.

With love,

[censored name]