Daddy you entered this life, one September day

As a cute little boy, with your siblings you did play

Many years later when I, finally came along

Adopted I may have been, but, to you and Mama I did belong

I remember many things, you lovingly taught me

Though, you have been gone nine years, in my mind, your face I still see

Your favorite season was Autumn, not too hot or too cold

The colors of the leaves, you loved to behold

Maybe, Autumn was your favorite, because it was the season of your birth

Maybe it was because you loved to see, leaves fall upon the earth

You gave your heart to God, one night, as we put up a Christmas tree

You were ecstatic with your salvation, for you knew one day, Heaven you would see

In pain you had asked, for us all to pray

That God would send the death angel, to take you away

You left this life, on a warm July night

As your spirit was set free, for its heavenly flight

Daddy your love and lessons, I will never forget

I imagine your face was aglow, when your Savior you met

The happiness Autumn brought you, I will always remember

I hope that in Heaven for you, it's forever September