"...No matter how many choices you make, no matter how many paths you take, all of them lead towards the end of life…"

The vision was all blurry, there was only heavy breathing as well as the dripping sound of blood, the sound of uneasy footsteps and the clinkering sound of a sword falling to the ground, suddenly a body falls into the water, the vision becomes more clear as it was a boy wearing a torn up royal blue coat, his wound was severe to where the point blood keeps going up in the water, this boy was named Isaiah

"What's...happening...I feel so...cold"

Isaiah continues sinking down further and further into the dark depths, he opens his eyes and looks up to see a light from underneath the water.

"What is that light...It looks so...Beautiful"

( Isaiah raises his hand towards the light, feeling it coming closer and closer towards him as shards of glass form around his hand while hearing the piano plays it's keys, suddenly Isaiah fully opens his eyes and on a field full of flowers and the music sets it's tune, he was wearing a white robe with a hood around him as his scars and wounds ceased to exist, Ethan and Mia were resting on top of the hill as Ethan was wearing a white shirt and pants while Mia was wearing a dress, the two of them help their friend up as they were extremely happy to see him, they smile at each other and look into the sky )

Universal Knights: Lost tales

"Like the Scarlet Night, Veil in the dark…"

( Memories of them when Isaiah and Ethan when they were younger as they go to school, mixing into the memories of Mia Greenzwig as the younger Isaiah waves hi to her with her waving back )

"...You can't hide your fears…"

( years later Mia was sitting down while gripping onto her spear with fright )

"...Can't lie my dear…"

( a memory of Jayden holding a picture of him, his wife, and son being together )

"...And Just like it is…"

( another memory showing Wilfred moving his robotic hand while in bed )

"...Look into this dream…"

( another memory of Thomas sitting in his office along with his wife as they both hold Hands )

"...See these wings are stained…"

( another Memory of Lucas, Jewel, Roberto, and Lucy playing with each other as kids while Kid Benito looks at them with envy, another memory of Talia as a young adult with her 4 year old daughter Sophie on her lap as they were happy with each other )

"...In blood, spread them out…"

( another memory showing David and Sarah as young adults along with their son Blu, they watch the sunrise with so much joy, glee and happiness, but that dream ends as time passes for David and Sarah are much older now as they stare at the sunset without their son while on a tree, holding onto each other while dreading in despair )

"...Like a flying angel…"

( a 5 year old Isaiah was running through the neighborhood until he suddenly falls on the ground as his shoes were untied )

"...Soaring through the blue sky…"

( David and Sarah turn towards Isaiah, Isaiah gets up from the ground and ties his shoes while he looks up at the birds )

"...as the winds of time…"

( they stare at each other with curious looks in their eyes )

"...Will change its course…"

( his older sister runs past him, Isaiah Immediately gets up and begins running again )

"...Into the Starry night, like a savior you appear…"

( Meanwhile Silas was staring off in the distance showing some resilience but also regret )

"...Please Embrace me…"

( showing multiple Memories: a young Eduardo holding onto his precious daughter Jewel with his wife beside him, 12 year old Aaron sitting on a chair while reading his book and then suddenly arms of a person wrap around him )

"...For Eternity…"

( Mia as a baby was being held by her mother as she gave a kiss on her daughter's forehead )

"...Fly to Heaven…"

( the scenery changes into the night sky a hand raises towards the sky )

"...What's the Lie?..."

( a faded image of Mia shows up and disappears with the hand moving around )

"...What's the truth?…"

( a faded image of Ethan shows up and disappears as a hole forms in the hand )

"...what to believe?..."

( a faded image of Isaiah shows up as blood comes out of the hole )

"...In my life…"

( the blood drips into the water, showing a memory of a baby as he was looking at his parents with smiles on their faces, the memory fades away only showing the dark blackened sky with rain coming down to show a field of flowers with Isaiah wearing his royal blue coat with his hood over his head )

"...see the flowers breathing in the rain…"

( the wind blows gently at the flowers as Isaiah looks at them noticing one of the flower petals were wilting away )

"...Try growing to the edge of light…"

( Isaiah begins walking through the field, with memories of pain and suffering of a mother and Father losing their son, a sister dying in her brother's arms, a girl forced to leave her best friend to die, a man losing everything he had including himself, a mother having a mental breakdown over her daughter's death, and a family drifted and separated from each other )

"...It's so far away to reach out to the sky, I'll seize…"

( Isaiah continues on walking helplessly, only able to shed tears knowing he must keep moving on, in a distance there was a faint light, he gazes at the light with hope in his eyes )

"...I'll seize the roses with my wings, We'll fly…"

( Isaiah suddenly runs towards the faint light with every ounce of strength he can muster, His hood coming off as the tears mix in with the rain, the flower petals break free from the flowers and fly through the air all around Isaiah, Isaiah reaches out his hand towards the faint light, the light gets brighter and brighter, suddenly Isaiah was there to where he was at with Ethan and Mia on the hill )

"...Like a flying angel…"

( a man approaches the 3 as he was wearing a white robe, the 3 of them turn towards this man )

"...Soaring through the blue sky…"

( revealing it to be Jesus, they smiled ever so brightly )

"...As the winds of Time, Will change its course…"

( Jesus moves his hand signaling them to follow him as he starts running )

"...Into the Starry night…"

( the 3 of them follow Jesus while running through the field as they were racing through the field )

"...Like a savior you appear, please embrace me, for Eternity…"

( David and Sarah gaze at the Horizon as the sun rises as they hold onto their hope )

"...We'll fly away…"

( Silas and Sonia watches the sunrise underneath the water as they hold each others hands )

"...We'll find a way..."

( Mia walks through the destroyed city of New Jerusalem while seeing the sun rising )

"...You can't hide your fears…"

( Jayden walks into a Jungle with the sun rising behind him, but continues to walk into the dark Jungle )

"...can't lie my dear…"

( Talia was sleeping at the bar only to be woken up by the sun shining on her face as she looked exhausted )

"...We'll see the end…"

( Roberto was at his sister's grave site with the sun shining on it )

"...We'll be the end…"

( Blu was standing on a rocky platform in some sort of haven )

"...Please embrace me…"

( suddenly a wing was placed on his shoulders and Blu was shocked by this )

"...For Eternity…"

( he turns around to see an unknown bird, as he just smiles brightly at him )

"...Fly to Heaven…"

( Isaiah, Ethan, Mia, and Jesus were sitting on the cliff side looking so joyful as they embrace each other while eating Ice cream sandwiches )

( Red Swan-Yoshiki )

Hello Everyone, Stormknight089 here, so I bet the majority of you are probably confused as to why I'm here right instead of posting a month later, well I kinda got sick and tired of being the late author and decided to show you guys a project that I wanted to work on for about a year now.

this story is comprised of multiple stories of the many Characters in the Universal Knight series, but these stories will be focusing on the side characters or the characters that didn't have enough screen time in the series, these stories with show the characters backstory as well as their own perspective on the events that unfold in the series that wasn't really shown.

your also probably confused about all the things that happened above as you read, well this version is a lot different than most Intros in the series, this time I was going for an opening like what you see in anime, although it may not look like much, But I put a lot thought and effort into making this opening, if you look into it, there's a lot of symbolism, foreshadowing, and references in the texts, you might want to look into it, they might reveal parts about the story that may interest you.

if you have any questions for me, just PM me, don't be shy either, I'm willing to answer any questions that you give me ( as long as their appropriate of course )

Whelp that's all for now, have a good day and Godbless you all