This year. This. Year. We all suffer through great pain and terror, confusion and sorrow. Uncertainty with depression. It ends with questions but no answers. Why? What have we done to get ourselves into this mess? How are we able to go on without anything to rely on? The world we see today is violent and scary, causing more anxiety and sorrow. This year. This. Year. We all see the pain each and everyone of us can go through. We don't know who's suffering more: The person on the left, or the right. In front of us, or behind us. Or, ourselves. We may not even know that we're suffering because of how quiet we are in today's world.

However, we may think we stand alone, a highlight staring down at us, gleaming its white bright light around us and us only. With all twists and turns, you may think there's no one around you. That highlight? It's blinding you. Its bright white light? It's darkness within ourselves. Shadows from your mind speak to you to block out everyone and be 's a part of you that says no but fails to fight. Where do you go? There's light in your heart that lets you shine, to be happy, to be confident, heal. Time allows us to heal so, why not look beyond that darkness that is within and dig to your heart?

It's going to help you. Look into the light into your heart. If you don't see light in your heart, you're not looking deeper enough. The negativity is drawn to fear and attack the light in the heart. YOUR heart, that is. Your heart and spirit. Help. Is. Here. Healing. Is. Here. Time. Is. here. Everyone. Is. Here. Stare at the darkness and use the light from within. We're all in pain but, we can help ourselves and others just by looking beyond that highlight surrounding us.

You now see other people, smiling and cheering you on. It makes you smile and it feels good. People are here to help you. Don't fail to see it. Healing at this time is crucial and let no one talk you down. Ask for the help. Let others help you. Let you, help them, help you. It's been a very tough year and no one sees the pain we go through. We are only told. We see the aftermath. Not the beginning. Let people see the pain and help you. Let this pain be washed away from your back and mind, your soul, and your heart. Let the light shine brighter with each person you allow to help you and help others in need.

Thank one another for the help and to take time to talk to you, care for you, and be with you. Say you're welcome when someone tells you thank you for being there right on time in their time of need. Let this year be told that it's been one bad of a year, but, we keep going and marching on with our lives, helping people in need. This year will be over. We. Will. Survive. We. Are. Healing.