Somewhere outside the laws of time and space was a place known as the Dome. A structure that resembled half a globe encased in glass with a spire in the center of the platform reaching miles above the land underneath it. The outside it was surrounded by large stone platforms closely resembling that of the Roman Coliseum, yet it dwarfed that relic more than a dozen times over. The Dome itself was encased in a protective covering that looked like Plexiglas but was thousands of times stronger. Inside the Dome was a city modeled after the earth cities the humans called home. A bustling metropolis with skyscrapers and big buildings. Four large bridges connected four land masses. It looked like someone had cut off a large chunk of New York City and placed it on a pizza pan. Bizarrely, one looked close enough they would notice that while it was a large city that could be home to millions of inhabitants, it was strangely deserted. Not a soul was in the city, nor any animals in the countryside nearby.

The tower shooting up from in the center of the Dome was known as the Watchtower and it was here that the city's reconstruction was directed. A man sat in a comfortable chair peering up at a collection of large screens that showed all corners of the city. He was a middle aged man with short black hair and dressed in a white overcoat. He was relaxed and a smile went across his angled face.

"There...the whole city is about ready to go."

He touched a button on the collection of keyboards on his desk top. The video feed changed to a place called Broken Bridge One. It was a large stone bridge in the northern sector of the Dome city. Similar in appearance to the Brooklyn Bridge on earth, made of stone and supported with suspension cables, it had suffered a great deal of damage during the action of the day before. Minor damage that had since been completely restored.

The man stood up and turned his attention to the top camera that showed the stands surrounding the Dome starting to fill up with spectators. In addition to the secret cameras hidden in the city, there were small robots the size of a baseball that floated through the Dome doing some final diagnostics before they would turn in for the day.

"I see the event is about to begin."

The man had heard the woman behind him enter the room minutes ago but he had not paid any attention to her at first. This didn't bother her, however, as she made her way to the desk.

"Superia, must you intrude in my work place?"

A slender young woman with long brown hair that reached her waist. Her slightly muscled physique was covered in a one piece leotard colored black and yellow with a yellow cape draped back over her shoulders. The cape was held together on her collarbone with a golden medallion adorned with a elegant letter S.

Superia narrowed her eyes up at the man, a degree of disgust turned her once exquisite beauty ugly. "I go where I please. You above everyone should know that."

The man huffed, knowing he could not get past this woman. She was as hard headed as he was, perfect as they were married. A perfect match...made in hell. "...the city is ready, Superia. I trust the children are ready as well?"

"Prime and Supremia are eager to show off their skills to us."

"I predict they will do so. This is their first time fighting in Multiverse-Mania. If they are not perfect, they will shame us."

"No need for extra pressure, they know what we expect of them."

Their children, the teenage warrior heroes known as Prime and Supremia were currently training for the next days event. The battle that which Superia and her husband would be joining in as well.

Yet Superia had a gripe, and she had to let it out. "Training them constantly is only going to make them upset, you know that."

"Nothing is worse than going into a battle with an unsharpened sword. Their skills need more work whether they agree with me or not," said the father of his children. Though Superior was well aware of his children's eagerness to fight in the Dome he didn't want them to get far ahead of themselves. Thus he kept them as sharp as possible.

Their mother didn't totally agree with this, however. "They are the best, Superior. You waste their time in simulations of battles when they can handle their own in the arena."

"They have all our powers, and while they have that as an advantage they do not know enough discipline to use them effectively. They are like bulls in a glass house."

Superia couldn't argue with that, but in her mind the fact that they couldn't go all out was the problem. But, she knew her husband's attitude was like a planet in orbit. It was on a set course and would never change.

"...I think i will go and train with them then, make sure they are ready for tomorrow."

Superior sat back down in his chair where a single planet was being monitored. He had work to do. "I will get the Spies to the other earths and finish finding the participants to the battle ahead. Then i think i will join you and the children."

His wife was already heading towards the exit, arms crossed and a smug look on her face which she hid from her husband. "Very well."

No hug, no kiss, no obvious sign of affection. Such was a constant for their union. No love whatsoever.

That didn't bother Superior as much as it should, he had noticed their relationship fall into disrepair over the years and try and he might even he the most powerful being in the cosmos could salvage a broken marriage.

Turning back to his screens he noticed the bottom of the Spybot camera feed flash green. Good news for him and the Dome. That means that the spy bots he had sent to the other planets had found what they looking for.

Superior felt a smile form on his face as he pressed the button to signal the bots to return home. Within a few short hours the bots would return from their journey, and the next day the fighting in the Dome would begin.

And with that, he and his family would be proven right about their family's rightful place at the top of the totem pole in the power structure of the cosmos.

He was Superior, he would stand above them all in the end.