Death Lake

"Don't do it Tori!," screamed Elana as she fell over the edge into the cold, rushing water.

Tori heard the scream of falling fear, then it stopped abruptly. Everyone who came with us to camp at 'Death Park' ran over to the edge of the cliff. They couldn't see anything but darkness. Fred, who is Elana's boyfriend, went over to Tori and asked what happened.

"I asked Elana if we should start heading back, and she said 'Yeah', so I started walking back to camp when I was about half-way I heard her scream. I thought she was right behind me. I swear to you I did not push her, she was my best friend," Tori said.

'She could have warned me that she was going to do it while going for a walk in the darkness', thought Fred angerly at himself for not asking when. Paul walked over to Tori and asked how she was doing, she was doing okay for just hearing her best friend fall to her death.

"Paul, do you think I pushed her off the cliff?"

"No, I don't think that and no one else should either," answered Paul.

"Thank you Paul, I really appreciate that," sticking her tongue out at Fred.

"I should check if she caught a ledge," Fred responded.

"You don't have enough experience in rock climbing Fred, I think I should go," Chad replied.

"No, No I should go she is my girlfriend after all."

"Fine, you can go. I'll go back to camp and get the equipment."

While Chad was away getting the equipment. Fred when over to the bush at the edge of the cliff. He bent down and felt the ground for a nail. When he found it he picked it up and put it in his pocket.

Chad was back with everything and Fred was not ready to go over the cliff even if he had three friends and a rope holding him up.

"You ready," Chad asked.

"I believe so," replied Fred.

"OK here you go," handing him the equipment plus a flashlight.

He put everything on and was finally ready. Chad helped him over the first four or five feet. Then Fred was alone and he got out his flashlight and started looking for a ledge because he could feel Chad's eyes on him. He looked up and told him to go help Paul and Tori. He agreed and left. when Chad was gone Fred started looking for the other nail in the cliff side about 40 feet down. When he found it he purposely dropped his flashlight and grabbed the nail and dropped that too.

Then he yelled "You can pull me up now."

They pulled him up and noticed he didn't have the flashlight anymore.

"Where's the flashlight, and did you find Elana?" Tori asked.

"I dropped it and no I didn't find Elana. I wish I had so I would know where she is a t least."

"Me too."

~ One Week Later ~

Everyone was back to their regular schedule. And at Fred's house someone was knocking on the front door.

"I'm coming, hold on a second," Fred yelled to the door.

When he opened the door it was the Chief of Police, Jeff Martinez.

"H-how may I help you, s-sir," he said stuttering.

"I'm here about a car I found out by 'Death Lake' and apparently it belongs to you, Mr. …"

"Young, Fred Young, sir.

"Thank you Mr. Young. Are you aware that you in possession of a Porche."

"No, sir I am not aware of that." Pausing for a brief moment, "My girlfriend probably bought it before she..." Fred answered crying.

"What happened to your girlfriend?"

"She died going over a cliff at 'Death Park' about a week ago and is probably at the bottom of 'Death Lake'"

"I am sorry for your loss, son. But we investigated the scene where we found the car and found fresh fingerprints."

"Whose fingerprints were they?"

"They belong to you and a girl named Elana Stone. Do you know her?"

"Y-yes that is my girl friend, but how is that possible she's dead."

"Do you possibly think that she could have faked her own death?"

"No,No she would never do that to me. She loved me too much to leave me," he answered hyperventilating.

"OK, I had to ask. Do you know why she would do that?"

Hesitating for a second, "she might of wanted to get away because about two years ago her brother, Timmy Stone, was murdered."

"Where are her parents? They should've helped her through it."

"Her parents have been dead for approximately three-and-a-half years."

"Oh sorry. Did you know her then? when her brother died?"

"No, he died two months before I met Elana."

"Who helped her through that rough time in her life then?"

"Her best friend Tori West."

"Thank you for your time Mr. Young."

"Your welcome, Chief Martinez."

After he was gone Fred went to the windows and shut all the curtains.

"Phew, that was a close one, wasn't it honey?"

"Yes, yes it was Fred," Elana replied.

~ At Tori's House ~

Tori opened the door and surprise Chief Martinez was standing there.

"May I help you, sir?"

"Yes, you can. Are you Tori West?"

"Yes, why?

"Your friend Elana Stone died about a week ago going over a cliff. Am I right?"

'Oh, no they think the same thing about Elana's death' Tori thought scared and said "yes, but why come here to talk to me?"

"I was told that you helped her through the rough patch in her life when her brother was murdered."

"Yeah I helped her, but she never got any better."

"OK. Do you know any reason that she would want to fake her own death?"

"No, why?"

"A couple of days ago we found a Porche by 'Death Lake' and found two sets of fingerprints. They belonged to your friends, Fred Young and Elana Stone."

"Are you saying that Elana faked her own death?"

"Yes, do you know where she would be right now?"

"I might have an idea," she said smiling, "follow me."

~ Back At Fred's House ~

They came bursting through the door of Fred Young's place. Fred and Elana didn't know what happened until it was too late.

"Stand up Elana Stone and kept your hands where I can see them," requested Chief Martinez.

"Dang it," Fred and Elana said softly at the same time.

"I knew it was to good to be true," said Tori.

"To good for what to be true Tori?" everybody said at once.

"That you were dead Elana."

"You're coming with me Elana. Let's see how long you get for faking your murder."

When they were gone, Tori turned to Fred.

"I Love You, Fred."

"I Love You, too, Tori."