There were two outs, bases loaded, and I had three balls, two strikes. We were down by four runs. I'm up to bat, and nervous. The pitcher starts her wind-up. She pitches the ball, and I swing. I didn't know it, until I heard the screaming from the crowd, but I just hit the ball to the fence. I started to run. I rounded first, second, and headed for third. When I was halfway there my coach told me to slide. I turn my head to the side and see that the ball is coming in. I started to speed up so I could make it slide. The sliding didn't work. I tripped over something and started to tumble.

I'm on third with one arm over the bag. My eyes are closed tight and I'm praying that I'm safe. I'm listening hard for the call. The crowd is silent and I hear, "SAFE!" My teammates and parents are screaming.

I stand up and dust myself off. The next person up to bat is 'Wild Thang.' I know she can hit me in. I get ready for her to hit it to at least the green.

The pitcher pitched her three balls and two strikes. Next pitch was the deciding pitch. Either she was going to be walked, struck out, or she was going to hit the ball.

The ball was pitched right down the pipe and she swung. "CRACK!" I heard and the ball flew all the way to the fence and it was fair by about an inch. I jog home and wait for her. She rounded second and full speed flew, passed third, and on her way home.

I looked for the ball and saw that it was almost at home. I told her to slide. She slid and dirt went flying.

Everyone was silent again and looking at home. The dust cleared and we saw that the ball was out of the catcher's glove. "SAFE!" yelled the blue. We all screamed because we had won the game 5-4 against the 'Cedar Hill Texas Stars.'