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The students shuffled into the Knightsville Super High School classroom 54. The teacher, who was dressed in a green jumpsuit, complete with a cape, as well as a visit over his eyes, drew on the board with marker. He had a superhero-style pentagon on his jumpsuit, with a T made from tree roots on it.

Max West, a young boy with short brown hair and a white T-shirt with black pants, sat next to his best friend, Chloe Parker. She had long, brown hair, a blue T-shirt, and blue jeans. Her blue eyes sparkled as she looked at the board.

"Morning, class," the teacher greeted them. "Now then, you are all here because you have special powers that can be useful for stopping crime, and threats to the city. However, not everyone with powers becomes a superhero."

He looked at the children with a intense gaze.

"Sometimes they become supervillains," he joked. "But in all seriousness, say 'here' when I call your name, and state your power. It's kind of hard for me to keep track, so I'll need to write these down."

He took out a clipboard.

"Jacob," he called. A timid boy with short, dark hair and dark clothing raised his hand. He was Jacob Adams.

"Here," he called out. "I can manipulate metal into any shape I want, or even tear metal."

"Right," the teacher said. "Metal manipulation. Who's next? Cassandra."

"Here," said Cassandra Brooks. She had long, straight brown hair, and brown eyes. "Elasticity."

"Ok. Summer."

"Here," Summer Campbell called out. She had unusually silver hair, with blue eye. "Weather manipulation."

The teacher wrote down her name and power, inside a diagram of the desk she was sitting in.


"Here," came the response from Tyler Carson. He had short, brown hair and dark eyes. "Transmutation."

"Oho," the teacher called out. "Interesting. Ryan."

"Here," called out Ryan Clarke. He had spiky, brown hair, and a determined look. "Super speed."

"A speedster," the teacher said. "Nice. Samantha."

"Here," Samantha Day called nervously. She had long, wavy dark-brown hair and self-conscious eyes. "I can turn invisible and phase through walls and stuff."

"Alright, cool," the teacher said. "Just don't go sneaking off in the middle of a lesson. Erin."

"Here," called out Erin Duncan. She had long, dark hair. "I can 'magnetize' people or object to each other."

"Useful," the teacher told her. "Manuel."

"Here," called Manuel Flores. He had short, dark hair in a trimmed taper fade style. He had dark eyes. "I can shape-shift."

"Then the no-hooky rule goes for you, too," replied the teacher. "Christopher."

"Here," called Christopher Lewis, a rather muscular teen with short, but wild dark hair. "Super strength."

"Good. Chloe."

"Here," Chloe said. "I can use ice to freeze people or make obstacles."

"Super cool. Get it? That was bad, huh? Anyway, Aaron. Boy, this time."

"Here," called Aaron Porter. He had short, dark hair, and a wide smile. "I can create anything I want from thin air. But I have to know what it's made out of, and how the elements in the compound connect together."

"Now, that's a superpower! Michael."

"Here." The class was surprised to hear an identical voice to that of Aaron. His twin, Michael Porter looked almost identical, except for a light birthmark on his right arm. "I can cause destructive damage to anything I touch if I want to."

"So, the yin to the yang, huh? Jackson."

"Here," called Jackson Riggs. He had short, curly, dark hair and dark skin, with dark, intelligent eyes. "I'm a mechanical and technological genius. So I just use a super suit and gadgets."

"Fair enough. Owen."

"Here," Owen called out. He had blue eyes and short, blonde hair that was nearly combed. "I can use fire."

"Ah, another element. Joey."

"Here," called Joey Sato, a young teen with short, dark hair and hazel eyes. "I can shoot out these metal wires from my hands and arms."

"Alright. Leela."

"Here," Leela Singh said. She had long, dark hair and tan skin. "I can fire energy blasts from my hands."

"Epic," the teacher replied. "Reminds me of a buddy of mine. Now where was I? Oh, yeah. Nathan."

"Here," said Nathan Thompson, with wavy brown hair and blue eyes. "I can regenerate from almost anything. Even if a limb is blasted off."

"Ahaa, I don't want to know how you found that out," the teacher said awkwardly. "Max."

"Here!" Max called loudly. "I can use electricity."

"Shocking. Erica."

"Here," said Erica Yang. She was a short girl with long dark hair, and green eyes. "I can use psychic powers like telepathy and psychokinesis."

"Mind blown. Lastly, Alice."

"Here," called Alice Young in a small voice which matched her small body. She had short, dark hair, which only reacher her chin in a choppy, short bob. She had strange, grey eyes which seemed to almost glow behind the bangs that covered her eyes. "I can use various magic spells."

"Nice. Now that you've all introduced yourselves, I'll tell you about me. My name is Treeman."

"Treeman?" Owen asked. "What kind of a name is that?"

"Why, it's a superhero name. I can use wood, tree powers, and even roots. I can even use photosynthesis to subsist on. But anyway, my real name is Howard Truman, or Howie. You may call me Mr. Treeman or Mr. Truman."

"Tree powers kind of sounds lame," Nathan said.

"Oh, you think so?" Treeman asked. Roots grew from out of his hand, and stretches to Nathan, tying him to his chair.

"Have I made my point?"

Nathan nodded.

"Fact of the matter is, it depends on your skill level. One of my friends is a top hero, and he has no powers at all."

"No powers?" Chloe asked.

"Nope. All he has is combat skills, and his stealth skills. Even if you're not the most powerful, there are ways you can be useful. That's why I've invited a friend of mine to help out with some of our lessons. He is a local hero around here."

"You mean Frogman?" Max asked.

"That's right."

"I want a cool hero name!" Cassandra called out.

"I assure you, you will pick out a hero name, as soon as we find out everyone's strength and weaknesses. The purpose of these lessons is to prepare you to be a professional hero, where you'll be registered under one of many hero organizations that cooperate with the government, or rather executive agencies."

"You mean like Tall Tales or the League of Superheroes?" Max asked.

"Yup. As a matter of fact, that friend I mentioned earlier, the one with no powers. He is the Ninja, a member of the League of Superheroes. And he attended this school many years ago. Anyway, in just a few minutes, well begin a series of tests to demonstrate your powers. Everyone, please follow me to the field."

The students followed Treeman to a P.E. field, complete with tracks, goals, and other sports-related things. Several empty buildings soon next to the field for indoor training purposes.

"Now, you see this?" He held out a small, rubber ball.

"A ball?" Erica asked.

"Mhmm. I have ten balls here. Everyone get into pairs. It's time for a little game of catch."

Max paired with Chloe.

Aaron paired with Michael.

Samantha paired with Erin.

Jacob paired with Tyler.

Ryan paired with Christopher.

Leela paired with Nathan.

Joey paired with Jackson.

Erica paired with Cassandra.

Owen paired with Manuel.

Summer paired with Alice.

Each pair prepared to throw a ball back in forth. They weren't quite sure what to make of the activity, but they figured they'd just have to go along with it.

"Ready?" Treeman asked. "Begin!"

Christopher threw the ball a considerable distance with his strength, confident Ryan wouldn't be able to catch it. Ryan, fast as a blur, sped along the field until he caught the ball, which was near the fence separating the field from the outside of the school.

Joey used his wires to throw the ball with more momentum, and Jackson used rocket boosters attached to the bottom of his jacket to reach the ball.

Erica used her psychokinesis to throw the ball high and far, but Cassandra countered by stretching her height, and then stretching her arm to catch the ball.

Samantha didn't have any extra physical abilities, so she just chucked the ball as hard as she could. She wasn't too surprised to see that Erin could magnetize the ball to her hand.

Jacob simply tossed the ball to Tyler. Since there was no metal, he couldn't make a launcher for the ball, and Tyler's transmutation wasn't really all that helpful either. He could turn some of the grass into metal, but then he'd be working against himself.

Aaron created a rocked booster to fly the ball into the air.

"Hey," Michael called out. "No fair. I can't reach it."

Aaron simply shrugged his shoulders.

"All's fair, bro."

Summer got ready to toss the ball as Alice levitated into the air, cross-legged. Summer threw the ball, and then sent out a burst of wind. Alice exhaled, and large circle of interconnect alchemical-esque symbols appeared in front of her. The ball encountered a small wind spiral that slowed it's momentum. As the circle disappeared, Alice simply let the ball drop into her hand. Unlike most of the students, she didn't seem to crack a smile or even be having fun.

Max threw an electrically charged ball into that air. Chloe responded by freezing the ball with a blast of ice. She ran, freezing the ground to reduce friction. As she sped along the field like an ice skater, she ice-blasted a quarter pipe ramp, where she propelled herself up and caught the ball. Distracted by her achievement, she fell to the ground.


"Gotta make sure to stick the landing," Max joked.

Owen threw a flame-propelled ball, to which Manuel responded by changing into an eagle. He caught the non-burning side of the ball, and shook it to dispel the fire. He returned to the ground, tossed the ball up, and transformed back to his normal self before catching the ball, a smirk on his face.

Leela threw the ball up and then shot an energy blast as it came down. Nathan took advantage of the new trajectory and jumped up into the air the second the energy blast hit. The ball didn't have enough space to rise at it collided with Nathan's chest. Nathan (and the ball) were sent flying a few meters away due to the force.

Everyone stopped their own matches to run over to Nathan. The sight wasn't pretty. The ball had lodges itself in Nathan's chest. Nathan ripped it out, and the students were treated to the show of the surface of his chest regenerating itself. The tissue and muscle, then the skin. There was little indication of damage, just a few minor scars where the regeneration had ended.

Some of the students managed to keep from puking.

"Oh, hardcore!" Christopher yelled.

"Alright, that's enough for now," Treeman called out. "We'll call it a win for you, Nathan. Now, then the first test was mostly successful in figuring out how your power could be put to use. But as for the four of you..."

He indicated Samantha, Jacob, Tyler, and Michael.

"We'll find something for you to do next time. But, as for now, we'll begin working on costumes. After all, a hero has to be unique, he has to dress the part. Then, we'll figure out teamwork skills. After a while, you'll get to pick out some names. Everyone ready to design some costumes?"

"Yeah!" They all shouted.

"Great. Keep in mind that the specs and sizes for your costumes have to be specific. While the more stretchy materials can be forgiven, it'll be hard for the lab to know exactly what you want. Also, keep in mind these are version 0.1 of your costumes. They will evolve and adapt as you figure out more ways to use your powers. For now, they're simply placeholders."

He turned to walk back to the classroom.

"Now then, let's get started."