Chapter 1: A Dream…

Sapphire! Get up!

What are you doing lying down? Get up!

Sapphire, you believed in us. Now it's time for us to believe you. So, get up!

Don't give up! You have get up…for the sake of our world.

Sappy… please get up! I don't want to lose you!

You gotta get up! Finish up we have started!


Hey everyone, this is my first story on this site! And what do I mean by "this site?" Well, I have three stories on Fanfiction net (It is the same name as this account). So with that out of the way, the first thing I need is either a co-writer or someone who can beta read my story. The reason that is since I'm a terrible writer and zero clue on what to do, so yeah just PM me and I'll get to you. The second thing is I need at least two characters and it will have restrictions on what characters you send. The two characters are childhood friends of Sapphire: one is kind while the other one is brash. You got an idea? Great! So please review and stay safe!

Edit: I change my mind, I'm not letting other to send their characters since it takes too long.