Someone knocked on the door. "Come in." Rose called, folding a skirt and putting it in her pack.

Adelaide walked in, her arms full of wrapped packages. "I brought ya some things for the road." She said, setting them down next to her.

"Thank you." Rose said.

Adelaide sat down on the bed and watched her for a moment. "I've tried, ya know, off and on ovar the years, t' train herbalists." she said. "But my magic gets in the way. Then they get frustrated about not learnin' anythin' and leave. Lucinda and Harriet got Terrance's talent. Harriet's a smith, too. She says she loves t' wave at my family when they walk by. Hollis got my talent, but he's better with metals. He nevar had any patience for growin' or harvestin'."

"Hm." Rose replied, only half listening.

"I guess what I'm tryin' t' say is, if ya wanted t' come back t' Crescent, aftar seein' the Empress of course, I could use ya. Yer patient, good with people, and yer suggestions are always on the mark. I'm sure the Duc would give ya land if I asked him. I'd even help ya start a garden."

Rose stopped what she was doing and stared down at her pack, speechless. Her own house and garden? People would come to her! No more market fees! No more dusty roads! Janna might even want to stay. But... I'd be stuck. Always in one place. Sure, people would come to me, but it would always be the same people, the same complaints. But would that be so bad? If I found a place near the road...

"When the moon's full ya could stay with me, or ya could go t' the Earth Temple. I'd protect ya either place." Adelaide continued.

"She's a were! Kill her!" Ian's words echoed in her mind. He'd been serious. What if Nelda hadn't been there? What if Janna had been a little farther behind? "It's a generous offer." she replied cautiously.

Adelaide smiled. "Ya don't have t' decide now." She stood up and patted her shoulder. "Jus' think about it. If ya evar come back, we'll have a place for ya." She walked out of the room, closing the door behind her.