"We never had berries on the beach." Janna said.

Rose lay in the back of the cart, staring up at the blue sky through the new green leaves of the trees over the road. The moon was a thin sliver, but bigger than it had been last night. "We had dinner with the Duc." she replied.

"Huh." Janna grunted. "Did you know the only Magician around here is the one we met in Little Creek?" A Trader passing in the opposite direction waved to them.

"Really?" Rose said.

"He must have a big circuit. Probably spends all his time riding." she paused. "I could probably make a lot of money if I lived here. People would need a Magician who can come around more often."

Rose was silent, thinking. "Do you want to stay?" she asked carefully.

"We've never been north."

"What?" She sat up and turned around to look at her friend.

"We've never been north. We went south when we were in Mimbres, and now we've been west, but we've never been north."

"What about east?"

"Silver City. And West Maurice, I suppose. That's east."

"Do you want to go north? After this?"

"There's a lot of places we haven't seen: north, east… Northeast."

Rose smiled and lay down again. "We could see the eternal flames of Addler's Field." she joked.

"We could see the Air Palace." Janna returned.

"And after that we'll go see the Underwater Kingdoms!"

Janna laughed.

The horse turned on to the Imperial Way, heading east.