perfume bottle cap

Boys don't hurt me

Girls neither

I'm invincible

I'm indefeasible

I'll die of another cause

The caustic syrup building up

Hooping up the wires

Sticking and

clicking in my joints

The boys and the girls



I am not damaged

There is not discernible entry

nor exit

The outside is smooth

Not a single bruise

My lungs are clear

My brain is spotless

The venom is undetectable

the eating thing thinks

me delectable

from the charms on my bracelet

to the scars on my arms

i feel it

like hot water rising

softening my edges

am i easy to consume

all tender

in some parts

crumbling in others

it at least makes sense

the object that i am

The boys didn't hurt me

The girls neither

Nobody hurt me

Nobody touched me

Nobody did a thing