The glow of the sunset made her hair appear like solid gold, though it would be more accurate to say fool's gold, because I was a fool for loving her. Anyone who loved her, who fell into her trap of loosely buttoned shirts and plum lipstick and perfume like roses, was a fool.

But I didn't know I was a fool yet, so I continued to willingly continue down into that trap, admiring her golden hair and the way half of her face glowed and the other half stayed in shadow, and I couldn't decide which half was more beautiful. I watched the way her eyes closed, the way her long dark lashes coated with eyeliner fluttered against her cheeks.

The autumn breeze swept her golden hair up and around her head, making her look far less in control than she did normally, less made of stone and more like a real human. I strangely liked that side of her.

Scratch that- she wasn't a human. No, even though she wasn't made of stone, she wasn't a human. She looked like a goddess.

And I, I was one of her devoted followers. Who would sacrifice anything at the altar to appease her. Including another human. Including myself.