I wrote this in September so the October bit might be outdated.

2020 - Year of Chaos

January held promise, snow, and cold

February held a threat of poison in those little candy hearts

March was the opposite of normal; In like a lamb, out like a lion

Started out with just a different fear in the air,

Then by the 21st, our homes became prisons

By the end, our country was a nation of fear

April brought change and new ways

By May, it was clear that old dogs can't be taught new tricks

though whether it was a TikTok or the adults with new tech was unclear

June was throwing graduation caps up - and watching them hit the ceiling of your room

July was watching fireworks and barbeques happen, but not able to enjoy them with others

August was like March; a bit of a panic over plans for school

And September! Was such a pretty sight

Politicians and preschoolers; both throwing tantrums over every little thing

A grade full of kids who might not remember a childhood without Zoom classes

October will be that sense of fear and apprehension

November could calm the sense or stir it up into more

December will be that calm before the storm; hoping that the next year will be better

For after all: what could be worse than a year of chaos?

And after that?

It'll just be more panic

A flurry of snow and emotions reigning free

Health or money? Safety or freedom?

Two sides fighting for control while people lose hope

A war that seems impossible to win, but someone must lose for everyone to finally settle down

People are like popcorn, they - we - keep popping up

Unless we are unchecked and burn to death

Then it would be a fruitless endeavor, much like a tree in winter

Eventually we'd pop up again, we humans are stubborn, like a weed in early spring

But what comfort would that be?

A fresh start would be used wrong

Oh, in some worlds we could push aside the greed and hunger for power that humans seem to have so inherently

In ours though, we can't

We haven't, and we likely never will.