Jessica Zhang

One warm July morning, I opened up my eyes to beautiful sunlight shining through my window. I yawned, and stretched. Exhausted from an intense practice session the day before, I, at 19, was getting ready to teach a piano lesson today to my students Sabrina, and Alena Lee. Just aged 12 and 14, they play at a level few can do.

I got up, and stretched. After a shower and brushing my teeth, I had breakfast. The temperature felt so warm in my home, when I began practicing piano. At 11 AM, I left home to go to teach the lesson. It took just 15 minutes of walking through Lawrence, Kansas.

Once I arrived, I sat on the porch, waiting. Checking my phone, I noticed a ladder which led up onto the flat roof. I slid off my flats, and climbed up barefoot. The metal burned hot under my feet as I climbed up in the hot sun. As I reached the roof, I walked carefully. Sitting down, I checked my phone. My shiny blue nail polish glistened in the sun as I waited.

With five minutes left, I got up. Walking over to the ladder, I was about to climb down. The height made me dizzy. I was shaking with fear and fright, as I looked down into onto the ground. I walked back to where I sat, and decided to stick one leg down the chimney, followed by the other. "There I go!" I thought to myself as I went down.

My body was quite thin, and I thought that the chimney would be easy. But not so. The place was narrow, and I had to wiggle myself downward. I went down rather smoothly until I felt like my bottom had caught something. Apparently, the chimney became narrower near the bottom. I tried wiggling my legs. No good. I was stuck. Panicked, I cried out, "Help, help me! I'm stuck! Get me out of here! Please!" I wailed.

I heard footsteps. "Jessica?" Sabrina called out. "How did you...?"

"Help me, Sabrina! I'm stuck!" I cried. "Hold on, I'll go get help!" Sabrina called.

She left, and came back a minute later with Alena. "Jessica, what were you doing on the roof? Why did you slide down the chimney?" she demanded.

Tears began pouring down my face. I began crying. "Don't worry, Jessica, we'll get you out!" Sabrina said, as I felt her hands grabbing my left ankle. "Don't cry, Jessica!" Alena assured. "I'm trying to wiggle loose!" I shouted.

They gave me a tug, but I was still stuck. I began wiggling with all my might. "Jessica, stop wiggling. We'll try it one more time. Just hold your breath, okay?" Sabrina said. "Okay," I muttered. "Good. One, two, three!" The sisters gave a great heave as I slid out of the chimney.

I laughed, tears streaming down my face. "Oh my God, thank you!" I giggled. "Jessica, why didn't you come through the door?" Alena asked. "I thought I would slid down here for fun, but don't you try! It hurts!" I replied.

Sabrina laughed, "Well, Jessica! Let's get started on our lesson!"

"Sure! Great plan!" I chuckled.