The sound;

The smell;

The fear;

The feel of your

Heart pounding in your chest;

The screams of wounded

Soldiers that you can't help;


The blissful silence

That seems so eerie

After days of explosions;

The soldier that came

Home to his family

But the father

That once was


The wide eyed innocent

Crying for the loss

Of a best friend;

A smile

Two hands shaking

But those weary

Brown eyes hide pain

And the memory

Of getting a medal

Instead of coming home

With her sister;

Many nights

Spent lying awake

To afraid to fall asleep

Afraid to close his eyes

Because he's scared

To see the mangled bodies

Of innocent souls

And platoon leaders;

The ordinary women

Looking at a case

Holding a violet heart

Instead of holding

Her husband's hand;

The starry eyes cadets

Hoping for glory

The dull eyed veterans

Who have seen destruction;

Those little boys and girls

Missing a parent

That will never come home;

War divides countries

It divides people

War divides families

It divides nations;

The strongest fall

And the weak

Taken prisoner

A prisoner of war;

The hostiles and peacekeepers

Forced to a side

Light or dark

Only you decide;

Will you fight for hope

Or will you fight for a demand

For others to die;

The story's of glory

Told by men growing old;

And men, mankind,

Does nothing to stop the war

They edge it on;

Never ending

Always fighting

Never caring how many innocents

Get hurt in the process;

Maybe the bodies of water

That separate all of us

Are there for a reason;

And maybe, just maybe

We were never meant

To find a way across

For exactly one reason;

Because someone higher up

Knew we would wage