Chapter 1

Blank Void


That's the first thing he felt.

Intense, cold, burning. Pain.

He was falling-No, floating? It felt as if he was in a warm bath, soaking up emotions, memories, dreams. It was actually kind of nice, aside from

the other pain he was feeling, but even that was starting to get numb.

"Is this a dream?"

His question was answered when the burning sharp pain jolted him to his senses. So much for numb. "Nope, not a dream. Damn."

It was at this point he realized he couldn't move his body. He struggled to lift even a finger, but found no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't. Even so he didn't panic. He just resigned himself to floating in this...Void.

Funny, he had always pictured void as more of a dark, evil thing. This place he was drifting was the most blank, white, bright place he'd ever seen. Was this heaven?

"Ha. Hell no. Purgatory is more likely. There's no way I'm in Heaven."

After a while of trying to figure out where he was, The boy gave up completely, and tried to think of something else. It was at that point he realized he didn't know his name.

"Fantastic, first I wake up in blank void land and now I don't remember my name."

He continued thinking for a bit, and just when he again resigned himself to giving up, a voice called out to him.


It was a girls voice, around the age of fifteen he guessed, how he knew her age was beyond him. And the voice even sounded familiar. But that wasn't even his biggest concern….

"Zuki?! That's the stupidest name I've ever heard! That can't be right! Then again, I don't actually remember anything else I've ever heard so…"

That's when it hit him. A few fleeting memories flashing across his mind, filled with people he didn't remember, places he didn't remember, events he didn't remember, he wasn't even going to try to sort through all of that.

The thing that he did pay attention to was another name.

"Eisuke Zu-Kachi."

Honestly the name wasn't all that much better than plain old "Zuki", but at least he had remembered something. But before he could think any further on his apparent ridiculous name, the voice- His voice this time, gave him another name.


Eisuke, now having at least his name figured out, pondered the new name he seemed to call out. "Kaira? Who the hell is that? A friend? No, that can't be right…"

Then it hit him.

"S-sister? Wha-"

That was when the light of the void shined. It continued shining, it was growing brighter and brighter, until it finally swallowed him whole.

When he woke up, he looked up to see a sky. Blue, he was mesmerized, it was beautiful. He felt warm, and content.

That didn't last long.


This time he really was falling, from pretty high up at that. Freefalling, no control over his body whatsoever, hurling towards the ground at an incredibly high speed. Shit.


He crashed straight into the ground, a bit dazed, but surprisingly, the crash didn't hurt. Sure it wasn't at all pleasant, but it didn't hurt. Despite that, he still couldn't move his body. Exhaustion swept over him, and he drifted off to sleep.

"Hey! Hey! Wake up!"

That didn't last. He felt something poking him on his cheek. He heard a voice. A voice he was getting annoyed with rather quickly, assuming it was the source of the poking. His eyes fluttered open.

"Finally! You woke up! Heavy sleeper arentcha? What's with your clothes, you look like you got your ass kicked. Who just randomly sleeps in a forest after getting beat up? But then again you look pretty weird so I guess I shouldn't be surprised!"

It was a girl. A talkative one based on her rapid fire questions. Not especially tall. Maybe 5'5 from the looks of it. Wild pink hair, fire red eyes, pink lips that seemed to have a bit of lipstick on them. She had a goofy smile, one that suggested she was cheery by nature. Her skin was pale, soft looking. She wore a brown leather jacket, gold buttons lining the right side of it, along with a patch on the left shoulder that read "Moon Academy: Second Year". The shirt she wore inside the open jacket read: "Kickass". She also wore brown leather pants, and bright green shoes.

"Uh...Are you just gonna stare all day? I mean, I get I'm pretty but…."

Flustered by that last comment, his observation of her quickly ended, and he responded. "Wha-Wait, No! I'm not- I mean! I-Who are you?"

Not the best response, but hey, he just woke up after falling from the damn sky, he was a bit confused to say the least.

She smirked, a cocky smirk that suggested she thought highly of herself. "Zena Rybuuki, Second year at Moon Academy! Now what's your name?"

"Um...Eisuke. Eisuke Zu-Kachi." The boy introduced himself.

Zena Snickered. "Eisuke?! Ha! That is such a stupid name!"

Eisuke chose to ignore the insult to his name, and decided to ask a question to change topics.

"Where am I?"

"Haven Forest." She answered, with no context to what or where that was exactly.

"Haven forest? What the hell is that?" He questioned, blank faced.

Zen a looked a bit taken aback, but then expression changed seeming to insinuate that she realised something. "Oh yeah! I guess you WOULD be confused about your location seeing as you fell from the sky and all. We are in the Riko proverince."

His face became even more blank as he blinked a few times.

"...Judging by that reaction, you have no idea where that you?"

He shook his head.

She sighed. "You must be a different brand of weird huh? Why dontcha' come with me back to my place. We can sort you out there?"

Seeing as he had no idea where he was, no idea where he came from, and he was actually starting to get pretty hungry, he took up her offer without much thought. "Yeah, that sounds nice, thanks."

"Great! Follow me!" She said cheerfully. He was at least grateful she was so willing to help, even if she did seem a little over the top. He sat up and tried to push himself up to his feet when he realised something.


Zena turned back to look at him. "Hm? What is it?"

He blushed a bit before answering. "I uh...I can't get up."

Instead of laughing at him and further increasing his embarrassment like he thought she would, she simply walked toward him, turned around, and knelt down with her hands shooting out behind her. "Hop on."

This did nothing for Eisuke's current misery, but he was in no position to refuse her help, as he was crawling toward her they both heard a deep growling.

Zena quickly stood up, tensed, and then- Summoned a sword?! What?!

Her sword was simple in design. it was huge, about the length of her entire body, silver, with gold markings running up the length of the sword, shaped like...A devil? Eisuke didn't really know. The guard and handle of the sword were both jet black.

"Stay back." She hissed, clearly aware something was coming.

And that's when a giant, hulking, dark monster sped out of the trees, charging straight at Zena.

Zena readied herself "Dammit! It's an Alpha!"

She held her sword tight and she charged back at it in response.

The beast just seemed to be a dark substance taken form, red eyes with no emotion. It attacked Zena with one of it's claws, but she was prepared, and slashed its arm off before it could finish the attack. This hardly slowed it down though. It used its gaping mouth to try to bite her in half, which she narrowly avoided. She used its opening to slash at the beast again. Her sword cutting into its neck but stopping and getting stuck inside, as if the beast was made of steel.

"Crap!" She shouted as she tried to pull out her sword. The beast responded in turn by using one of its arms to smack her away. This sent her flying, tumbling on the ground and crashing through a couple trees.

The beast was just about to use this opportunity to charge at her, readying itself to slash into her chest, wanting to tear her apart piece by piece when..


The creature suddenly went flying back, smacking into the ground and smashing into trees opposite of Zena.

She looked to see what had saved her and saw Eisuke, standing tall, unwavering.

"H-how..?" Was all she could manage to get out when he suddenly vanished from her sight. She blinked and saw him charging directly at the beast, palm out behind him concentrating some sort of rainbow like energy into his hand.


He smashed the rainbow energy into the creature's body, the creature howelled, and the area erupted into a large white explosion.

After the light faded, Zena pushed herself up and ran towards the large crater formed from the exsplosion, and in the middle of it was a now unconscious Eisuke.

"Man what did I get myself into.."

Welp, that was the first chapter of this story! Hope you guys enjoyed it! I'll be back with more! Laters!