Catsy sprang into action as soon as she was away from the rest of the crowd. She had about half an hour before they would be off to have lunch on the floor above her, and that's probably when they would come looking for her.

While Ken didn't exactly do as she'd hope, that girl came at a perfect time. The girl's aura was faint, but she definitely wasn't human. Even so, she was not an AWAKENED. In her mind, she was probably just another person living in this strange island with a small dream of being something important.

In many ways, that made that girl similar to Mis'o'chi though the latter seemed aware somewhat of her powers despite completely ignorant to what that meant.

She raised her hands and snapped as a ninja-like Arabic clothing covered her body, the only thing seen being her violet eyes and her blood red colored hair. Her ruby red cat ears twitched and enlarged and her nails enlarged and sharpened to a tip. Smoke followed behind her footsteps and covered the entire room as her eyes turned red and lit up.

"Red ties of fate!" She called out and it echoed through the museum as the ground began to shake. Rusted scarlet colored string caked around her fingers as her eyes grew brighter and the string became bright as a firefly and what was once loose became taut and impenetrably strong and made webs throughout the room.

The strings moved about like a spider looking to devour its prey then stopped at the painting in the center of the room. The very painting Mis'o'chi had been staring at. It was glowing an aqua blue light and a barrier kept the strings from covering it.

"Lucas," Catsy said in a honey sweet tone as she licked her lips. It's been awhile since I've had a good fight. Today, I won't hold back. "It's not nice to keep your date waiting. Fate isn't too kind to those who wish it to be late."

She felt an aura surge from behind her then turned to see a boy who appeared no older than her standing there. He looked like a prince out of fairy tale, Catsy thought. His shoulder length dark hair seemed to only pronounce his green eyes more. He was towering over her, and Lucas almost seemed like a gentle giant.

He reminds me of Ken. She backed up instinctively as he took a bow and smiled.

"M'lady, I apologize for the wait." His Scottish accent took her by surprise. She half expected him to sound like Ken Sun.

Her eyes narrowed. "I assume you know why I'm here, don't you?"

He walked closer to her, somehow avoiding all the strings of fate in the room. "Purity has released me, but you're here to kill me, am I right?" He smiled, and somehow that told Catsy that despite appearances he was more powerful than she initially guessed.

Catsy smiled back. "With that release, you have very little time before your original powers come back to you... and..."

"I am no Nightmare soldier nor do I plan to be one if that is what you fear. My seal in this museum was to make sure those creatures can never cause the harm they did long ago." He waved his hand through the air and some of the strings disappeared and flowers appeared in their place.

"We call them Dark Knights nowadays, and your seal is no longer needed."

Lucas tilted his head and blinked. "How—I mean, why is that? This is great news..." he began to walk faster, going towards her but was stopped when he saw a blade swing past him and cut a piece of his neck. Blood, real blood... spluttered out my neck. I am truly alive and in the land of humans again. He should've been afraid but somehow the thought excited him.

He looked around and realized that he was in the same room that he spoke to the girl earlier, but now there was someone very different here. He jumped up and onto the chandelier above the ground as he saw the cat girl launch towards him now with a sword that she made out of thin air.

"You're the awakened one!" He chuckled as he felt his power returning to his body and back from the painting. "Tell me, what is your name?"

"I am the sealer of fates, the Knight of Hope." Her voice was soft and sophisticated. It didn't quite match the wild way she moved up the wall, using her claws to hang.

"Knight of Hope, eh?!" Lucas jumped off the chandelier and onto the wall opposite of her, using his powers to allow him to control gravity beneath him. "Wouldn't that make you a true Awakened Royal ones, the very ones we've been waiting to stop this war—-while we kept our positions?!"

He's obviously trying to wait for an opening. Catsy opened her hand as an arrow appeared then a bow. Fire covered over both weapons as she jumped into the air and shot the fire arrow with the words 'fire' and 'desire' on both sides towards him. The arrow separated into three different shots toward him, one going straight at him and the other on both sides of him.

His eyes widened as he jumped back into the air above him and pushed his hands forward as air pushed out from below him and slammed into the fire arrows. The impact created an explosion as the arrows flew below him and the lights went out immediately.

He could see her eyes glowing, but that was the only light in the room. Now, with not only the smoke making breathing hard and the darkness made his eyesight even less help than before.

He could make a air pocket for himself to help with the breathing, but he was afraid that she could feel his aura, something that he wouldn't be able to do until his powers returned to him.

He had to seal his powers away in himself until his aura became nothing more than human-like if he wanted to survive. He'd only just experienced freedom after who knows how long. He wanted to get back home and tell his family that he was safe and maybe thank the girl who freed him.

He jumped to the ground while making gravity slow his descent to make sure his feet didn't make sound.

Please! I have to... Before he hit the ground, fire burned from within his stomach.

"There's nothing against you, Lucas," he heard her say. He could hear the clicking of her heels as she walked forward and the sound of an alarm sounding off. There were people screaming and the sounds of the walls coming down. "The Guardian Knight doesn't like taking chances on creatures like you causing a problem. The Nightmares have long been sleep, but because of your existence, they can awaken because of your warnings to all who can be Awakened."

Lucas looked down and only just realized that it was strings that attached to him that he was feeling. It was strange because it somehow made him happy. It reminded him of what it felt like to be alive again. When he'd created that painting, he sealed it with his very essence, he was neither dead or alive in there but constantly had thoughts of his life before his being released.

He touched the strings of fate with his hands and felt them become scorched and blacker than ash, itself. He remembered the girl he'd only met half an hour earlier who was the first person to reach out to him in probably hundreds of years. I need to warn her... about...

Lucas coughed up blood and let out a great howl to the sky like a wolf to call its pack. Someone, please...

"Knight of Hope, please!"

The ground above them collapsed and down came the blue haired girl from before and a boy that looked similar to him with much darker skin and wider.

Above him, he could see people running and he wanted to tell them to get somewhere safe but before he could say anything, he felt something warm holding him. So comforting this smell... it smells just like her.

The Knight of Hope's aura disappeared. Maybe, my pack did come... he smiled.

"Lucas, you're going to be okay." It was the last thing he heard before passing out.

He'd been waiting so long to be released into a peaceful world. He didn't know this was only the beginning of a war that would be far from over and worse than anything he ever experienced.a