Chapter 1

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13/9/175 N.E

The forest was very tranquil. One could have gone camping for a week, and have a quiet think, if not for the loud screaming heard off in the distance.

"-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH! This was NOT a good idea! I gotta get out of here!"

Silvo was currently running away from a megafauna the size of a full-grown elephant he had tried to hunt, which seemed to have something akin to the tail of a dinosaur, legs of a lion, and the head of an eagle. Worse was the fact that rain had almost turned visibility to zero. He was not having a good time, dirt in every nook and cranny of his metallic body with no time to wash it off. Silvo wondered how long he'd have to keep going right up until a metal wall seemed to come out of nowhere and beat the shit out of him. He quickly realized that this was it. This was the wall of the mining area. Trying to find a gate would be a task, but Silvo had an idea.

Wait. There's a wall in front of me, and a sturdy looking large animal behind me. Hmm...

As he wasn't always the smartest in the room, Silvo took a moment to think.


He quickly turned around, trying to find the ginormous creature in the pouring rain. He thought, for only a second, that it might have given up and left. This was quickly proved wrong as its beaked head came just barely into view. Part 2 of the waiting game had started. Under his breath, Silvo counted down the seconds to arrival.


Its front legs were now visible.


The rest of its body showed itself.


Half the tail came next.



The animal seemed to really want to take a bite out of Silvo, and jumped straight at him, closing the distance in less than a second. He barely had time to dodge. The plan worked, the animal went right through the wall, into the mine. There was only one downside:

It had taken Silvo with it, dealing him a blow in the left side of his chest.

He let out a bloodcurdling scream. The left side of the chest contained the delicate speech module and a large amount of important wiring connecting his motors to his power supply, completely obliterating both. Walking had become quite the challenge, and speaking was impossible, as his voice died off. He decided to just steal a dropship, and get off this batshit crazy planet.

But how the hell am I going to do that when it's difficult to fucking move!?

Oh, if he could move, he would definitely chase down the behemoth, who had by this point, run away, but he needed to focus.

Silvo made an effort to crawl over to the dropship area, where people would be loading boxes and whatnot into a ship that would travel to a completely different planet and give said boxes to companies who paid for minerals. It was hard, considering how the state the wiring was in made it so the left half of his body was paralyzed. He tried as hard as he could, until someone came up from behind and stepped on his back, pointing a gun at his head. A moment later, a deep, abyssal voice emanated.

"Speak. Who are you?"

A set of silver robotic fingers wrote down the words "HELP ME" on the ground, seeing as it was soil. The figure seemed to get the memo, and let his foot off of Silvo, who breathed a nonexistent sigh of relief. The figure helped him up, slung Silvo's arm around his neck, and brought him to the medical ward. Silvo shut himself off for the time being.

Alright, time to wake up.

A set of bright, emboldened letters lit up. They were so close that he could've sworn that they were right in his face, which wasn't actually wrong.










Welcome, Silvo Cita.

A bright light shone into his optic, as if someone was shining the nearest star into his face. After it faded away, Silvo could see that he was laying down in a bed, with a stool next to it. There was a window on the wall leading outside. On the stool was another simula, except that this one was around 8 feet tall. This made Silvo sit up out of shock.

"Holy shit…"

"Hey, you. You're awake. You tried to cross th- I mean grab a dropship, right?" Silvo wasn't paying too much to his question, as he was looking at the very clean white paint on the walls, standard for the medical ward. Nobody knows why, but this was very different from the ward at the base, or Delta base, as it was called, which had paint seemingly scraped off the walls, some even fading.

"Damn, does this place have clean walls all over?" The man sighed at this question.

"Don't all PM bases have clean walls?"

"What!? Hell no! The walls look like shit, especially now." Silvo had spoken the truth. Carefully edited truth.

"What do you mean by 'especially'? What happened?" Not carefully edited truth.

"Uhh, nothing?" Silvo, being Silvo, only half expected this to work. However, when he made eye contact with the man, he seemed to be staring right back into his robotic soul. It was as if he was reading his mind.

"The base was destroyed, wasn't it?"

He had read Silvo's mind.

The man sighed, and got up from the stool, walking out of the room. As Silvo sat on the bed, he thought that it might be time to put his plan into action, considering that his left arm didn't flop over when sitting up. Taking that and the fact that he spoke into account, He knew he was all fixed up and got out of bed. Facing the window, he took a few steps back to get a running start and jumped through the window. One problem, though.

This was the 4th floor.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, GRABGRABGRAB!"

He had grabbed nothing but the air, and fell to the ground. Getting up, Silvo checked himself, only spotting a bunch of scratches and a dent.

Fuck you, plot armor.

Continuing onwards toward the dropship area, everything was smooth sailing. Nothing but a lot of caves, bushes and other stuff. It was nice, seeing the little insects scurry about, and those men that just saw him and went off, probably to report something. Wait, what?

"Oooh, that's not so good, is it? Better get running." With this, Silvo began getting the hell out of there in record time. He thought that it was because he broke their window, but it was actually because they knew he'd try to get a dropship. But he couldn't think too much, as he was getting close to the dropship area. When he made it there, there was lot of resistance, to absolutely no one's surprise. Hiding behind a nearby tree, Silvo began to rack his brain over what to do.

Man, I really should've tried to find a gun or something! How the hell am I gonna get through this?

But eventually, he found a way.

Silvo began to walk off to the right side of the dropship area.

Once he got there, he went over to the back, all under the cover of many trees. This actually worked, as no one decided to check the back. He thanked his lucky stars, as well as the fact that they were this dumb. He opened the hatch, and hopped inside, grateful for the stupidity of this base's staff, or at least he would've, if all the guns they had weren't trained on him the second he walked out of the forest. He noticed some of the gunners cursing the radar under their breath for not working in the forest for whatever reason. Absolutely stumped on what to do, he didn't notice the 8 foot tall simula walking through the crowd of guns. He raised his hand up, and pushed it down, the standard sign for "put your guns down".

He began to speak.

"Well, well. Look what we have here. You tried to grab a dropship. Again. I gotta arrest you, now ge-"

He was stopped mid-sentence as Silvo jumped on top of his head, getting through the open hatch of a dropship. He closed the hatch, and immediately smacked as many buttons he knew of as fast as he could. By some miracle, this worked.

Ha! I knew paying attention in User training would pay off!

The ship booted up, and the three bottom thrusters fired up, lifting it off the ground. Then, the thrusters on the back sparked, and quickly went from minimum to maximum power, sending him off at mach 5.324, or around 4085mph, which would be 6574kmh. One of the benefits of being a simula, but only one thing was on Silvo's mind.

"I should pay him back, and the best way to do that is to become a mercenary! Way better than the pay I got in PM!"

He then noticed that he didn't feel the seat on a large part of his upper back. He touched that spot and felt a dent. A very large dent, from the fall off the 4th floor.


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