Chapter 3

18/9/175 N.E

"Hey! We're here! Wake Ayden up!"

Rose's voice calls out through the ship. Silvo is sitting down, visually enjoying a cup of coffee. He stands up, walks over to Ayden and violently shakes him. This, expectedly, wakes him up. He yells out very loudly.

"no chordius I dont wanna prank fialda!"

Silvo, confused by this remark, replies. "Huh? Dude, we're on Talfie. We gotta go get the rest of the team and kill that general dude."

"General's his name, by the way." Rose butts in.

"The fuck?"

"Did I fucking stutter? He's a colonel."

She didn't get a response, seeing as that was the most confusing and illogical thing said all day.

Why did they call him the general then!?

Silvo went over to the window to get a look at the view. Ocean painted the planet's surface, a landmass wrapped around the world, splitting the ocean into four. The oceans had islands dotting the blue waves. It was a stunning view. When they landed, he took a moment to take in the view.

"Where's the base?" He asked.

Ayden replies. "it should be a few minutes walk from here."

Ayden was right, as not too long after, they spotted a large gate, a ten meter tall wall on either side. On top of the wall were two automatic turrets, model D55e's. That meant that strolling in through the front was no option. They moved over to the side and scaled the wall, placing them on top of a building. Rose and Ayden moved as if they knew what was to come, which they did. The trio hopped in through a vent. Once inside, they snuck up behind two guards, quickly snapping necks.

They moved to a long corridor, surprisingly with no guards, and ran through, opening a door to a large open space. This space had many people working, ouroboros marks on their arms. This mark signified a slave, forever bound to their work, lest they get shocked by the remote shock collar. Controlled by their overseers, these slaves must conform to demands, often unreasonable. What made it worse was the overwhelmingly high amount of simula working there. Silvo, obviously not liking what he sees, looks around. On a nearby building is a logo.

A symbol of Earth inside of a ring. Great Earth. Welp, couldn't avoid it. I mean, I know it'd be more logical to do this, but seriously? Just use normal workers! Wait…

As he was thinking about the differences and similarities of slaves and workers, Rose is dragging him along to a simula around 2 meters tall, red optics and orange body with green accents, visible panel lines running down their body. Silvo brings up something from the back of his mind.

"Why are we here?"

Rose responds with a disappointing tone in her voice. "You don't know? When it comes down to G.E, simula and criminals get put in the C.C. Our squad mates should be around here, but there's only one. Here she is."

She was looking down, noticeably encumbered by the large excavator gun, the Type 201M. She spoke in a weak voice.

"Hello. Could you cut this collar off? It hurts to speak."

The trio took a glance at each other. SIlvo then pulled out a DKnife, a multipurpose tool that could handle anything from cutting durable material to taking control over ships and other electronics. But cutting the collar off had to be done quickly, as there seemed to be a microphone in it. She let out a loud grunt as the electricity began to flow, falling to the ground. Silvo expertly dropped down and saved the troubled simula.

They stood up, and she turned to Silvo and held out her hand.

"Thanks. My name's Echoe. Nice to meet'cha."

"Silvo. You're welcome. Now let's head over to th-"

"I do not think so." Said a voice off to the side. The four turned to look. There was a man, a morbidly obese man, with four strongmen, each holding a large gun. Fastballs, pneumatic grenade launchers. Destructive and fun to use. Everyone is, understandably, surprised by this. After not seeing anyone for that amount of time, the group began to let their guard down.

The man puts his hand up, and points it forward, signaling to aim. Silvo realizes that it's time and runs up to one of the men. He jumps up and spins around, kicking the man in the jaw with his heel. The other men fire at the rest of the group but seeing as fastballs don't launch grenades covered in adhesive material, they roll past and are easily dodged. Echoe takes the chance to show off her skill, upper cutting another man square in the jaw, then grabbing his head and kneeing it 3 times. Rose goes straight for the obese man, Ayden trailing close behind. The two other men show up to protect him, but are taken down with the fastest pistol unholster, shot, and re-holster on the planet, and a super-speedy kick to the nether regions followed by a quick air combo.


The last man begins to run away, the controller for all the shock collars just barely slipping out of his back pocket. Silvo quickly speeds away, gunning at the man with his DKnife out. Suddenly, the man feels a sharp pain in the back of his neck, and then nothing. Echoe picks up the controller.

"Damn, they really didn't think any of this through, now did they? Like, really?"

She presses a button, which immediately disables all the collars, their previously alive machinery turning to dead and dull nuts and bolts. After shooting a quick stare at each other, the group head to a building on the opposite side of the C.C. The generals office.

After leaving a long, long trail of bodies, the four are stuck looking at an extravagant door. Pushing it open through blood, sweat, bolts and true grit, there is only a single man sitting at a desk, facing the window on the opposite side of the squad. His menacing aura filled the room. The other three squad mates, lying dead on the floor, bullet holes punched through their heads, didn't really help all that much either.

"Hooly shit" accidentally slips out of Echoe's mouth.