It's a recollection of thoughts

It's an exchange of three words that aren't said as often as they should.


The long wait is cumbersome,

The long wait makes me restless.

It makes you and I both so possessive,

Of the things that should be shared between us.


But I am still fond, for the days are long.

Anything can happen...

By then, may I still shower you in tunes of I love yous?


I wish for us to meet, somewhere halfway.

Alas, it's a game of catch up.

But one that does not mean defeat.

Our childhood is still not over.

Our adventure is still not complete.


Yes, some days it could be better—

I should be better.

Though it may seem I have forgotten how to say the words—

I still love you,

My dearest sister.


Yes, I have been mean,

The nasty words sully our tongue.

I come to regret what I have done.

But I won't forget,

I still love you

My dearest and only... sister.