A Shrine of Lies

The Shrine of Lies.

A putrid, stained statue

built by the Liars and Deceivers, forked tongues of malice and ill intent

for the Gullible.

Hidden under the Shrine of Lies

beneath the cold stone chalk white hatch

bound by matching thick chains which no mortal had any hope of bypassing without a key

down a corridor so frigid not even fire and thick clothing could keep warmth

in its tomb built by the Liars and Deceivers

laid the Truth

forgotten by the passage of time.

The Liars and Deceivers

run rampant

in Truth's absence

given many platforms.

The Gullible fall under their sway in droves

but some broke free.

Far too many continue to drink the poisonous lies fed to them by the Liars and Deceivers.

In one case

of too many to count

a Deceiver's forked tongue laid a picture of their Dear Leader

helping flood victims in Texas.

Though Truth laid entombed under the Shrine of Lies

it stirred and pushed on the stone lid

desperate to escape

yet the seal never gave away.

Its ally


revealed the deception.

But the Gullible continued to believe

yet another lie, another deception.

The Liars and Deceivers told the Gullible

their Dear Leader they praise sold rice to China

and the Gullible cheered, unaware of deceit.

The Truth stirred in its tomb

banged on the lid

desperate to escape

to inform the Gullible their Dear Leader never sold any rice to China

and still, the seal wouldn't yield.

And even as the lies poured out of the mouth of the Dear Leader of the Gullible

such a torrent

if one lied each day since birth

It would take over half a century to reach

the total number of lies told

and yet the Gullible continue to believe the things said.

Even during a pandemic

the Liars and Deceivers

taking advantage of old previously planted seeds

in the Gullible

continue to spin their deceitfully woven lies

and feed these poisonous lies

to the Gullible

who willingly ate the lies up.

Those who see the Truth

and seek it

fight an uphill battle to the Shrine of Lies

to breach it

unseal the Truth.

And save

their loved ones

their land

from the poisonous lies of the Liars and Deceivers.

A battle made more complicated

by the Liars and Deceivers attempts to lead them astray

with deception and trickery.

Only through unity

would those seeking to save everyone

find victory.