Chapter 1


Fallon's raven hair just lightly brushed along the side of his face; dark soulless blue eyes focused intently on the glowing blue water that rippled from around the pool in the cavern's cave.

Felix sat on a rock analysing his stepbrother from afar, dirty blonde hair all scruffy with a styled bang hovering over one of his eyes.

Fallon glanced at the ocean blue eyed boy maliciously, skidding stone being thrown at him in anger for which Felix dodged merely upon his distressful jump; the stone bouncing with an echo from off the cavern wall.

"Why the fuck did your mum have to send us out here on a journey together!?" Fallon snarled angrily, Felix brushing his black hoodie with yellow sleeves tenderly.

"Would you like an answer to that question?" Felix replied with caution, Fallon throwing another stone in his direction with the response of Felix lifting his hands in surrender. "Guess not." He breathed out lowly.

"I'm serious, Felix." Fallon growled in a deep tone. "I hate you and your family far too much. They're too affectionate!"

"Hey! Leave my family and I out of your sorry ass narcissistic ways!" Felix defended with a snarl. "It's not our fault you don't like the idea of love, cuddles, and romance."

Fallon rolled his eyes to the comment, black top with underlined grey sleeves and cargos accompanying his figure.

"Yeah, I guess not." Fallon admitted with a hand brushing through his abyss black hair. "But my hatred for you is definitely your fault."

Felix gapped with no words coming out, a nod of his head in objection to the statement.

"No, you just hate me because you're a prick!" Felix called with his eerie light blue eyes glistening from the blue watered glow behind Fallon, Fallon looking to him with a smirk.

"Awe, you defined me so well." Fallon complimented with his dark blue eyes gentle, a quick flip back to harsh with spiteful words. "I have a few words on how to describe you." He hissed harshly, Felix walking off with disinterest.

"Whatever, Fallon." Felix remarked with a pale skinned hand fanning with dismissal over to Fallon, Fallon biting his tongue to the gesture before swirling his tan skinned hand in the ripples of water stirring in the river.

A mystified gust of see through white floated from out the water, Fallon's deep blue eyes reflecting with the tint. His mouth gapped wordlessly; a tug of connection being felt from in the bottom of his heart.

His hand outstretched to touch the cold presence; no fear being emitted but more so fascination.

The ghost swirled into a spiral-like formation, the shaping turning into the appeal and likeliness of a ship.

Fallon tilted his head slightly to the side, hand connecting with the flag of the three-dimensional ship which thrashed with a lightning bolt hitting where he touched; the whole atmosphere feeling icy cold with the ghost figure vanishing.

He clenched his hand with the remaining flows of smoke leaving the insides of his palm, silver chains rolling from in between his fingers from out of nowhere.

Fallon looked stunned upon the sight, hand reopening to visualize the cause being a necklace with a skull pendent having ruby red eyes; instincts already unlocking the clip and placing it around his neck.

Felix stood in the corner with wide eyes, mouth open in stunned shock.

"You can't just put on something you don't even know if is safe or not!" Felix informed with his stance pacing about the cavern with worry. "That was.. scary." He whisper quietly, Fallon rolling his eyes to the boy while gazing back into the depths of the glacier blue water.

The water remained with no glimpses of spiritual life force, Fallon frowning to the result while looking down to the skull pendent and grasping it; a thoughtful look being expressed.

"What do you think that spirit was trying to tell us?" Fallon asked with his soulless blue eyes focusing on Felix, Felix flailing his hands in the air like a maniac.

"I don't know, Fallon! Probably that we'll be dead if we stay here!" He called out in a frenzy, Fallon thinking his response through slowly before nodding his head in rejection.

"Nah, that seems far too basic." Fallon replied with calmly, eyes following the trail that leads back to the sandy beach outside. "It's something else.. something dangerous, controlling, and possessive."

Felix scoffed to his theory, blue eyes clashing with his. "Like you would know, Fallon." He mocked with his voice echoing from in the caverns, the ground shaking like the beginning of an earthquake from outside.

Felix fell to the ground with a loss for balance, head smashing up against the large rocks for which he groaned in pain.

Blasting flashes of red and white lightning bolts lifted the cavern up in rays of taunting light from near the entrance; threatening bellows of rain thumping against the cavern ceiling from outside with the sound of rocks cracking by the pressure.

Whipping whistles of wind stormed past the passed-out boy and standing up one, Fallon following the white light that next shone infront of him at a distance.

He felt connected to the source, the breezes numbing his flesh but not his soul.

He wanted to remain in contact with the spirit, the loss constantly disappointing him.

His mind slithered away from the thought of helping Felix, heart fluttering to the glowing white shadow before him.

His steps moved slow, dark blue eyes reflected with the glistening white glows.

Red flashed from behind the soul, Fallon's eyes widening when the substance vanished and revealed a huge tide dashing towards the caverns at high speed; shortly after his attempt to run the cavern got thrashed with the tide, stalactites falling from the ceiling with their sharp point like a sword.

"Felix!" Fallon screamed at a loud volume while running, blue eyes glancing overhead before he skidded to dodge the landing stalactite.

Felix held his head groggily, a loud scream leaving his lips when a stalactite landed right next to his arm.

"What the fuck, Fallon! You destroyed the cavern!" Felix burst with terror, Fallon grasping him by the arm to pull him to his feet before running.

"No, I didn't! A tidal wave did!" Fallon defended while bolting around the room in a pattern, the ground shaking in an uncontrollable frenzy again.

"We're gonna die, Fallon! Just like I said!" Felix called with tears welling up in his light blue eyes, Fallon holding onto his necklace with his eyes closing momentarily when standing still; the slicing and crashing noises around him being blocked out.

"No, we won't." Is all he replied with, a growl leaving from in the depths of his throat. "I'll make sure of it!" He shouted with his eyes reopening, hand letting go of the necklace to plummet into the air; a flash of red occurring from behind him in the form of a lightning bolt.

Rumbles echoed from the storm outside, Felix's eyes wide and fearful to what he just witnessed.

"Now Felix." Fallon voiced with his blue eyes glowing red when staring into Felix's. "Let's leave this cavern."