Neveah Wilson seems like that cliché little nerd - she gets good grades and keeps to herself. Of course, she gets bullied by everyone. However, what stuns everyone is that she has friends - not just her fellow nerd friends, but popular friends. Three of the most popular people in school, in fact. Everyone wants to know how the little nerd has them under her influence, but none of them will say. When Brittany Johnson, the head cheerleader, decides to drop by her boyfriend, quarterback Oliver Dresden's house, she's surprised to see Neveah and her three best friends there too, and forces them to explain what was happening. And it isn't at all what everyone thinks it is.

❝ "Brittany, if you're expecting for the story to be something you can publicize to the world, you should leave now," I warned. Hopefully, she's just here for the tea, and she'll just leave. I spoke too soon. "I'll be the judge of that," she smirked, leaning against Oliver, who looked extremely uncomfortable. "C'mon, nerd. It's not like your life is going to be as interesting as mine. I just want to hear your story so I can have some... blackmail, y'know?" She blew on her nails, clearly already restless. See, that's where she went wrong. The thing is, at the end of the day, she's not the one who will have blackmail against me. It'll be the complete opposite. And the best part? No one's expecting it. ❞

third person

Brittany Johnson is the cliché cheerleader queen bee you'll find in every high school - or so they say. She acts like she owns the school - because, in reality, she really does. Her aggressive attitude is something everyone is fearful of - she doesn't even try to pretend she's nice.

And just like the cliché queen bee cheerleader, she's dating the quarterback of the football team - Oliver Dresden. But unlike the cliché football captain, he's actually nice. He treats everyone the same, no matter their "social status", and that's something Brittany detests.

"Ollie," she would often whine. "Those nerds aren't worth your time. Come and hang out with Gretch and I."

But no matter how much he adored his girlfriend, he would never listen to her. "Brit, there's nothing wrong with being smart and staying in the library to do homework. You do realize that in the end, no one's going to care that you were the cheerleader captain in high school, but they will care if you had a 4.0 GPA, right?"

"That's not true!" She would argue back. "They have no fucking social skills. You need social skills to interact, that much I know."

"It is kind of your fault that they don't have social skills, you know?" Oliver shook his head, looping his arm around Brittany's to keep her next to him as they walked through the crowded hallways. "You always bully them. They have no choice but to hide in the library. If you were nicer to them, they would have social skills."

"Whatever," Brittany dismissed, switching the topic. "Do you think you could drop me off at the salon at Paintbox? I need a new set of nails. These french tips are just not doing it for me anymore."

As they continued to walk down the hallway, towards the parking lot, many other students pondered just how a bitch like Brittany scored such a boyfriend. You could tell, just by a glance, that their personalities were on different sides on the spectrum. Brittany was icy cold, while Oliver was warm and kind. No matter how much his best friends, Ben and Alex, would tell him to dump her, he insisted that Brittany wasn't really how everyone thinks she is.

"Oliver, we've heard that line an infinite amount of times," They would complain. "If she's really as different as how everyone sees her, how come she still seems the same to us?"

"Because you guys keep judging her," He would reply. "If you could just look at her like another human being, and not the best friend of your ex," He said pointedly to Alex, "Or the seventh grader who kicked you in the balls when you tried to ask her out, she would be more comfortable with you, and be able to open up to you guys."

And in response, Alex and Ben would just roll their eyes and switch the topic. How the fuck would they be able to look past her actions to see the girl that their best friend Oliver was heads over heels with, when she wouldn't change how she acted towards them?


Later that afternoon, after her appointment at Paintbox, Brittany had caught a taxi to Oliver's house, excited to show off her new nails. She knows that Oliver had zero to none interest in nails, but she knew that she could count on him to be the supportive boyfriend he was and raise her spirits after the day she had.

Okay, so maybe she had yelled at the biggest nerd that Green Acre had - Neveah Wilson, just a little bit. Or a lot.

It's not my fault that she had dropped all her books right in front of me as I was walking to sixth period, she thought to herself. I just hope that some of Oliver's little nerd friends won't tell Oliver about it. I really don't want him to yell at me again.

As the taxi pulled up to Oliver's building, she merely handed the taxi driver a few twenties and left the taxi, her Prada handbag on the crook of her hand.

Opening the door with her spare key, she quickly nodded to one of the maids Oliver's parents had hired, her signal for the maid to deliver some sparkling water to his room in a few minutes.

She quickly took the stairs up to Oliver's room on the fourth story, not even having the time to wait for the elevator.

"Ollie!" She cheerfully cried out as she pushed open the door, but her happiness deflated as fast as it came as she took in the scene in front of her.

She had anticipated that she might have to steal her boyfriend from his best friends, Ben and Alex, but she had not anticipated for the fucking nerd, Neveah WIlson, and her ex best friend, Margo Cronin, to be here too.

"Ollie," she whined. "I thought I told you that I could barely tolerate you having those pesky little nerds as friends at school, but at home too? Don't tell me that Margo dragged her in. I told you, after she started caring about her grades more than cheerleading, she's changed. Like seriously, who the fuck wants to get a scholarship to Harvard when daddy's money can get me there already."

Margo rolled her eyes in response. "Fuck off, bitch. No one wants to depend on daddy's money all her life."

As the two ex best friends argued on, Neveah took the chance to run away. After all, maybe if she ran away, Brittany will just think that her fake eyelashes were blocking her vision and that Neveah was just a hallucination.

A bad move indeed.

Running down the hardwood-covered hallways, she could already hear Brittany's high heels clicking down the hallway, pursuing after her.

As many times Neveah had come over to Oliver's house, she had not explored the house as much as Brittany has, due to her lack of interest in the building. Running towards what she thought was the elevator, she had accidentally cornered herself. On her right, was Brittany, not running, but fast walking down the hallway towards her. After all, how is one supposed to run on high heels? On the hallway parallel towards her, was a maid with the sparkling water Brittany had requested. Even though she was technically employed by Oliver and his parents, Neveah knew that she also listens to Brittany's requests, and would throw the water at Neveah to slow her down, and judging by how close Brittany was, she would easily catch up. The only available path on the left, going back to Oliver's room.

Shit, she thought. What the hell am I supposed to do now?

Being the smart "nerd" she was, she took off towards the left, running into Oliver's room once again, panting.

Maybe I should have joined track or something, she thought. I need to exercise.

"Well, look who we have here," Brittany announced as she walked back into the room with her sparkling water, seemingly not even tired after the chase. "Neveah Wilson. What the hell are you doing at Oliver's house?"

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total word count: 1,191

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