third person

Events mentioned happens before prologue, and after chapter 13

After the useless conversation with Gretchen, Brittany decided to track down Neveah to ask her exactly what the situation is.

She couldn't be running around interacting with the same people she did. Oh, hell no. To be caught fraternizing with Neveah? In her dreams. Neveah needed to be as far away from her as possible, and while Brittany knew that she would never be able to tear Margo, Ben, or Alex away from her, she could with Oliver.

It wasn't like there was anything connecting them with each other besides their mutual friends anyways. Neveah was not much of a threat to her in terms of her relationship with Oliver, she knew that he would never go for a girl like Neveah, no offence meant.

Surely anyone could see that a girl like Neveah, one that would rather spend an hour studying for her AP Physics test at home, by herself, and not at the beer pong table finding the best angle to throw the table tennis ball, would not be a great fit for the vast majority of the boys at Green Acre Institution, whose parents paid their way to have them enrolled because quite frankly, their grades were shit. They'll probably have to pay their way into college or university too, seeing that most of the boys in their grade were wasting their days failing quizzes, attending parties, both formal ones and informal ones, and having an orgy to end their week or something.

Brittany may have a reputation surrounding her, but it was all fake. A mask. A veil. And the only person who knows is Oliver. The only one she trusts with all her secrets, from small, white lies she made up to get attention in third grade, to what was happening at home. Sure, she's the 'it' girl, the girl who got everything handed to her on a silver - no, not silver, gold - spoon the moment she was born, the girl who can buy her way in or out of anything and everything, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have any morals.

Okay, so most of the time she doesn't give a fuck about morals or whatever, but when it came to school, Brittany was determined to break the stereotypes. She will get a 4.0 GPA without her money.

But she quickly realized that getting a 4.0 was way harder than she imagined. She's been trying her hardest, but only has a 3.5 GPA right now, but that doesn't matter. Nothing a little money can't fix - of course, she would be a hypocrite if she used her money to get good grades, but to her, anything above failing is a good grade. She was merely getting a better grade with her money, something that she didn't promise she wouldn't do.

Picking up her pace to catch up with the taxi, she waved at the driver, prompting the driver to stop the car. Brittany pulled the door open, dramatically falling into the back seat, sighing.

"Where to?"

That's when she realized she doesn't even know where Neveah would be after school. She could have tried and followed her out of school, but she was too busy trying to persuade Mrs. Kay to give her a passing grade on her American literature project with the newest Kate Spade bag, but apparently old hags like her don't accept 'second hand bags'. I only posted about it once, she thought. It's buried underneath rows of my newest posts, how is anyone ever going to notice? But she was over that now. She'll just get her dad to donate a few hundred thousand dollars less next year.

Plus she desperately needed to get a new set of nails from Paintbox, so she got Oliver to drop her off at the hottest nail salon, and boy, were the reviews right. She was definitely going there again. Maybe she'll even be nice and take Gretchen there for a girls date some day.

"Is there a library near here?"

"There's one on the other side of the park."

"Take me there."

Brittany really thought Neveah would just be sitting in one of the study rooms, absorbing the knowledge from her AP physics textbook, but nothing in life is ever that easy.

All the study rooms were filled with tourists reading books. Like what the hell, they're in the greatest city in the world and they choose to spend their afternoon booking a study room to read dusty old books that they could read anywhere else?

To hell with the experience.

Stomping her foot on the carpeted second floor of the library, she rushed out of the library, fuming.

Whatever, this wasn't going to be easy anyways. I'll just confront her tomorrow.

Flagging down another taxi, she told the driver to drive her to Oliver's house. Why did she agree to lay off her old personal driver again? Oh, right, because she threatened to quit because the traffic was too bad, and the Johnsons always have the upper hand, so instead of her driver quitting, she had to fire her.

That's why she always hired male drivers before Phoebe came along. They didn't complain and did their job.

Sure, Phoebe was a good person to rant to about anything and everything, but all good things come to an end.

It seems like everything has an expiry date these days.

After two years, her relationship is finally slipping out of the honeymoon phase.

It surprises everyone that that phase even lasted that long in the first place. Everyone she knew warned her about how relationships eventually get boring, that they're teenagers and that they'll get bored of each other soon enough.

She really thought they would be that couple that goes against the statistics and stays together forever.

But it seems like these days Oliver is slowly being sucked into his little hermit shell by his friends, not wanting to attend parties and galas and soirées that they were both invited to.

Rolling her eyes, she slapped a pile of twenties onto the awaiting driver's hand, and ran up the stone stairs, rummaging through her Prada bag for her spare keys, barging in.

Okay, so maybe she only chose to give Mrs. Kay the Kate Spade bag because her cousin, who had zero to none fashion sense gave it to her as a late birthday gift. Bitch, her birthday was nine months ago.

Nodding at one of the maids so that she would deliver some sparkling water to Oliver's room, she glanced back quizzically when the maid had a frantic look on her face. Was Oliver's best friends here already? She knew that they were mad at her for stealing him away on one of their gaming days but that doesn't mean they could steal him away from her every other day.

What she didn't expect when she wrenched Oliver's double french doors open was Neveah fucking WIlson to be sitting in the satin pink beanbag that was hers and hers only, chatting with Oliver.

"Why the hell is she here?!"

"The better question is why you're here," Margo snapped back, reminding her why she dropped Margo as a 'friend'.

Brittany could hear the little hamster in her brain running circles, her mouth running on autopilot, spitting out retorts left to right as Neveah's friends tried to keep Brittany's mind off of Neveah.

She also subconsciously remembers chasing Neveah around, before finally concerning her.

Brittany stared at Neveah, who stared back at her. "Well, aren't you going to tell me?"

Neveah sighed. "I'm his cousin, okay? Secret's out."

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