He took my hand

And led me on

The narrowest of paths

I took his word

Followed his plan

A thing, I never asked

I felt the pain

Mock, ridicule

I let it all slide off

Followed your law

Each and every word

Because you told, of love

I didn't understand

What you meant

Love, love... what's that?

Obey the rules

Keep beatitudes

The path is where it's at

Love, love

That's what you are

Creating me with it

But I was broken

After Eve and Adam

I just keep messing up

But now... I know

Like an epiphany

In my soul

That you love me so

You love me

You love me?

You love me!


That's all you wanted me to know

You stood by me

Saw my misery

And made me grow, grow, grow

My love for you

Not a grain of sand

For the love you have for my soul

You love me

And now... I know