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Black Dahlia

Summary: When he walked free, all she wanted was for him to suffer for what he did. But once she got a taste for it, she found out that she couldn't stop. Not until she dished out her own justice for the world to see.

*Blood For Blood*

April 25th, 2014

Alana took a slow drag on her cigarette, pulling her hood over her head with her free hand and shivering a little. For a night in early spring it was unusually cold and the wind nipped at her exposed fingers. She plunged her icy digits into the pockets of her jacket whenever she could in an attempt to keep them from freezing, but her hand always brushed against the smooth cool metal of the knife she hid inside it.

After mulling it over in her head over the course of the past three days, she had finally decided on what to do about the man who defiled her and yet was able to walk free. She was going to kill him. Her mind had been made up and now it was time for her to follow through with that decision.

She took her phone out to check the time, a cloud of smoke leaving her mouth as she exhaled. It was little past 8:30pm and darkness had already fallen. Good. The less people who could see her, the better. She was anxious enough as it was.

The young blonde woman stood outside a bar neatly tucked away in one of the city's sleazy alleys, waiting patiently. No need for her to be in a rush to do the deed. The more feral, predatory side of her was quite enjoying slinking around in the shadows, stalking her prey. The more rational side that was urging her to rethink her idea was being drowned out by the sound of her blood thumping in her ears. She suppressed her doubts and stiffened at the sound of laughter growing louder and louder from inside. Someone was about to come out of the bar and she yearned for it to be her target.

Please let it be him and only him. If his little friends are around it'll be harder to get him alone.

Alana's head jerked up when she heard the old wooden door creak open, her breathing rate increasing when she saw the familiar messy mop of brown hair. The man who had taken everything from her and made her feel worthless was within five feet of her and he didn't even notice.

"Yeah, I'll have a game with you guys tomorrow night," he called back inside, flashing his yellow stained teeth in a smile. "See you around then." He pulled out his phone and started to text, chuckling at some sort of inside joke and walking off.

Alana fell in behind him, tossing her cigarette butt away. He wasn't paying too much attention, walking briskly along the pavement and whistling a cheerful tune. The arrogant asshole wouldn't know what hit him until it was too late.

The streetlights marking the pavement flickered and he continued whistling, walking over a bridge that crossed a narrow river. A perfect spot for her to carry out her deed.

Alana looked around briefly to make sure no one was around and slowly reached for the handle of the knife she kept in her jacket. Her target paused, taking a moment to lean on the railing of the bridge. And for some reason, she hesitated.

Alana was surprised to find herself shaking and for the first time since deciding to do her deed, she was frightened of what could happen if she was caught. Should I? I know what will happen to me if I get caught. I'll be imprisoned for murder.

No. No! He destroyed my fucking life! He has to die and answer for what he did to me.

Those who don't take action risk letting the moment slip away. She wasn't going to get another shot at this. Her hand trembled slightly and she steeled herself, preparing mentally for what she needed to do.

As quietly as she could, Alana drew her knife, spinning it in her hand. Stalking towards him silently, her blade glinted in the inky darkness and she found herself standing only a few feet from him. Do it.

Alana raised her knife and stabbed him in the back with all of her strength.

He fell forward with a surprised howl, falling on all fours as the blonde yanked the blade out of his body. With a snarl Alana kicked him in the stomach, forcing him onto his bleeding back and stabbing him again in the thigh. This time, instead of quickly removing it, she tore a nasty wound into the meat of his leg, watching as the blood poured down his body.

"Y-you!" he gasped out, his hand reaching for his bloodied leg. "Impossible!"

"Fuck you, Kai," Alana spat back, her anger bubbling through her veins as she said his name with as much venom as she could muster. "You took everything from me. You ruined my goddamn life. So now, I am going to make you suffer."

"You'll never get away with this!" Kai gasped.

Alana laughed mirthlessly. "I already have. Since you stole something from me that can never be taken back, I'm going to take something from you."

She yanked down his pants, the panic flooding his eyes as he realized what she was about to do. "N-no don't! Please, I beg of you!"

"Oh shut up, you sniveling coward." Alana's hand was a blur of motion as she slit across his chest. Blood welled up from the wound and he let out another agonized howl as she cut off his manhood. Tossing the limp organ away, Alana found herself smiling. The feeling of glee as her rapist thrashed in pain was just so goddamn satisfying.

"See you in Hell." Alana grabbed him by his hair and in one clean movement slit his throat. His screams were cut short, becoming nothing more than a choked gurgle. His thrashes slowly died down and Alana released her grip, letting his body fall. His glassy eyes were stilled glazed over with terror and she let out a sigh of relief. It felt good to finally get this out of the way.

Now I need to get rid of the body.

Alana looked at the river below and smiled. Of course, water was a great way to get rid of a corpse. If the tide didn't carry it away it would be feasted on by any sort of scavengers. With a great heave she picked up Kai's corpse and dumped it into the river, panting a little from the effort. With any luck, no one would notice that he was missing for a few days and she could move about town again without having to worry about being arrested for his murder.

The corpse hit the water with a satisfying splash and the blonde woman patted her pockets for her cigarettes. She needed a smoke after all of that, just to steady her nerves. The adrenaline rush she felt as her knife carved into his flesh was so satisfying. She could sort of see why serial killers were as addicted to murder as they were. The forbidden thrill and rush was just exhilarating.

Alana stuck one of her cigarettes in her mouth and lit it, walking away from the scene with her head held high.

October 28, 2019

"Wow," Christine murmured, setting down her pen and notepad. She had listened to Alana's tale about her origins as a killer and in a way, she could understand why she did it. If someone did those deeds to someone she loved, she'd want them to suffer too.

"That's it?" Alana asked incredulously. "Are you at a loss for words or something? I just went into detail about how I murdered my first victim and that's all you have to say?"

"Sorry, but…I can see why you did it. If someone defiled any of my loved ones, I too would want them to feel the same pain," the brunette admitted. "He was a vile man and definitely deserved every bit of his pain. It would be silly of me to ask if you would change that, but I can't help but wonder, if the opportunity provided itself, would you do it again? Would you cut them like you did before?"

"Without a doubt in my mind, girl," Alana answered. "If there is one thing this shitty excuse of a world will not miss, it is those who prey on the week. Pedophiles and rapists don't ever get sympathy when they turn up dead. The only thing you'll hear is the applause."

She wasn't wrong, either. In prison, even inmates had their own set of codes and guidelines. Those who harmed children or raped others would be brutally beaten within inches of their lives or killed. In a lot of circumstances it was the latter. The prison guards wouldn't bat an eye if a rapist turned up dead. They'd think the same way Alana and so many others did.

They'd think they deserved to suffer for what they did.

"This may be a more personal question, but what was it like taking the life of your first victim?" Christine asked. "Usually, the only answer to that question is some incoherent babbling, but you are far from that. In fact, I'd call you scarily intelligent."

"Flattery won't get me in bed with you." Alana smirked. "Easy with the blush, I'm just fucking with you. As for your question, well, it was thrilling. I felt the rush of blood and smiled. Someone needed to do the dirty work and I was only too happy to accept such a burden. It took a few more days, but I eventually found myself accepting my position in life. I simply carried out my tasks to the best of my ability."

"Your second victim was a woman by the name of Maria March," the brunette said. "From the official police report, she was found murdered in her own home and in the hole in her chest was a single black dahlia flower. That became your trademark and hence when your legend started. Why did you choose a dahlia to leave your mark?"

"Because I found it fitting. Dahlias are usually used to symbolize commitment and a bond, hence why they are common in a flower arrangement for love and marriage," the blonde answered. "In a way, this was me showing my commitment to my work. I was letting everyone know that those who shared a bond with my victims would meet the same grisly fate. As a result, the Black Dahlia Killer was truly born."

So this is how one of the most feared killers came to life. It all started with her wanting revenge on the person who managed to walk away after defiling her. And yet once she got that first taste of bloodshed, she was unable to stop it. It was too addicting, more so than drugs or alcohol. Hell, more addicting than even sex itself.

"Did you become addicted to it, or did you view your actions as something that needed to be done?" she asked. "Most killers become addicted to the bloodshed and I'm curious if you too suffered from the cravings."

"The hell do you take me for, a lunatic?" Alana scoffed. "I didn't kill because I wanted to. If that was the case, then I wouldn't just target shitheads who needed to answer for their crimes. I would have killed every person I came across for laughs. I consider myself less of a serial killer and more of an extremist vigilante. How many serial killers have gone after mob bosses or pedophiles? None. I did what the laws can't. My work actually saved people. You said it yourself and you can't exactly argue with the results."

The blonde ran a hand through her hair and crossed her legs with a groan. "You know, unlike the other idiots who have attempted to contact me over the years, you are a lot more effort than they were. Why did you drag me here? And don't give me the usual bullshit of, 'I want to know what it's like inside your head'. I heard enough of that when I was in fucking high school."

"Well, I did want to know your thought process and why you became a vigilante," Christine admitted. "I admit, when I first heard about you, I assumed you would be a violent psychopath foaming at the mouth and giggling sadistically every time you killed someone. But now that I've gotten a chance to talk to you, I see you are nothing like the killers often depicted in media. You're intelligent and not blind to the corruption of the world. I've been proven wrong."

"Gee, that must have been hard for you to say," the blonde muttered sarcastically. "Lemme guess, you were never the type to enjoy being proved wrong, were you?"

"On the contrary." The brunette smiled. "Assumptions are never completely true. There are always two sides to any story. The only one that was ever released to the public eye in your case is what the media spewed out to the masses. Raving mass lunatic who enjoyed butchering innocents over the course of a year before a heroic effort by the police put an end to it. But your story is only truly known by yourself. The one and only Black Dahlia Killer. I want your account, not the bullshit the papers pressed out."

"In other words, the truth. Well, the truth is always messier. To be perfectly frank with you, I didn't exactly make it my goal to try and rid the world of its scum until after my second victim," Alana confessed. "She was a piece of shit, trust me on that one. Abusing her autistic son and she damn near killed him by suffocation. She might have actually done it too, had I not been walking by and hearing him crying."

"She was abusive?" The brunette's eyebrow rose and she took up her pen again. "How so? Can you go into detail about this one?"

"Why, of course." Alana smirked. "If there is one thing on this planet that I hate as much as rapists and pedophiles, it is child abusers. Hope you don't mind the gory details, hun."

April 30th, 2014

Alana was humming a gentle tune, her headphones in her ears as she walked home from a nice morning breakfast at one of her favorite restaurants. She had heard the news about her recent murder making the headlines in the papers. She could barely contain her smile when she picked up the newspaper and read the headline.

Kai Richards Found Murdered in River

It definitely put more of a spring in her step and finally she no longer felt like she was the prey. It had been many years since she felt like she didn't have to try and hide in the shadows like a meek child.

The blonde's phone fell out of her pocket, yanking out her headphones as it clattered onto the pavement. "Oh hell. Not again."

She knelt over to pick it up and that was when she heard the crying. It was a child, couldn't have been any older than five or six years old judging by the pitch. Poor kid. I may have just murdered someone, but I'm not so cold that I can't feel sympathy for someone.

Alana stuffed her phone back into her jacket pocket and was about to continue on her walk home when she heard the crying become even worse, followed by an angry shout from an adult. Presumably the parent, and oh did her blood begin to boil at the hateful words spat at the crying child.

"Fuck you! Why can't you be a normal fucking child!? All you do is make my life a living goddamn hell! I wish you were never born!"

Alana hesitated. She was about to dial the police to let them aware of the situation, but in doing so they would inevitably question her about Kai's murder. No, that meant she had to do things her way.

A quick pat of her pockets told her that her knife was still nestled in her jacket. Good, she still had it on her in case someone tried anything.

Slowly drawing it she quickly walked over to the house the screams were coming from and gave the door handle a quick jiggle. It was unlocked. As quietly as she could Alana pushed it open and found herself staring at the back of a woman as she attempted to hold a pillow down over the trashing body of a child.

"The hell are you doing!?" Alana's rage got the better of her and she let out a snarl. "That's your fucking child, you bitch!"

The woman didn't pay any attention to her; she was too focused on snuffing the life out from her child. She wasn't letting go and Alana raised her knife up. It came down on her back in a flash and the woman howled in pain as Alana yanked it out.

"You fucking bitch!" she spat, her eyes crazed. Her teeth were stained yellow and she was sent to the ground by a hard punch from the young blonde. "I'll see you thrown in prison!"

"Like fucking hell you will." Alana scoffed and yanked the pillow off of her child. The poor boy's eyes were red from the tears and nasty bruises lined his arms. So sick…how can anyone do this to their own kid!?

No. No, goddammit! She does not deserve to just walk out of this scot free! She needs to answer!

yes. Kill her.

At first she was nervous about spilling more blood. But now, could her moral code really let someone like this live? Especially since they just tried to murder their own flesh and blood?

I will.

Alana raised her knife up and cut across her throat. The woman began to choke on her own blood and she held her hands up to her slit throat, trying to stop the rushing red tide. But it was all for naught and she soon slumped down to the floor, lifeless.

Alana let out a heavy breath and stashed her weapon away, turning her attention back to the still crying boy. "Shhh…it's okay. You're safe now…"

She tried her best to calm him down. It was a traumatizing day for him at it was, having nearly been murdered by his own mother. Even if he was special needs, he didn't deserve to be treated like that. He needed a safe home where he would be loved regardless, not growing up with an abusive parent who hated them.

The blonde tried to give him a smile and he pointed at his dead mother. "Mama…mama…"

She lowered her head, giving him a hug. "I'm sorry…but she's gone now." All because of me. I just murdered in front of their own child. Oh God, what have I done?

Her hands shook and a few tears dripped out of her eyes as the horrifying realization hit her. She had never wanted to be like this, but now the blood of two people was on her hands. She was a murderer now.

Or was she?

Yes, she had killed. She had done something horrible. But in the end, she had just saved the life of a child and others who Kai would have preyed on. The blonde lifted her head and extended her hand, helping the young boy up. "What's your name?"

"M-marcelo…" he answered quietly. "S-sorry…"

"Lovely name." Alana tried to smile again. "Let's go find someone who can take care of you, okay? You're safe now."

"Okay…" He took her hand and Alana looked back at the woman she had just murdered. A flower vase was on the kitchen counter, filled with several different shades of dahlias.

"Can you wait outside, sweetie?" she asked. "I have something to do."

The boy nodded and slowly walked outside. Once he was gone, Alana took out her knife again and carved into the body's chest, leaving a crude mark in it. The sensation of her blade cutting through flesh traveled to her core and she shivered. The adrenaline rush was too much to handle.

With her work done, Alana took one of the dahlias and dropped it onto the body. The beautiful black petals became stained red with blood and she left it behind. Her work was now complete.

Little did she know that this was going to be her calling.

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