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She was only 5 when her daddy taught her how to shoot. She was only 10 when she got her first gun. She was only 15 when she killed for the first time. Now, here she was, 20 years old. She sat in a dive bar, a lit cigarette in one hand, a fruity cocktail in the other, watching…. waiting… for what, she didn't know. She just knew it'd come to her. She was a natural beauty with red curly hair, green eyes, and a ruby red dress on which clung to her sleek and slender figure. This wasn't the first time she had been here. This is where she met most of all of her men. Her eyes were set this evening on one Tom Breckenridge, an older man. Quite a looker. She met his gaze and it was almost, what appeared to be love at first sight. A small smile played across her lips as Tom approached, sitting next to her. "Well, hello there handsome. Haven't seen you in here before," she said, snaking her fingers across his shoulders.

He looked at her, a look of hurt in his eyes. Something was wrong. Perfect. Just what she wanted. That gave her the push she needed. "I don't come here that often. It's just been a rough night. My wife and I had a huge fight," Tom said, ordering a beer.

"That's too bad. I could help you, you know, feel better," she said, running her fingers along his back and to his thigh, just enough to get his face flustered. It was almost too easy. "Maybe get back at your wife, perhaps?" she whispered in his ear, her hot breath running down his neck.

Tom, for a second, gave her bedroom eyes, but instead pushed her away. "I'm loyal to my wife," he said, shoving her hand off his thigh and turning back to the barkeep.

She wasn't about to take no for an answer. After all, no man had been able to resist her natural charm before. "Are you sure? I can make you feel real good. Better than your wife probably ever could," she said, beginning to rub his thigh, again, just enough to feel a bone protruding from Tom's pants. "Look, even the little guy wants to come out and play," she squirmed, sticking her hand down his pants.

He stopped her hand, looking her dead in the eyes. There, the eyes held a lustful fire. Bingo. "Not here," he said, whispering.

"I have a hotel room, if you prefer some privacy," she said, whispering.

Tom nodded and allowed himself to be lead out of the night by the strange woman, leading him up the stairs to a hotel room where they fell on the bed, entangled in each other's arms. She sat up, reaching for a pair of cuffs, cuffing him to the bed. "I hope you don't mind. I like to be kinky," she said, gagging his mouth. His expression showed he didn't care at all. She rode him, her body moving in perfect time with his, her moans coming louder and louder. Tom came first, his eyes rolling in the back of his head. She smiled, reaching for her trusty .44 magnum, holding it to his head.

Tom's muffled screams deterred her as she cocked the hammer back. "Sorry, baby. Nothing personal," she said, shrugging. She covered his head with a pillow and gave 2 shots straight to the head. Quick and easy, just the way she liked it. She looked through his wallet and took out all the money in it. She sighed, looking at the body. "Well, might as well clean up this mess."

She got off of him, and started cleaning up the scene, setting up for a story of self-defense

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