Chapter 4: "The note of secrets"

Amara shot her hands up to try and at least reach the sky but she couldn't. She fell into a dark shady tunnel. It was like a sturdy slide that made Amara go up-down, left-right and northwest, and southeast. It made Amara feel as though she had drank expired milk. Amara tried reaching out to the side of the tunnel to try and catch her breath but missed. Amara knew she couldn't take the dizziness swirling over inside her head. What was she going to do? When will this end? Why didn't she just stay inside the cafeteria? All these questions kept flying inside Amara's head! Amara took her hands and tried to stop her from sliding down into who knows where. She started to realize that she was now going to be stuck inside a slide with no food on water or anything to keep her alive and running. "What should I do? What should I do?!" Amara thought completely puzzled! Nothing was surrounding Amara except pieces of metal and a structure of a slide. Amara tried lifting her foot the lonely reached up to her waist. It was so squishy inside that slide. Amara left her foot to be and faced her fist into the slide. "OK! MAYBE NOT THAT! Ouch!" Amara yelled! Amara's hand was now clenched into a fist that was burning hot and super red. "IS THIS SLIDE MADE OUT OF METAL?" Amara yelled, slipping her hand and sliding down again. "NO NO NO!" Amara yelled! Amaar didn't want to go down this slide at all! No way did she think it was safe down there!

. . . . .

Amara felt like she was stranded. It has been 10 minutes since that incident and nothing has happened that made her feel emotion except disgusted. Did she have a plan until then? Never from the start. Amara felt as though she had to be getting closer to the end of this tunnel. Until she fell a steep slide that made her somersault down onto a metal floor. She still was in a tunnel as she thought so. Amara crawled in the tunnel to find a turn filed with a single note. Amara curiously took the note from the turn in the tunnel but nothing was to be seen. As if it meant nothing. Until something started to appear. "Hi…" The note had showed written in shiny glorious ink. "Are y-you A-Alisa?" "Please. H-Help me…" "They took me away Alisa! They want you back into a robot. They want you back. Please. Help me! They are trying to get me to be a robot. They keep trapping me and trapping me. I wanna go home… - Gabriella." The note had showed. The note had blue straight silky lines shiny as ever having equal spaces between them. And the ink was glorious and shiny enough to make the notecard shine as much of the ink to have it available to read.

It was as although the ink was sloppy and had horrible handwriting. "Alisa? Like the urban legend! Is it true?" And who's Gabriella? That name was never mentioned in that summary of the legend of Alisa." Amara thought. Amara couldn't stop thinking of the word, "robots" like what did they mean these people wanted to turn Gabriella into a robot? It made no sense to Amara.

Amara started carving her nails onto the note spelling a sloppy, I, M, A, L, I, S, A. She didn't have a choice. Amara wanted to know more. She needed to know more. SHE HAD TO. Something has gotten into her Amara. It was like she was being selfish and taking all the information away even though she wasn't Alisa. The note had appeared to showed silky ink tracing out. "I know you're not Alisa." "How? How did Gabriella know? What clue did that flick Gabriella's brain to think that I'm not Alisa? It had appeared that the note had more to say. "Don't worry. I'm fine! You can't get me! I have finally found a safe spot to rest my life on." The words had appeared written in ink once again. Amara carved out letters with her nail on the note overlapping the dents on the note already. I, A, M, S, O, R, R, Y, F, O, R, Y, O, U… I, M, A, M, A, R, A. Amara carved out. "Amara is it? Well. I thought you were one of the robots that were trying to chase me. I have been in this place since last year. I tried saving my sister… Alisa, who had gone missing. And I ended up staying stuck in this bunker I made. How did you get here?" The writing appeared in ink again on the note. Amara carved out how she got there. Her nails started to feel like detaching and running away.

"I see. Bixin. Never thought she would do that. She is a very caring person. Always trying to make our baby sister happy. But either way, you must get out of here. And don't disguise yourself as Alisa. It's a dangerous risk. The note disappeared into thin air after. Amara crawled out of the tunnel with all this information in her head, to find herself stuck in a circle. "Miss, me? Thought you would escape?"