Chapter 5: The Missing Girls

"Oh no! Oh no! I need to crawl back!" Amara thought, thinking fast. Amara conveniently found a rusty broken down door hanging on top of the tunnel and pulled it down to cover up the sight of the tunnel and shut the tunnel into dark mode. Amara took her hands and pressed them to the bottom of the tunnel; moving her feet to make her body move every time she moved her hands. Amara hid in the corner of the tunnel and took a deep breath that filled the room; making it foggy. She peeked through the tunnel corner to see the tunnel door holding the tunnel shut with no openings weakly. "What if that person opens the tunnel and crawls inside…" Amara thought breathing hard every ten seconds. Amara could now smell her breath filling the room. As Amara her eyes off the weak door, Amara wondered how she was going to get out. She couldn't just climb up the inclined slide. It was way too large and tilted. "Maybe I should just… uh… I guess it's the… only choice…" Amara held her breath and crawled right into the door in the tunnel and breaking it down. Amara then took the rusty door and smacked it to the person! Amara could see the bruise on the person's forehead as she did that. Amara whispered into the person's ear and said, "I got to do what I got to do!"

Amara stood there leaving the door behind in disbelief. There were no doors, no windows, or an exit. "How am I supposed to get back HOME! I CAN'T AND WILL NOT BE HERE FOR MY REST OF MY LIFE!" Amara yelled! Amara thought it would end. She thought there would be some exit. But to be fair, there wasn't one in sight. Amara suddenly heard sobbing in the faintest noise. Amara ran in the direction of the sobbing. It got louder and louder each time. Amara pressed her ear against the wall she thought she heard the sobbing coming from. "Help me! Please!" Amara didn't buy it. At that moment Amara thought maybe it was a trap. Amara ran into the middle of the room searching for an exit.

"But what if that person crying could let her out of this place? But either way, I can't find an exit so how would I help the person?" Amara thought. Amara turned around to see that the person was getting up. Amara didn't want to deal with anyone at this moment. "Did you think that would hurt? This thing is made out of wood! And foam to cover up the mistakes of this piece of wood!" The person said. "Maybe help that person crying and I might just let you go!" The person said. "After all, I'm your sweet best friend!" The person said, ripping apart the door that closed the tunnel. The person was smirking oddly. "I don't believe a single thing you say! I don't want to help anyone! I just want out, that's what I want!" Amara said! "What if I said that person crying was Bixin, Alisa, Elizabeth, Gabriella, Mia?" The person said slowly, trying to hint at something. "The 5 sisters from the legend! Except Gabriella… I think she is a sister. But how can it be all of them? It's impossible! I heard that they turned into robots…" Amara thought. "Amara?" asked the person, while slapping the person's hand onto Amara's shoulder. "Don't touch me!" Amara said, frowning and punching the person's hand off her shoulder. "I don't care what you say! NOW LOOK AT ME!" Said the person trying to control Amara. "No!" Amara looked at the person in the corner of her eyes. "Good. Now let me ask you something. Who do you think I am?" The person said. Amara completely blocked the question from being heard and heard a faint noise from inside the tunnels. "Don't answer her questions… please. I can help you. Come inside the tunnel."

Amara looked up at the person and said. " I think you're a mean ugly person!" Amara said and ran into the tunnel clenching the rusty door pieces for somewhat a distraction of putting it as a door. Amara crawled in the corner of the tunnel to see 5 people crawling in front of her. "THE MISSING GIRLS?!" Amara thought confused! "Oh! How did you know? Anyways no time for talking! I know you might think that we all turned into robots but somehow Bixin, the true hero… got us out of the hypnotism. I'm scared of risking other people's lives! I had to leave some girl crying because we sisters need to first save ourselves!" One of the sisters said. "Our master, who should not be named-" "Why can't you name your master?" Amara asked, confused. There was silence filling the room. "Sigh. Our master has a law. It is difficult and not the moment to explain." One of the sisters said. "But your master is not your master anymore!" Amara whispered. "Just talk low and quietly that name," Amara said demandingly! "It's… Riella… WE GOT TO RUN! GOOO! INTO THIS TUNNEL!" One of the sisters yelled! Amara crawled in confusion. "Riella… Riella…" Amara kept saying in her head. "It is really you…" Amara paused. One of the sisters grabbed Amara's hand and crawled to safety. "R-I-E-L-L-A… that's what it said on the frame at home. Next to her…"