A Dog's Wish

Remember when you brought me home,

Before my muzzle grayed?

Afraid you were to love again,

Your loss you thought betrayed.

But I looked into your eyes and knew,

Just what I had to do.

I'd give you all the love I had,

And hoped that you would too.

I'd snuggle close and warm your feet,

Protect your wounded heart,

I'd lick away your tears and help

Give you a brand-new start.

And sure enough your hurt did wane,

In happiness we grew.

We made a bond uniquely ours,

Our love was tried and true.

And though your friends you ne'er forgot

The ones you lost before,

To take their place was not my goal,

But to help you love them more.

As time moved on my walking slowed,

My feet were dusted white,

We knew my time was drawing near,

As sunset turns to night.

I know you wanted to do more,

And ease my mortal strife,

But please remember now I'm gone,

With you I had great life.

I wish I could have stayed with you,

And kept away the ache.

Protected you from sadness and

Prevented your heartbreak.

But all the time I spent with you,

Was worth my final breath.

And even though I suffered then,

Our love has conquered death.

Within your heart I will remain,

Close by I'll always be,

Until life calls you home again,

And you return to me.

And even if the wait is long

Until that joyous day,

I'll bring your friends that came before,

So all of us can play.

But as for now please don't forget,

The love that's in your heart.

The kindness that you shared with me,

It is a work of art.

And when the pain begins to slow,

You aren't forgetting me,

Because your joy renews my peace

And lets your soul be free.

So when you spread your love around,

My spot is not replaced.

Our bond will never have an end,

Your heart just makes more space.