Winston Miley Sterton looked at the photo. Is it really true?

Winston sported a blond mullet, blue eyes, he was six feet even, wore a grey sweater, jeans that looked like they didn't fit, and, to top it off, he wore track shoes with blue stripes and white all over.

Now, Mr. Winston lived in a nice house, but he lived with his father. He had never known his mother. His father had passed away a few months ago. He was over it, but everyone treated him as if he hadn't. Since the day such happened, he'd been looking for a job. Nothing worked. One day, he had gotten a hold of something of his father's will.

"Never let my youngest son know about his mother and other sibling. It would ruin him more than he is already. "

As if he had known the name, he had instantly looked for a way to find out about this sibling of his. He, after five months of searching, found something.

An ID. "Clyde Leslie Sterton."

Winston was 24. Clyde was 27. He knew that the resemblance was striking, and everything matched up. Clyde worked for no one, but was clearly very invested in science.

The photo Winston held now was a picture of Clyde when he was 17. The size that was written down was 4,7. Winston was 5,8 by that age. The bio told of him helping to make a biomechanical island.

Winston looked at the invite for his dad. A biomechanical island. Winston looked toward the picture again.


Winston grabbed his documents and started packing.

Eventually, Winston was well on his way. The unfortunate thing about the trip was that poor Winston was stuck with a weird guy with a guitar who wouldn't shut up, some guy and his weird girlfriend who, as well, wouldn't shut it for nothing, and a few other lip-limitless people.

Once off the plane, Winston looked around. There was no sign of Clyde anywhere. At first, Winston thought that he was wrong, but it wasn't that hard to find someone who was identical to you… right? The sheer lack of clones on the airport said, no. No it wasn't.

Winston did some little things in the meantime, listened to a mayor announcement, and anything more useless.

As they disbanded, Winston noticed that someone hadn't left yet.

"Hey, buddy," Winston spoke in a loud (and slightly annoying) Boston accent. "You good?"

The guy, slender and pale, turned around. "I'm fine."

"...You sure?"

The guy cracked a smile. "Not like you would understand. An engineer doesn't like meddling idiots ruining his time alone, that's all."

"I'm an engineer and you are wrong entirely."

The guy chuckled. "And who are you-"

"Oh, there you are!" Some lady walked past Winston and to the guy. "You need to stop wandering away."

Winston nearly had a fit of laughter just thinking about it.

"OH MAN, you just ran away from your girlfriend!"

They both exchanged glances and the man sighed. "The bad thing about being smart is that everyone else is an idiot." He whispered.

The lady sighed louder. "...except you don't need the smarts to determine the brains of this one, though."


The man sighed and walked away. The lady paused for a second.

"Forgive Freddy, he's… funny."

Winston still had none of an idea what was happening.

They walked away, leaving Winston alone.

He trudged to the line at the hotel, with high hopes that he would see his target, but missed him by a second. Literally, Clyde had left right as Winston entered.

That night, Winston remembered the horrible school years. He had been bullied, he bullied people, he nearly shot the principal because he hated them, and way more.

The words of his father felt like cuts that seemingly never healed. "Son… you're not upholding the family legend, like I thought you would. Come back and speak to me when you've done something that doesn't disappoint me."

For some reason, those words hurt. But it wasn't to remember anymore, as Winston thought.

The next day, he sat alone, and ate his breakfast. Alone.

He stood and slammed into someone. It was a lady with a blond ponytail, green eyes, she was exactly the size of Winston, wore a wolly, white sweater and cargo pants. He barely remembered talking to her the night before, due to it being so busy.

"OH! S-sorry!" Winston felt as if she were speaking through a metal tube. Her voice was… not clear?

He rubbed his eyes for a second and turned on simp mode.

"No, no, that's my fault. Say-"

The lady didn't move for about the entire time Winston tried flirting. Not a single muscle movement. Not even her eyes moved. Just sat there and blinked. Not even her chest moved as she breathed, as Winston learned from prolonged observing of it. Good for her that she wasn't listening, the pick-up lines he used were garbage.

After a while, Winston caught on to her. "Are you okay?" He asked.

The lady blinked and shook her head. "Oh! I must have… zoned out."

Winston felt like she was lying. Something really wasn't right with her.

"Are you really sure that you're okay? Like, REALLY, sure?"

She blinked excessively again. "What was that?"


"Never mind. What's your name?"

The lady fiddled with the rim of the sweater. "I'm Audrey."

A random memory of how many Audrey's he had met before flashed before Winston's eyes.

"I'm Winston."

Audrey turned around and the lady, the one who straight roasted Winston earlier, was motioning to come here.

Audrey turned to face Winston. "Well.. Winston… it was nice meeting you. My master- uhh… friend- needs me elsewhere."

Winston cracked a smile after he waved and she left. Not only am I finding this search fun, it's also fruitful!

The man strutted over and slammed directly into Mr. Freddy. The guy from earlier.

"HEY, watch it!" He hissed.

"Sorry, buddy, didn't see you there."

Freddy had brown hair, long on the right of his head, short on the left and back. He wore a black jacket and cargo shorts, negating the jacket's warmth.

"Didn't see me? I bet that's how the mayor feels right now.."


Freddy laughed. "Still an idiot, you are."


Freddy tried to walk away, but stopped. "Say… if you were to have one superpower in the entirety of your knowledge… what would it be?"

"Super speed. Definitely. That way, I could take what I wanted, without even being suspected."

Freddy smiled creepily. "Ok."

Freddy left.

Winston felt a sense of unease when around Freddy. It wasn't amusing to speak to him at all. Almost like he carried an aura of unease, or maybe something worse…

At nightfall, not a minute after 6:00, Winston was dragged aside.

"Hey, who's- wait… Audrey?"

Audrey looked very distressed. "Winston, you need to get out of here, NOW."

"What? But I haven't even been here for more than a day! Besides, we can talk later, I'm looking for someone-"

Audrey grabbed Winston's hands. "No. Freddy, he's going to do something horrible, you need to leave this place, before you become a victim, or worse, a casualty."

"I have no idea what you're talking about, but I gotta go, so… bye."

Audrey let go of his hands to grab Winston's entire arm. "If you go out there, careless as can be, you're going to die. Do you want that?"

"I have nothing left to lose, missy, step aside."

Audrey let go and stood up straight, as well as making the most disappointed face, as if she were asserting her over-disappointment.

"Calm down, it's not like he's gonna shoot me, or anything like that! I told you, I have nothing else to lose, besides the fortune I own. Even then, it technically doesn't belong to me. It belongs to my brother, who is here-"

"Clyde Leslie Sterton, he's over there, but he as well does not care that everyone is going to become a casualty. I scanned your DNA, you and him are twins."

Winston stood, open-mouthed. " and when did you do that?I'll have you know that such is considered illegal!"

Audrey sighed. "Can it wait until tomorrow? I feel as if someone's watching us."

Like a date. Look at me, slick as can be.

"Ok…" Winston hesitated, "But where-..? Where'd you go?" Winston looked around, searching for the strange girl that was before him two minutes ago.

The next day, Freddy's accident.

Winston wore a puffy jacket that day. Oddly, his weather network was wrong. It was sunny out. Winston felt as if they had purposefully rigged the weather channels, because some of the people were wearing different things, suited for different weather conditions.

Winston turned around to check for Audrey, but felt some sort of towel go over his face, and passed out.

Winston woke up in some sort of compartment, tied up. He was being carried, inside of some sort of packaging container. He was being loaded on a plane that was leaving.

Winston squirmed and undid his binded hands and mouth. He looked out the window to see some sort of explosion coming toward the plane.

Audrey watched from the dock as the plane blew up. It was entirely destroyed.

1 month later.

Winston shook himself awake. I'm supposed to be dead… where am I?

He tried to stand, but his legs were weak, so he fell back down again. After failed attempts to get up, Winston looked around.

He was in some sort of medical chamber, a glass pane replacing one wall, entirely white, one bed and one bathroom, about nothing else.

This isn't a cliche science observing room…

Winston tried to stumble his way to the door, but stopped when it opened for him.

"What were you thinking, hunting me down like that?" A shorter man, who looked almost exactly like Winston but a tiny bit fatter, growled. "I had no idea you even knew who I was until just last Friday!"

Winston managed to speak. "Who are you?"

"You'd know who your target is, I presume, stalking me like such. But that's all in the past." Clyde cracked a smile and stuck out his hand. "I'm Clyde."

Winston Miley will return.

Who's next? Because everyone gets a turn. I'm thinking Vicky. See you then!