Houston Arolyte(recognize the last name?) slowly pulled into the driveway of his destination. I wonder what they wanted me here for. Pondered the man as he stepped out of his car. Other countries are joining together, Congress is about to declare war, people are panicking, I'm 54! Let an old man-

He halted his train of thought to hit the doorbell. They had better be here.

He smiled as Markus(his son, of whom Alice had inherited her nearsightedness from) answered the door.

"Dad! You came! So, me and Karly, we have some out-of-town business we have to attend to. Where are my manners? Come in! Have a seat."

Houston sat down on the leather couch, hanging up his coat.

"Yes, Karly's waiting on me… I said I would stay here until YOU arrive, so that our rambunctious daughter wouldn't cause a mess… Anyway," Markus fiddled with some of his belongings, anxiously, "we'll be gone for, as I speculated, a few months, tops. Thanks for watching Alice in the meantime- AH SHIT!" Markus shoved a strange black object back into his bag. "Oops… Anyway, Alice is asleep. I think. She might have woken up. But, I'll be back soon enough. Bye, dad."

After Markus left, Houston turned. Now, what the heck is he doing…

He turned. A few weird slips of paper caught his eye. Right as he went to grab them, he heard something behind him.

He turned. A little girl in her pajamas stood before Houston. Of course, this little(12 y/o so technically not little) girl wore glasses and short, white hair.

"Ah, so you ARE awake," chuckled Houston, "what are YOU doing up?"

"Dad's angry profanities." She replied.

Houston scoffed. "I told him about those words. So long as YOU aren't using them…"

"I don't."

"Good. Then you can go to bed now."

"Where are they going?"

"Your parents? They didn't bother to tell ME."

An awkward pause ensued. Finally, Houston spoke, "You should probably get to bed… you know what time it is…"

After Houston ensured Alice fell asleep, he went down the stairs and fell asleep himself.

The next day…

Houston watched and said his goodbyes as Alice left for school.

He turned to the paper on the desk.

...is that…?

A moment passed as Houston read the paper.

...th...these are contracts? GOVERNMENT OF-?!

Houston threw the paper to the floor.

"THIS! This is treason! We're on the verge of war and MY son is betraying America?! NOT ON MY WATCH!"

Later that day…

Houston stormed to the phone to answer the stupid alarm that rang in his ears like a fly at 3 am.

"Arolyte Residence."

"Yes, is this any parental figure of Alice's?"

"Yes, this is her grandfather speaking."

"Ok… could you come by the school for a second? She's gotten into a situation."

Houston found himself angrily driving to the school.

Some kid with a nose bruised enough to be mistaken for an eggplant stood beside Alice.

"Yes, Mr. Arolyte, she got into a little scuffle with the kids at the school, we just wanted you to hear the whole thing."

"So she got into a fight, who cares, did she win?"


Alice nodded, pridefully.

"Oh, so she won. I suppose the kid provoked it?"

"We don't know."

"Did he mess with you?"

Alice nodded, pridefully.

"There it is, the kid got walloped for his bad behavior, my kid has no reason to apologize for something that kid deserves."

The principal frowned.

"That's not-"

"You wanna talk about violence, where were YOU in Vietnam?"

The principal sighed.

"As far as I'm concerned, you now have to deal with an angry couple who are waiting right outside."

Houston smirked. "As far as I'm concerned, they're wasting precious time with something that doesn't even matter. Have a nice evening, sir."

The principal frowned harder. "I hate people with good quips. HATE 'EM!"

In the car, on the way home…

"What DID you do to that kid?"

"I punched him. Several times."

Houston chuckled, "From the looks of it, you must have hit him pretty hard…"

"I did!"

"Next time, go for the gut, he'll be on the floor in NO time."

Alice's countenance switched when she watched Houston pass the house.

"Where are we going?"

"We're going to MY house."

Houston waited for the excitement of going to a relative's house to erupt from the 12-year old in the backseat.

"Wait, YOUR house?!"

Houston held back a fit of laughter as they pulled into his driveway.


Houston threw himself on to his couch, clearly having just finished getting a rambunctious 12 year-old to go to sleep.

What a d-

Houston whirled to the door as a knock commenced.

What in heaven is that?

Houston held back a dirty scowl at the sight of his traitor son.

"Markus. What brought YOU home so early, you said you'd be gone for a long time."

"Karly had some worries about Alice and wanted her to come with us."

Houston squinted.

"You mean THAT Karly?"

Markus turned to his wife.

"I told you to stay in the car." He growled.

His wife(of whom Alice inherited her white hair from, and also sported artificially sharpened teeth,) stood a few feet behind him.

"Where's our daughter?"

Houston squinted. "Where's YOUR patriotism?"


Houston held out the contract. "So I went and nearly died in Vietnam for four years only for my son to betray me?"

"Dad, let me see my kid."

Houston stepped out and pushed the door to a crack.

"If you're going to wrap Alice into this mess somehow, know that I'm NOT allowing it."

"I don't want to cause anymore trouble, let me see my-"

"Let US," interjected Karly, "see OUR daughter. Or things are gonna get REAL ugly." She brandished a gun.

Houston didn't move. Didn't blink. He held completely still.

"You're holding me at gunpoint… that's supposed to scare me?" Houston chuckled a little, "I've been held at gunpoint 15 times in my life. The first few times, I barely blinked. I've been shot 1 time. Out of 15 different occasions in which more than 2 people have held guns at me- so, Ms. Karly. What do you think you're going to do to me with THAT, hm?"

"Pull the trigger and bust you full of lead."

Houston smirked. "That's what everyone else said," He flipped out a nightstick, "before they were beaten."

"MOVE." Demanded Karly.

"Maybe we shouldn't-"

"Oh, I'm not moving, sweetheart. But you might want to."


Alice leaned up after hearing a ruckus outside.

What's going on out there?

Alice slowly and quietly creeped her way down the stairs.

Through the crack of the door, Alice could see Houston, Karly and Markus. Karly held up… something.

"Don't make me shoot you."

"Go ahead. Do it."

Alice tripped and the door creaked.

Everyone whirled to face Alice.

"...oh crap…"

Houston stepped out of the way for the parents to grab their child, but stood right behind them.

They turned and Markus slowly pushed close the door.

"Allie. Listen, we have to deal with something, okay? Go back to bed."

Alice stood right there, not moving, and definitely did NOT go to bed. She sat there and listened in.

"Listen, dad, I'm sorry our opinions don't line up, let me get my daughter and LEAVE!"

Houston drew the nightstick.

"You should have taken your daughter with you a long time ago. Because she might just witness me commit a double murder."

"You're not doing anything, we're taking the kid and LEAVING!"

Houston looked to Markus.

"Do you really want this?"

"You'd rather kill your only son, who's trying to take out a screwed-up president… just because you believe 'you fought for it'?"

"Son. You're one person, a lot of people died for this country. I'd rather end all threats and live here in the land of the free in PEACE. That president's on his way to impeachment soon enough! YOU don't have to get involved… or… you DIDN'T have to get involved. So, because of mercy, you have ten seconds to get out of here."

"What about Al-"

"She stays with me. I'm growing up a child in a country my friends died for. Like I said. You're both two people. A few million had to die for this country. Like I said. She stays with ME."

Houston sidestepped a bullet. And then another, before Houston got close enough to swing and hit her with the nightstick. Markus reached to grab Houson, but got a swing as well. The ongoing tussle went on for a good while.

Finally, Houston watched them scurry off his lawn.

"And stay out."

Houston's eyes went wide.

"...you were watching the whole time?"

Alice slowly stepped out, shakily.

"..." Houston kneeled down. "...remember how I said no one has to apologise for something they deserved?"

Alice nodded, oddly stiff and unresponsive.

"Hey. Don't worry, they'll be back for you soon enough."

Alice didn't stir.

"...What did they do?"


"What did they do?"

Houston sighed. "...they didn't want to help America win a war. They wanted to kill the president."


"Because they think he's a bad person. Honestly… I can't blame them. But we can't give up on the country we poured a lot of life into."

"..." Alice turned and slowly made her way up the stairs and back into her room, not even bothering to say a word.

A few days later…

"Alice, stop right there."

The snobby kid of whom Alice absolutely wrecked waddled his way up to Alice like a constipated penguin, brandishing a lot of bandages on his face. "I still owe ya a smack on the face for what happened last week!"

Alice, clearly unmoved, took a step forward.

"And I'll do it again, shithead."

"Get her!"

The snobby kid's gang held Alice still, as he reared back his fist.

Alice held still, clearly unmoved by their threatening grasps on her arms. The kid swung his fist, but Alice leaned to the side, making the kid hit one of the others instead.

The gang, reacting to the punch, let go of Alice.

Alice kicked one in the shin, grabbed another and tossed him into the closest person nearby.

The snobby kid cowered in fear as Alice yanked him up by his shirt.

"You listen here, big boy, lay off being a huge dick and maybe the burger king, while you're at it."

"OOOOOOH!" The gang hollered. "DAAAAAAANG!"

Alice felt badass.

The snobby kid darted off, as well as his gang, when a shadow cast itself above them.

"Hey, Alice. Gramps had to do some business, we're gonna take you home, okay?" Pleaded her parents.

Alice, in the backseat of the car, turned and noticed something. A kid, gagged and tied up.

"We're going to the plane, right?"

"Yup. Off this damned country."

The kid squirmed and writhed in his binding to the seat.

The parents skidded to a halt at a strange location.

"Stay RIGHT here, Allie, we'll be back."

Alice, shortly after the parents left, yanked out the kids gag.

"Who the heck are YOU?!"

The kid spoke fluently in a Boston accent. "Aye! That gag was NOT put in right! Thanks, miss! Now I can go ho…" He looked around. "...where in da name of deviled eggs are we?"

"I have no idea- who are you?"

"Da name's Winston!" He shook Alice's hand, with his free hand, "D'ya happen to know where da heck we are?"

"I have no idea."

Winston's eyes went wide. "Ah CRAP! What if ya parents come back? They's gonna get me, dat's it, I'm dead, and I'm only eleven!"

"Hey, be quiet, idiot, we'll think of something…"

"I'm not an idiot, missy, I make straight a's!"

"So, what?"

"And haven't gotten anythin' under, since I was a wee baby! Dat's kinda how you're acting."

Alice reared back her hand and Winston raised his. "Woah, now, Missy, I can't go to another country! You knockin' me out ain't gonna help!"

"What do YOU think we should do, jump out the car? Do you know how stupid that is?"

"I dunno, girly, d'you see a better alternative that don't kill ME?"

Alice held silent. I hate this kid.


Markus felt something hit his face, and fell to the ground. "AH! What the-"

Houston kicked Markus down. "Stay right there."

Karly, out of instinct, reached for her gun. The gun being replaced with a stick, by a sly Houston.

Houston drew their gun on them.

"If you think you and your hippy dippy band of "hip" terrorists are saving the country, you really are sickos."

"We're trying to thwart a war, dad! I don't need someone impeding on this, I'm trying to save a whole country!"

"I believe that my granddaughter has a higher chance of saving the country than YOU."

Houston looked to his side. "Law enforcement should arrive soon. Until then, none of you move."

Wherever the kids are…

"Can you PLEASE shut up?"

Winston went silent.

A figure in the distance sparked a bit of hope within Alice's soul. Then it sparked fear. Because the figure in the distance wore the same uniform her parents did. And walked right toward them.

"Dat's it, we're gonna die, we're SO gonna die, they're gonna rip out my eyes, then they'll eat my-"

"Can it, pal, and HIDE!"

"Alice, there you are! Your parents are worried about you, they told me to help you out."

The man(of whom a few people followed,) attempted to say, in a soft voice.

"They're gonna kill me, of course they love YOU, Ms. Golden Child, ya know, I hate golden children, ya know dat? I might as well ditch ya. In fact, my daddy's gonna sue ya, after this-"

"CAN IT, YA LITTLE SHIT- I mean… you can come along too!"

A few minutes later, Alice found herself following the man and his crew.

Winston held his head down, fiddling with something in his hands. Literally a few seconds after they noticed Winston, he grabbed Alice's arm and threw down the smoke bomb he stole.

"Let's beat it, before they catch us!"

They ran for .2 seconds, before they caught sight of some large lot, with a plane sitting in the middle and three people nearby.

"Hey, ain't those ya parents?"

Da- I mean… the parents sat across from the plane, with what looked like Houston holding them at gunpoint.

"Those are ya- HEY, wait up!"

Houston made a weird face when Alice grabbed the gun in his hand.

"What the- Alice?! What in heavens are you doing here?"

"Allie?! I thought that Richard took her to the plane!"

"I WAS TRYING TO!" Hollered the man(Richard) in response.

"Nobody's going to any plane!" Snapped Houston, now pointing the gun in Richard's direction. "Not until I hear some answers! Who are YOU supposed to be, hoser?"

"Richard, do not." Both Markus and Karly demanded.

"Who made YOU the bosses?" Richard cleared his throat. "We are playing out the operation CAKE."

"Cake. Somebody want to tell me why cake is trying to terrorize America?"

"No, no, nonono, C.A.K.E. Convert America, Kill Espion. It's all a part of our superior's project."

Houston moved the kids behind him. "What project?"

"This one is specifically called Project V, and you may not want to turn around."

Houston threw back his hand, not looking, and fired.

"My pals in Vietnam always called me Golden Shot. Now you know why."

A thunk. Someone fell to the floor. Houston turned and drew a second gun. "Nobody move. Or I won't hesitate to KILL them."

The rest of the people drew THEIR guns.


Houston heard a quiet conversation go on behind him.

"We're gonna die. We're gonna die. They's gonna shoot us and we'll be sleepin wit' da fishes."

"You are a whole stereotype, aren't you?"

"Everyone says that, I ain't!"

Meanwhile, Houston cockily negotiated with the group.

"Listen, I'm 54, let an old man get out of your hair-"

"You're already in our business," moaned a bullet-wounded Markus, "they aren't going to spare your life."

"Then I won't spare yours."

"Ya granddad's wicked awesome. My granddad eats nails for breakfast and he's dead." Muttered Winston, "My family sucks."

"I can see that- we're about to get sent off to another country, I'm going to do something about it!"

Everybody paused as a huge light shone upon them.

A huge helicopter pointed a huge light at them.

"It's da 'lice. We're SO dead, my dad's gonna light me up and I'll be grounded 'til I'm 25!"

Houston sighed in relief. "That could've been much worse…"

Everyone threw their hands up(including Houston and the kids-) as cars and sirens flooded the lot.

"We're gonna get arrest-"

Alice elbowed Winston's side.

"Shut up, we're not gonna get arrested."

"Allie, help your mommy out, please," Pleaded Karly, as police slowly closed in.

Alice reached down, slowly, and made an extremely mature gesture.

"Alice." Growled Houston, "That's just rude."

A few weeks later…

After dealing with EVERYTHING, Houston took Alice in, himself, firmly apologized to the Sterton family, and tried to remove everything involving CAKE from his household.

After a full day of work, Houston sat down.

Finally dealt with those papers… Alice's at school… I can finally sleep.

And he rested.

"...It's been you, this whole time?" Muttered a stunned Houston, "...you mean to tell me… I never knew about this? I helped thwart something… I… It's still alive?"

A nod from a masked figure across the room made Houston fall to his knees.

"I don't know what to say. I don't know what to say. I raised the future savior of the country."

The figure bent down and slowly undid the mask.

Soon, Houston and Alice stared, eye to eye.

"Yes, It was me."

Houston hugged Alice. "I wish your parents could see this. They'd be so proud."

A loud explosion outside and a loud complaint from what sounded like an earpiece jolted Houston back to reality.

"What was that?"

Alice stood. "Clyde, what the heck is happeni-"

"Listen, we need to get your gramps OUTTA HERE! CAKE is NOT NICE!"

"How long will you be able to hold out, it's kind of hard to get him off the floor."

"I hate their guns, it burns! Hurry the heck up! OW! HEY, SAY THAT TO MY FACE, RAT BAS-"

Alice reached down. "We have to go, NOW."

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