Well...I put it off for long enough time to finally bring this story to a close, this story was really kind of a 'Pilot' for the Tales of Individual Mizzer Humanimals (As opposed to the Trio in Tales of the Mizzer Humanimals) and while this story kind of meanders and isn't in grand in scope as later Mizzer Humanimal Stories, Shale still has a special place in my heart which is why in the future she's going to be paired up with Bumble but anyway as this story ends on Halloween Night had to wait till it was close enough to Halloween to do it.

As Shale raced back towards Lord Damon's Country House, her sharp canine nose began to twitch...It wasn't a scent exactly but as a Dog she had an inate ability to sense spirits, and her animal senses caused her steps to slow because she was sensing a spirit that was beyond the shadow of a doubt...Evil!

She knew that the Humanimals had a plan to exorcise the Demon...But had they failed? Was it possible everyone in the house, including her Dad was already dead?!

She pushing against her instinctual fear, she began running again, though the oppresive demonic influence felt like she was running against a strong gust of wind! Still she pushed on until finally she came to the garden wall...

Finding a nearby oak tree, she climbed to jump over the garden wall falling into the garden pond! Quickly climbing out and giving her furless body a shake, then she saw all the Humanimal Slaves except one all huddled together in a pile in the farthest corner of the garden...

"What's going on?" Shale asked as she ran over them "Where's Dad?"

Nerites was the only who could find his voice "We exorcised the Demon Lord Damon tried to summon...We had no idea there was another one right underneath the floorboards..."

"What are you talking about?!" Shale asked terrified

"Under the floorboards was a treasure chest..." Nerites said "...Your Father went down there and opened it only to find a single pair of underpants...We didn't realize until it was too late that those briefs were possessing a demon and now...They got him! The Demon of the Underpants has got Alabaster!"

It was then the Possesed Alabster came out into the garden...The Dog-Man was looking positivly rabid, all foaming from the mouth and his eyes glowing like embers!

"Dad!" Shale cried running over to him

"No!" Nerites cried "Shale! It's too dangerous!"

Shale ran over to her Father and wrapping her arms around him, Alabaster with the Demon possesing him could only think of violence grabbed Shale's arms his claws digging into her flesh drawing blood,

"Oh Dad!" Shale cried "I know you're in there somewhere! I'm not going to leave you! I'm not going to leave you all alone!"

Her Words seemed to have some effect, and Alabaster began to spasm wildly foam flying from his mouth as Alabaster seemed to be fighting from the inside.

"I know you're worried for Mom..." Shale said fighting through the pain "...But we can find her, I know we can!"

The Demon was not accustumed to this leval of Humanimal Love it was beginning to feel quesy just just hearing these words.

Then was a gasp and a howl...Alabaster forced the demon out of his body! You could see something like ghostly whisps of smoke exiting out of his mouth.

Having come to his senses Alabaster looked down as saw Shale

"Shale!" He gasped "You came back!"

"I couldn't leave you all alone!" Shale cried

"Lord Damon is dead..." Alabaster said "...Now we are slaves without a Master...What will we do if we're discovered like this?"

"We'll think of something," Nerites said as all the other Humanimals came over "Where there's a will, there's a way..."

That was when the snow began to fall, as if to clense the land of the evil that had just been here..."

And so they were able to live in peace in that house for a little while and while they were eventually discovered, none of them were killed, they just told the Humans their master got dragged to Hell by a demon and they continued living in the house as they had nowhere else to go, the Humanimals were then sent to new Masters, Alabaster and Shale were sold together as they wouldn't be seperated what happened in those adventures are there own story but they knew they would be able to face whatever life through at them, because while it not be easy that's the meaning of family.

So yeah didn't want to do this chapter for the longest time because I knew it was going to sentimental to the point of being near nausiating it just feels like the finale of Beauty and the Beast but with this story finally done I feel like I can have Shale in other stories